Executive Council Meeting

February 8, 2003
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
8:00 a.m.


1. Introductions  
  President's Report  
  Approve Minutes of October 26, 2002  
  Executive Vice President's Report  
  Executive Director's Report  
  a. Naming of replacement VPs  
  b. Mail/Phone votes  
2. Committee Reports  
  a. C.A.R.E. Frank
  b. Education HQ/Schimmel
  c. FAI Review D Brown
  d. Insurance Krafft
  e. National security Hanson/Nelson/Mathewson
  f. Park Flyers Mathewson
  g. Plans D Brown
  h. Publications B Brown
  i. Safety Lowe


Old Business

  a. Captive Update HQ
4. New Business  
Presentation:   Summer Heat HQ
Discussion: a. INTRO PILOT program limitations Frank
  b. Sole-owner club with non-voting membership HQ
  c. Update membership look-up file McNeill
Motion: d. Safety Committee Reorganization Bauer
  * e. Withhold motion makers and 2nds from published records of minutes  Frank
  f. No club denied Charter for not adopting AMA-recommended bylaws Bauer
  g. Determine events assigned to Indoor Contest Board Frank
5. Awards