Executive Council Meeting 

April 24, 1999
Radisson Hotel Roberts, Muncie IN


1. Introductions
President's Report - Appoint Chairman of Nominating Committee
Approval of January 1999 EC Minutes
Executive Vice President's Report - Audit
Executive Director's Report


Committee Reports
a. AMA CARES S. Frank
b. Bylaws R. Hanson
c. Contest Board Appointments Procedures E. McCollough
d. Contest Coord/Sanctions C. Bauer
e. Flying Site Distribution D. Holland
f. Marketing W. De Cou
g. New HQ Building C. Foreman
h. Safety HQ
i. Magazine space - Election debate W. De Cou


Old Business  
a. Safety Video/IMAA update W. De Cou
4. New Business  
a. District VIII Event (Discussion) S. Frank
b. Motion to allocate funds to River City
Radio Controllers
C. Bauer
c. Rescind previous 1996 MOTION
regarding Robert's Rules of Order
E. McCollough



6. Awards  
7. Next Meeting