Executive Council Meeting

July 12, 2003
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
Muncie, Indiana

1. Introductions  
  President's Report  
  Executive Vice President's Report  
  Executive Director's Report  
  NAA Report  
2. Committee Reports  

(Reports limited to 15 minutes - 5 to 10 minute question and answer)

  a. Nominating Committee Report Oberdieck
  b. Scholarship Committee Report Underwood
  c. Club Bylaws Nelson
  d. FAI Review Teague
  e. Padcom   B Brown 
  f. Park Flyers Mathewson
  g. Publications B Brown
  h. Safety  
  i. Development of training program which can be expanded to allow for
commercial flight instruction (ad-hoc)
  j. Development of a tier-level for flight level achievement program, to
work with SIGs (ad-hoc)
  k. Investigate methods to enforce reasonable safety practice on part of
members (ad-hoc)
D Brown
3. Old Business
  a. EVP Position Paper Review  
  b. Earned memberships Policy  
  c. Bylaws Update of what we have so far Hanson
4. New Business-None  
5. Awards