AMA Committees

The AMA Executive Council and/or the president have developed committees to address certain issues pertaining to the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Members of these committees concentrate their expertise in these areas to improve the involvement and operation of the organization.

The following is a summarization of the mission statements for each of these committees, and the Executive Council members and/or AMA Headquarters personnel who work with the committee. Generally, one or more AMA members-at-large also serve as members of these committees.

If you have a subject that you would like one of the committees below to address, it is recommended that you mail your request to the chairperson of the committee, along with one to the Headquarters employee to be sure that it is distributed to the balance of the committee.

*Note: Committee chairman to decide if HQ Staff person has vote on issue.
Committee Name/Members
P = President Appointed
C = Executive Council Appointed (vacancies to be replaced by EC)
The AMA President is ex officio on all committees.

Advanced Flight Systems:
Andy Argenio
Mission Statement: “To develop operational policies and guidelines for utilizing advanced flight systems in UAS/model aircraft including risk assessment and mitigation for First Person View (FPV) and Autopilot Automated Flight Systems.” Committee Members: Eric Williams, Lawrence Tougas, Randy Cameron, Tony Stillman

Bylaws Committee
Chair: Andy Argenio
Mission Statement: “Shall be responsible for reviewing Bylaws, recommending changes that would coincide with the mission and goals of the Academy.”
Committee Members: Eric Williams (Liaison), Gary Fitch, Dave Mathewson, Bob Underwood

Contest Coordinator and Event Sanctioning Review Committee (ad hoc): disbanded

Committee Members:  

Education Committee:
Chair: Jim Rice
Mission Statement: “To provide the Academy guidance and assistance in the formulation, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of education programs and policies. This guidance and assistance should help AMA realize the ideals outlined in its vision and mission statements and assist the Executive Council in its effort to further the educational role of the Academy.”
Committee Members: Tim Jesky (Liaison)

Election Process Review Committee (ad hoc): disbanded
Mission Statement: “To investigate ways and means to encourage more participation by the AMA membership in the officer election process.” 
Committee Members:

Executive Director Review Committee
Andy Argenio
Mission Statement: "To perform annual Executive Director appraisals, evaluate performance objectives, bonus considerations, and employment and benefit contracts."
Committee Members: Eric Williams

FAI Executive Committee:Chair: Bob Brown
Mission Statement: “To review and recommend current procedures concerning FAI matters to the Executive Council.”
Committee Members: Bob Underwood, Dave Brown

Finance Committee: 
Chair: Russ Miller
Mission Statement: “To present a budget to the Executive Council for review and approval that will assist the AMA in performance of its mission statement.”
EC Liaison: Keith Sessions

Flying Site Grant Committee:  
Chair: Robert Rachau
Mission Statement: “To manage AMA’s Flying Site Assistance Grant Program. To review applications submitted by AMA Chartered Clubs that request grant assistance and make recommendations to the Executive Council.”
Committee Members: Randy Cameron,

Hall of Fame Selection Committee
Jerry Neuberger
Committee Members:  Jim Tiller (Liaison), John Buckley, Bob Aberle, Laird Jackson, John Hunton, Bob Underwood, Arthur Adamisin, Riley Wooten, Michael Harrington, Larry Renger, Richard Carson, Dave Brown and Dave Mathewson

Insurance Committee: 
Lawrence Tougas
Mission Statement: “To ensure that the Academy’s insurance program meets the needs of its members and the organization. To meet with AMA’s insurance broker, the claims adjustment agency, and AMA staff on a regular basis to oversee the Academy’s insurance operation and recommend changes as required.”
Committee Members: Ilona Maine

Investment Management and Audit Oversight Committee
  Keith Sessions
Committee Members: Gary Fitch (liaison)

Leader Member Program Development Committee (ad hoc): disbanded

Mission Statement:  “The AMA Leader Member Committee is tasked with developing new and creative ways to communicate with, and utilize, the diverse education, motivation, and talents of our Leader Members. This potential volunteer force represents nearly 3,000 members that could benefit the Academy and the general membership.”
Committee Members: Jay Marsh (liaison)

Marketing Committee: 
Chair: Gary Fitch 
Mission Statement: “Will advise the president and Executive Council on programs to attract and retain AMA Members.”
Committee Members: Eric Williams, Andrew Wacholz, Neil Roth, Ed Anderson

Muncie Site Usage: Joyce Hager/Yolanda Jones
Committee Members: Tim Jesky

Museum Steering Committee:
Chair: Eric Williams
Mission Statement: “To establish and continue the National Model Aviation Museum for the collection and exhibition of the historic, scientific, technical, and artistic legacy of model aviation.”
Committee Members: Jay Marsh (liaison), Randy Gibson, Eric Boehm,

Nats Management Committee: 
Chair: Yolanda Jones/Joyce Hager 
Mission Statement: “The AMA National Aeromodeling Championships (Nats) is an annual organized competition for the promotion, development, and technical advancement of model aviation. The Nats provides a venue to encourage competition, recognize achievement, further education, promote fellowship, and pursue scientific development for all phases of model aviation.”
Committee Members: Mark Radcliff

Nominations Committee: 
Chair: Need to appoint for 2017

Committee Members: Executive Vice President, District Vice Presidents.

Property Development Committee (PADCOM): 
Randy Cameron
Mission Statement: 
“To plan for and facilitate the construction and management of AMA property.”
Committee Members:  L. Tougas (Liaison), Joyce Hager

Publications Committee: 
   Patrick Sherman
Mission Statement: “To establish and monitor the national communications policy of the AMA.”
Committee Members:  Mark Radcliff

Safety Committee  
Tim Jesky
Mission Statement: “To review new techniques, ideas, and guidelines that would affect the safety of our sport/hobby.”
Committee Members: Chuck Bowers (Liaison)

Scholarship Committee: 
Gordon Schimmel
Mission Statement: “To review applications received and prepare for the Executive Council recommendations on individuals to receive the monetary award from the various AMA scholarships.”
Committee Members: Katie Bosman, Dr. Jeffery Montgomery, Arch Stafford

Special Interest Groups Committee: 
Randy Cameron
Mission Statement: “To evaluate special modeling groups applying for status as an official AMA Special Interest Group, as well as provide a communication conduit between the Executive Council and SIGs.”
Committee Members: Joyce Hager, Tony Stillman

AsUAS—Association of small Unmanned Aerial System Organization
IMAC—International Miniature Aerobatic Club
IRCHA—International RC Helicopter Association
JPO—Jet Pilots Association
LSF—League of Silent Flight
MACA—Model Aircraft Combat Association
NSRCA—National Society of RC Aerobatics
MECA—Model Engine Collectors Association
MultiGP—First Person View Racing
NASA—National Association of Scale Aeromodelers
NASS—North American Speed Society
NCLRA—National CL Racing Association
NCS—Navy Carrier Society
NFFS—National Free Flight Society
NMPRA—National Miniature Pylon Racing Association
PAMPA—Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association
RCCA—Radio Control Combat Association
SWRA—Scale Warbird Racing Association
SAM—Society of Antique Modelers
SPA—Senor Pattern Association
USRA—Unlimited Scale Racing Association
VR/CS—Vintage R/C Society
WMWA—World Miniature Warbird Association

Staff Liaison and Affairs Committee
Andy Argenio
Mission Statement: “To mitigate issues arising from executive council member/s duties or relationships and/or collaboration with AMA staff member(s).
Committee Members: Eric Williams

In addition to the above committees, there are times when special or ad hoc committees are formed to review one particular situation or item. When the objective has been met, the committee is dissolved.