Andy Argenio, Incumbent
Smithfield, Rhode Island

It has been an honor to serve as District I Vice President for 12 years. I appreciate your support and friendship. Up until 2010 our focus was on providing additional value and services for clubs and members. We sponsored nearly 30 events hosted at clubs throughout the district. Those were the best of times when it was just about friendship, flying and having fun.

In contrast, today the focus is on identifying, tracking and opposing legislation that would limit or ban model aircraft operations. We write letters, provide testimony at hearings and speak directly to lawmakers. As a result of our efforts, onerous legislation has been amended or sent back for further study.

Being the senior member on council, I have served on many committees. As Chairman of the Bylaws Committee for a decade we continue to review, revise and amend administrative roles and provisions for governing the AMA to address new challenges. Serving as Chairman of the Advanced Flight Systems Committee since its inceptions, we have developed procedures to identify and mitigate risks to people and property when operating model aircraft utilizing new technologies. AMA’s safety programming has been endorsed by the FAA and others as best practice for safe recreational flying. Chairing the Staff Liaison Affairs Committee has enhanced relationships between executive council members and staff. In my capacity as Chairman of the Executive Director Review Committee we work directly with Dave Mathewson to do yearly appraisals and mutually establish performance objectives.

With your vote and support the district officers and I will continue to strengthen and promote the mission, vision and viability of the AMA. Please choose a candidate for AMA President who has experience dealing with national and district issues and recognizes the office as a full time commitment.