Executive Council Meeting 

Muncie, Indiana
April 19, 2008
8:00 a.m.

1. Opening Business


Introduction of guests
Additions to Agenda


All items on the Consent Agenda will be voted on at one time. Any EC member may request a Consent Item to be pulled and added to the regular Agenda.


2. Consent Agenda


a. Approval of January 2008 Minutes* 

b. E-mail EC poll of Park Pilot Program Legal Aircraft Logo Program


3. President’s Report


a. IAC Youth Fly-In Weekend 

b. Long-range planning status 

c. Committee assignments 2008 

d. FAI Bureau/Plenary Meeting 3/27-29, 2008

4. Executive Vice President's Report  

a. Provide name of replacement 

b. Per diem review 

c. 2007 Audit report

5. Executive Director's Report  

a. Flying Site Coordinator Report  

Wes De Cou/Joe Beshar

b. AMA staff holiday/Good Friday 

c. Convention Review FYI

6. NAA Report Jonathan Gaffney
Executive Session  
7. Committee Reports  

a. Insurance Committee

Paul Bretsen

b. Election Process

Bruce Nelson

c. Bylaws

Andy Argenio  

d. Flying Site Grant  

Charlie Bauer

e. Scholarship Committee  



Bob Brown

g. Marketing

Mark Smith  

h. Safety Committee

Bob Underwood

i. Electronic Technology Committee

Tony Stillman 

j. Electronic Media Committee

Charlie Bauer
8. Old Business   

a. Update on AVP coverage for districts

Dave Mathewson
9. New Business  

a. Ryan Sherrow Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rich Hanson

b. AST Air Show Special Dues

Rich Hanson

c. Membership discount/benefit for disabled AMA members

Rich Hanson

d. Victor Valley R/C Flyers Performance Bond

Rich Hanson
10. Awards  
*Requires EC Vote