May 16, 2015

  Simpsonville SC

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation to accept the Minutes of the January 11, 2015, Executive Council meeting as presented.

The following Mail/Phone votes were read into the Minutes:

• Mail vote-Jan. 29, 2015 AMA Corporate Resolution
• Mail vote-Mar. 13, 2015 Joe Haas Distinguished Service Award
• Mail vote-Apr. 29, 2015 Flying Site Assistance Grants

MOTION I: Moved by R. Cameron (VI) and seconded by M. Johnston (VIII) to waive the bylaw requirements for MASC (Model Aviation Student Club) and UMASC (University Model Aviation Student Club). MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION II: Moved by J. Tiller (IX) and seconded by R. Cameron (VI) to continue the contract with CLS Strategies at the rate negotiated by the Executive Director.
MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION III: Moved by R. Cameron (VI) and seconded by J. Tiller (IX) to approve AsUAS (Association of small Unmanned Aerial Systems) as an AMA Special Interest Group.
MOTION passed: 11-Y; 1-N (VIII)

MOTION IV: Moved by M. Johnston (VIII) and seconded by C. Bower (XI) to accept the AMA Dues and Fees structure as recommended by the Chief Financial Officer; effective for 2016 calendar year.
MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION V: Moved by G. Fitch (EVP) and seconded by M. Johnston (VIII) to accept the changes to the Standing Rules relating to Article IX of the AMA Bylaws (Candidate Guidelines), as submitted by the Election Process Review Committee, and amended May 16, 2015.
MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION VI: Moved by E. Williams (II) and seconded by G. Fitch (EVP) to accept the three items submitted pertaining to the AMA Foundation.

1. Accept election of AMA Foundation Board of Directors officers: Dr. Laird Jackson (Chairman); Ron Pitcock (Cochairman); Dr. John Langford (Treasurer); and Mandee Mikulski (Secretary).
2. Accept AMA Foundation Board of Directors Bylaws amendment: Modify the officer titles named in Bylaws (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) to AMA Foundation Chairman, AMA Foundation Cochairman, AMA Foundation Treasurer, AMA Foundation Secretary.
3. Approval of the AMA Foundation proposed budget.

MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION VII: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by C. Bower (XI) to accept the year-to-date membership proposal as submitted; implementation date of January 1, 2016.
MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION VIII: Moved by T. Jesky (VII) and seconded by G. Fitch (EVP) to accept the report of the Scholarship Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously.