Executive Council Meeting

October 26, 2002
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters



President's Report

• Approve Minutes of July 14/15, 2002 Executive Council Meeting
• Annual Membership Meeting
Visit to ABB
2003 EC Meeting Schedule

Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report

2. Committee Reports
a. Budget R. Miller
b. CARE S. Frank
c. Nats Management C. Bauer
d. National Security R. Hanson/B. Nelson/D. Koranda
e. Park Flyers D. Mathewson
f. Safety HQ


Old Business  
a. Captive Update HQ
b. Delta Darts HQ
3. New Business  
a. Change VP column photos to color J. McNeill
b. Committee reports requiring EC action must be submitted with all backup material for review, at least 3 weeks prior to the EC meeting. D. Mathewson