Executive Council Meeting

April 24, 1999
Muncie, IN

The President called the meeting to order at 7:54 a.m.


President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President C. Douglas Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I- Don Krafft, Duxbury, MA; II- Wes DeCou, Basking Ridge, NJ; III- Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV- Chuck Foreman, Kill Devil Hills, NC; V- Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI- Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII- Dave Gish, St. Paul, MN; VIII- Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX- Russ Miller, Solen, ND; XI- Ed McCollough, Portland, OR; NAA Representative Don Koranda and Executive Director Joyce Hager.

Present from the Academy staff: Vicki Barkdull, Controller; Rob Kurek, Director of Publications; Shirley Cook, Merchandising; Steve Kaluf, Technical Director; Greg Chartrand, Maintenance Director.

Also present was Bob Reynolds of Brady, Ware & Schoenfeld; District IV AVP Bliss Teague and his wife Shirley. Recording Secretary JoAnne Brown. District X Vice President Rich Hanson was not in attendance due to a death in his family.


The President indicated that the Safety Committee report will be given via a phone call at 3:00 p.m., after which the council will go into an executive session.

The President was very pleased with the results of the CIAM meeting held in March in Luasanne Switzerland. He commended the AMA representatives who attended the meeting. Would like to continue to meet with the rep’s the night prior to the meeting to go through the agenda, and be certain everyone is pitching the same line with regard to the proposals.
Ron Chidgey, Chairman of the F3A Subcommittee indicated he will not run for the position of Chairman again.
The CL Technical Committee proposed to make official something they had been doing unofficially in some of the events in a world championship cycle. In all of the control line events, they are going to add a junior contestant to each of the teams as an optional team member. This is being done to get more youngsters involved at the international level. In world championships where there are enough juniors involved to qualify as a junior world championships (at least five countries registered with juniors participating), a junior world champion will be awarded.
A small group of modelers from Antarctica contacted the President stating they would like Antarctica to be considered a district. Russ Miller, District IX Vice President, volunteered to include them within his district structure. District IX will receive an additional $500 to its annual budget.
The President was approached in Toledo with insurance questions regarding coverage for Americans participating in pylon events in Canada. (AMA Safety Rules versus Canadian Safety Rules) This concern will be forwarded to the Insurance Committee for consideration.


It was moved by E. McCollough (XI), seconded by C. Bauer (VI) and passed by acclamation to approve the minutes of the January 30-31, 1999 Executive Council meeting. All in favor, none opposed.


Bob Reynolds of Brady, Ware & Schoenfeld gave the audit report.
The EVP, AMA Controller and Chairman of the Budget Committee met with the bankers. There was discussion of the new headquarters building, debt and renovations of the present building and the cost of furnishing the new building. The bank promised much lower rates than the commercial rate.
AMA continues to receive money and materials from Mr. Leroy Weber under the Charitable Remainder Trust.


The following two mail votes are included as part of these minutes:

1) MOTION to approve the Safety Committee’s recommendation to replace item 7 in the Safety Regulations for Model Aircraft Gas Turbines effective October 24, 1998 with new item 7 as follows:

7. Turbine fueling is to be handled in the following manner:

A. Propane fueling must be accomplished in a remote area away from spectators, engine start areas, and ignition sources.
B. Fueling of other than combustible liquefied gasses may be accomplished in the start area.
C. Starting personnel must assure that the tailpipe (exhaust) is pointed away from Personnel and fragile or combustible items. Spectators and all personnel nonessential to the starting process must maintain a 25-foot spacing from the turbine start area.

(Ed McCollough, would like to have noted the phrase "other than combustible liquefied gasses" needs further refinement.)

The motion passed unanimously.

2) MOTION to allow the US to submit a bid to host the Electric World Championship, to be held August 3-12, 2000 in San Diego, California.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Executive Director requested guidance with regard to an offer to purchase 75 acres of AMA property. The Council was in agreement not to consider selling at the present time.
Concern was expressed over the announcement from EAA that to get into Air Venture ‘99 site in Oshkosh, you must be an EAA member. The critical concern was how it will affect attracting youth participation in the AMA’s model aviation involvement in the event.
Have hired a person to consider the flow of the work inside and present a layout for the interior of the new headquarters building.
Merchandising report from Shirley Cook.
Headquarters will produce a list (per district) of all clubs that have not renewed their charter. (As of June 1, 1999.)
The cost of the new district table top displays will come out of the Programs budget; however additional pictures, if desired, will be taken from the individual district budgets.
Charlie Bauer reported on the Education Committee. Gordon Schimmel gave presentation in Edinboro Scotland on the programs AMA is using. Continue to work with Ball State on producing Single Concept Learning Modules.


