Executive Council Meeting


October 23, 1999
Radisson Hotel Roberts, Muncie IN
Meeting begins at 8:00am


President's Report
Approval of July 1999 Minutes
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report

1. Budget
Committee Reports (10 minutes each, maximum)
a. Bylaws Hanson
b. Care Frank
c. Education Bauer
d. Marketing De Cou
e. Nats Mgmt HQ
f. New HQ Bldg Foreman
2. Old Business  
a. How Council Operates McCollough
b. Videos/Productions shall credit all EC members McCollough
c. Sanctions Procedures No Report HQ
d. Committee Procedures No Report HQ
3. New Business  
a. Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference advertising Frank
b. Rules change proposal HQ
c. Proposal for additional non-rule book event
d. Increase the annual budget for District IV Foreman
e. Suspension of CD’s by District VPs McNeill
f. Variable fees for FAI Teams Bauer
g. Suspension of members by District VPs McNeill
h. Policy on legal issues D Brown
i. Create "District level" Flying Site Coordinators Krafft
j. Add membership app to AMA’s brochure McNeill
k. 1st meeting each year, EC will designate a replacement Bauer
l. Pull-out section in MA every month of all items for sale McNeill
m. Funding for Asst Team Manager D Brown
 4. Awards