Executive Council Meeting

October 27, 2001
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
8:00 a.m.

1. Introductions President's Report
Approval of July 9, 2001 Minutes Executive Vice President's Report Executive Director's Report NAA Report
Committee Reports
a. Budget Miller
b. Camp Jeep Foreman
c. Nats Report Bauer
d. Nominating Procedures Foreman
e. Padcom Brown
f. Contest Directors  (Ad Hoc) McNeill
g. Publications Brown
h. Show Team Advisory Hanson
2. Old Business  
3. New Business  
a. Suggested dates for 2002 EC meetings Bauer
b. Create a Standing Committee for the continuation and improvement of flying sites Frank
c. Award Life membership to the 200,000 person to join AMA Bauer
d. Approve “Designation status” for the Dist VIII Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference Frank
e. Every three years, the new or re-elected president will remove current committee chairmen, then re-appoint chairpersons Bauer
f. Addition of an item #6 to Criteria for SIGs  Foreman
g. A person leaving the EC by election or personal choice will be removed from all committees. Re-appointment under the rules for committee appointment is allowed. Bauer
h. Create new Contest Boards for R/C Combat and subdivide existing C/L Contest Boards Frank
i. Establish Flying Site Development/Improvement Grant Committee  Bauer