A. AMA Cares - Sandy Frank, Chairman
Instructed to focus upon environmental concerns at model flying sites. The chairman continues to review resumes. Resumes from 3 committee members (Robert E. Kline, John Paxton and David Kraft) were read to the council. There is a need to obtain feedback from the membership regarding difficulties encountered with creating a flying site, reasons for having a flying site threatened. Would like the committee to be an information gathering resource. Find out about concerns by monitoring newspapers, the internet, and federal and state level proposals. Need to create a reference database with concerns/results already encountered. The FAI has formed an environmental committee, suggested interaction with them. It was suggested that each district vice president mention in their column that this committee exists and request input from their members.

B. Bylaws - Rich Hanson, Chairman
Deferred to next meeting.

C. Contest Board Appointment Procedures - Ed McCollough, Chairman
No report.

D. Contest Coordinator/Sanctions (Appendix II) - Charlie Bauer, Chairman
More than 400 letters were sent to varied contest coordinators, contest directors, leader members and their responses were reviewed. Most were not considered serious problems. The enclosed report contains the recommendations of the committee. Most concern involved the area of protection. The contest coordinators would like to set this up, as they know their area best. Their goal is to allow the most flying activity in a given area.

The Executive Council accepts this report which will be forwarded to the AMA Executive Director and staff for their comments. After review, the Technical Director will bring to the next council meeting the actual changes that can be implemented.

E. Flying Site Distribution - Doug Holland, Chairman
The committee is still in a formative stage. Have determined two categories to put requests into; the first is loans for acquisitions, the second is money for flying site improvements, as determined by budget line items. Need to approach this in a way that will best serve the membership as a whole, a friendly way of establishing loans and grants to acquire property.

F. Marketing - Wes DeCou, Chairman
The committee has four initiatives underway. Hobby shop program - at last count we continue to gain new members and are on a cash positive basis for this round of the awards program. Will send updated figures to council.
The Tele-Post Program is in the last phase. Sending out a yellow tele-post notice (to ten thousand members) who joined in 1998 for the first time, but have not renewed for 1999. This will go out about the same time as the third renewal notice. Want to compare response to the tele-post with those of the third renewal notice.
The Loyalty Program - will be making a proposal to council. This program will reward loyalty to AMA and reward membership stimulation on an individual basis.
All Because of Model Airplanes - entering into license agreement with Model Video Products. Will allow MVP to keep a stock of approximately 300 videos on hand. It is hoped that this will be the first in what may be a series of 13 episodes that the Discovery Channel and other television outlets are looking at.

The committee is also considering the need for a membership survey. A professional survey group would be approached to come up with an accurate membership survey questions. The chairman would like to get going on a year 2000 membership survey.

At this point in the meeting, the President appointed Chuck Foreman as the Nominating Committee Chairman.

G. New Headquarters Building (Appendix III) - Chuck Foreman, Chairman
The committee met on March 27 at AMA Headquarters. After discussion, site visits and review of site locations the committee made its recommendations to the Executive Council. The time line for construction has been established to allow occupancy in August 2001. It was agreed by consensus to accept these recommendations.

H. Magazine Space/Election Debates - Wes DeCou, Chairman
Committee recommendations -
1) To have a candidate forum at the national level only (President and Executive Vice President positions). The forum would be in the magazine, limited to 1,000 words.
2) To have the candidates’ statement and the response to topic, one issue apart. The general topic will be created by the Nominating Committee Chairman or developed within the committee, and would be agreed to by the Nominating Committee. By Council consensus, it was agreed to abandon this topic.


A. Safety Video/IMAA Update - Wes DeCou, Chairman
A request for proposal has recently been sent and a response has not yet been received. This item is deferred to next meeting.


