October 28, 2017
  Muncie IN

Motion to accept consent agenda.
Motion to accept EC Minutes of July 15-16, 2017.

Motion I: Motion by Gary Fitch to reappoint Keith Sessions to another term as CFO. Seconded by Eric Williams.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion II: Motion by Gary Fitch to accept the 2018 budget as presented. Seconded by Lawrence Harville.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion III: Motion by Lawrence Tougas to fund a second AMAWest show in November. Seconded by Randy Cameron.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion IV: Moved by Chuck Bower to approve revisions to the AMA Radio Control Large Model Airplane Program. Seconded by Lawrence Harville.
Motion passed by acclamation.

Motion V: Moved by Randy Cameron to approve Nats schedule with Control Line revisions as presented. Seconded by Jim Tiller.
Motion approved by acclamation.

Motion VI: Motioned by Gary Fitch and seconded by Andy Argeno to require potential candidates to sign an affidavit stating that he/she has read and understands the requirements of the position he/she has been nominated for and accepts the nomination.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion VII: Motioned by Jim Tiller seconded by Chuck Bower create an ad hoc committee to bring a vision to fundraising for long-range site improvement using non-dues revenue including a vision for the International Aeromodeling Center, an Education Facility, and the Museum.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion VIII: Motion by Lawrence Harville to hold January 2018 EC meeting on Monday, January 8, at AMA Expo West in Ontario CA. Seconded by Mark Radcliff.
Motion passed unanimously.