Executive Council Meeting

November 4, 2000
Executive Council Meeting
Radisson Hotel Roberts
(8:00 a.m.)

1. Introductions
President’s Report
Approval of July 10, 2000 Minutes
Executive Vice President’s Report
Executive Director’s Report

Committee Reports
a. Budget Miller
b. Bylaws/Standing Rules B Brown
c. Clubs for Schools Nelson
d. Contest Directors McNeill
e. New HQ Building Foreman
f. Marketing/Membership HQ
g. Museum Steering HQ
h. Safetyt HQ

2. Old Business  
a. IMAA - Safety Video D Brown

3 New Business  
a. Sanction Procedures. Foreman
b. Consider Disaster Assistance Funding for club. Nelson
c. Request paid entry fee for US teams to World Air Games. D. Brown
d. Budget $5,000 for 2001 Camp Jeep with Staff assistance & Model Aviation coverage of the event. Foreman
e. Notification to reconsider Motion VI of July 10, 2000 EC meeting. B Brown
f. Allocate additional funds to District II Budget. Mathewson
g. Consider Senior Citizen discount for year 2002. Bauer
h. Reconsider EC motion of July 10, 2000 regarding 2001Safety Code pertaining to models in air to air combat. Mathewson
i. Discuss building materials of certain models used in sport combat. Oberdieck
j. Review Hall of Fame process. Hanson
k. Request review by SIG Committee for observance of required standards for SIG status. Frank
l. Establish a Flying Site Acquisition and Development Cmte. Hanson
m. Review annual AMA Dues payments. McNeill
n. Approve reimbursement of shipping charges for pylon cages. Hanson

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