Jim Tiller
Custer, South Dakota

My name is Jim Tiller and I am a candidate for District IX Vice President.

This is the third year of my first term as your representative in this office.

I learned the basics from Russ Miller, Mark Smith and Jim Wallen, my D9 predecessors. I stand on their shoulders. I continue to learn this job from the EC, AMA officials, but the best education has been from you, my D9 constituents. Thank you and please continue. Your tutelage and guidance is appreciated.

Using your donations to the D9 Scholarship Fund, we sent our third Camp AMA student to Muncie recently. With your support we will continue this commitment and hope to expand giving to other worthwhile ventures for D9 youth.

With the help of my AVPs, we hosted leadership meetings across the District to help you understand current AMA issues, learn what AMA programs and benefits you have, and most important in our geographically large district, to network with leaders from other clubs. Those meetings will continue this winter season.

As I said in this statement 3 years ago, youth education is one of my priorities. I will continue to work on making our, already stellar, educational programs even more cohesive, enriching and comprehensive.