Robert Brogdon
Powder Springs, Georgia

Hello AMA District V members,

I’m Bob Brogdon of Powder Springs, Georgia and I’m running for the position of AMA District V Vice-President. I am running for this position because modeling and the AMA have had a positive influence on my life in many ways, and I would like to give back by contributing more to this great hobby of ours. I am a leader member and have been the CD for many contests in the Southeast. I have also been a club officer for local clubs and have held the offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer of the National Miniature Pylon Association (NMPRA). It is my belief that the AMA district VP position would allow me to continue to give back to this sport. I would consider it an honor to represent you and your views to the AMA.

I enjoy modeling and talking to fellow modelers and have enjoyed doing so for many years. My father, a great modeler in his own right, helped me to get started flying when I was nine years old. We flew control-line models (and a little free-flight) and competed in the Southeast for many years; the first NATS I entered was the 1960 NATS in Texas where I flew control-line speed. Later, I started flying RC and got involved in RC pylon racing; I entered the 1972 NATS to fly control-line racing and RC pylon racing, but didn’t do very well. Since the 1972 NATS, I have flown in the NATS not every year, but most years. I am happy to say that I am a NATS champion in both RC and control-line and have been a national record holder. I still compete, but I enjoy the friendship and social interaction with fellow modelers more than ever.

If elected, I promise to do my best to promote the AMA and to represent District V members.