Richard Hanson
Scottsdale, Arizona, and Fishers, Indiana

As a lifelong modeler I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the joy and fulfillment inherent in model aviation. Having served on the AMA Executive Council (EC) for fifteen years and as the Academy’s Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative for the past 8 years, I’ve learned firsthand the important role the AMA plays in advocating for and protecting the aeromodeling community. For nearly 25 years I’ve served to support and defend the interests of the model aircraft enthusiast and to ensure the viability of model aviation for future generations.

The complexity and diversity of the hobby has changed significantly over the past several years, and the AMA has come a long way in serving as the national body for model aviation. In 2012, as a result of AMA’s decades-long achievements in managing and overseeing the model aircraft activity, and as a result of our efforts in advocating for the hobby, Congress recognized AMA as a nationwide community-based organization (CBO) and entrusted the continued safe operation of model aircraft to the Academy in the passage of the first ever “Special Rule for Model Aircraft.”

In its role as the CBO for model aviation the Academy must have effective leadership and an innate vision for the future. The EC must work in concert towards a clearly defined set of goals and objects that focus our efforts toward achieving our primary responsibility of serving the membership and promoting model aviation as a viable and acclaimed recreational activity for adults, families and our youth.

I’ve been an AMA member for nearly fifty years, I’m a member of the Model Aviation Hall of Fame, and I’ve participated in virtually all aspects of model aviation. My modeling experience led me to a life-long career in full-scale aviation as a licensed commercial pilot with over 7,000 hours in helicopters and airplanes.

I’m an accomplished public administrator, having served in professional leadership roles for over 40 years, including 27 years in active duty and reserve component military service.

My greatest experience lies directly with the AMA. I’ve served as a Leader Member, Contest Director, AVP and in nearly all club level leadership positions. As a member of the Executive Council I’ve chaired numerous AMA committees including the Bylaws Committee, two AMA Executive Director Selection Committees, and currently serve as AMA’s Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative.

The aviation world and the environment in which we live and enjoy our hobby is rapidly changing. The emerging unmanned aircraft industry and the advent of civil UA operations presents both opportunity and challenges for the Academy and the traditional aeromodeling community. AMA must play a leading role in this emerging community and ensure the interests of the traditional modeler as well as the new community of recreational users are sheltered from overreaching and burdensome regulations. My experience in managing AMA’s government and regulatory affairs uniquely qualifies me to lead the Academy in this endeavor.

As president I will work to enhance AMA’s outreach to its members, clubs and special interest groups. I will leverage technologies and social media to improve communications and will support and defend all aspects of the hobby.

As President, I pledge a resolute commitment to the pursuit of excellence and improvement. I will make it my goal to bring the organization together and create synergies throughout the hobby. And, with your vote I will ensure that the AMA is focused on serving the membership and securing the future of this great sport/hobby.