A. District VIII Event (Discussion only) - Sandy Frank
It was hoped to hold an AMA/IMS type event in the District VIII area. The District Vice President presented a chart showing population by district and percentage of AMA members in comparison to total population (per district). He pointed out that District VIII has the lowest percentage of AMA members per capita. He noted the Ft. Worth/Dallas area is the second most active convention area in the United States. He feels that a trade show with symposiums, etc. is needed in the south. Verbal commitments have been received from Futaba, Thundertiger and Ace. Concern was expressed over the dates and time of the year the convention might be held. A short video promoting the Arlington Convention was presented. The Council recommended a structural and financial business plan be done. The District VIII VP will work through the Membership/Marketing/Business Opportunities Committee to analyze the potential of this venture. A request by the District VIII Vice President for a commitment to assist by Jay Mealy was agreed to by the Executive Director.

B. Motion to allocate funds to River City Radio Controllers - Charlie Bauer
Opportunity to improve the public flying site at Tom Sawyer State Park. With commitments from the Commissioner of Parks, the club and AMA members, they will be investing between $27,000-$28,000 and request $2,000 from the AMA. The District VP sees this as good public relations, helping to develop the site for everyone’s use.

MOTION I: moved by W. DeCou (II), seconded by D. Holland (EVP), to grant the River City Radio Controllers the sum of $2,000.00 to assist them in completing their new runway.

The MOTION passed.
10 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, XI, EVP, NAA)
1 no (IX)
1 abstain (VIII)

C. Rescind previous 1996 MOTION regarding Robert’s Rules of Order - Ed McCollough
This item was postponed to a later meeting.

D. Dues Structure - Charlie Bauer
It was reported that if any changes in the dues structure are to occur, they must be done now. The District VI VP reported that in discussion with some senior citizen members, they would be willing to pay the $48 member dues instead of the reduced senior citizen rate of $38. He suggested providing 2 check off boxes on senior citizens renewal form; one for $38, the other $48.

A reduction in dues if paid early was also recommended. (Example- $2 off dues if paid by a determined date). This is a benefit to those who renew early, which is also beneficial to the Academy.

Comments from council included rewarding specific behavior (giving a discount if signing up for two years); no automatic roll over from Open Full to Sr. Citizen, unless they request it; give a "standard" senior citizen discount of 10% across the board, including catalog orders, Nats entries, et al. The idea of reduced rates for disabled members was also touched on. This option is subject to abuse and is in most cases unverifiable.

There was no opposition to providing check off boxes on the renewal notices for senior citizens giving them the option of paying $38 or $48. The Membership/Marketing/Business Opportunities Committee should start promoting this, with the option to be available for the 2001 membership year.

E. Kites and Rockets - Ed McCollough
The District XI VP was been contacted by his frequency coordinator who provided the following information. A system is being sold that lets you put a minicam in a kite. A radio is used to operate the camera. This item was being sold at the last national convention of the American Kite Association. They are pushing frequencies that are assigned to aircraft. AMA’s concern will be forwarded to the FCC through the Frequency Committee. In the meantime, the AMA should alert its members of the potential hazard via the web site. AMA will contact RCHTA who has an association with the kite manufacturers.

Concern was raised over the elimination of holding some rocket events on the property. It was reported that there was a problem with large model rockets getting caught in the high tension wires and the electric company was called to retrieve them. In a letter received by AMA from the electric company, it was stated that if the interference with the wires continued there was a possibility that the site could be closed down. It was determined that our members’ site should not be placed in jeopardy for a nonmember group (rockets).

***Publication of awards will not be done until the awards are received***

The next Executive Council meeting will be held July 12, 1999 (one day meeting during the Nationals)

The questions was raised, why do the Safety and Sound committee chairmen appoint their members and others don’t? It was researched and found that in the actual motion that created these committees, it was stipulated that the chairmen name the members. The President stated that review of the committees should be done on a regular basis.

AMA Committee List

By-Laws Committee:
The committee is comprised of 3 vice presidents: a new VP; a 2-term or less VP; and a VP with more than 2 terms. The Executive Director pointed out that it may not always be possible to have "a new VP". The President will instruct the committee to look at the wording of the actual committee make up.

Care Committee:
Sandy Frank, Chairman
Dave Gish
Jim McNeill
Experts include but are not limited to: Robert E. Kline, John Paxton and David Kraft.
The committee is created by the President who named the Chairman. A mission statement is being developed.

Budget Committee:
No changes

Education Committee:
No changes

Expenditure Review Committee:
Add the Executive Director as member.

FAI Executive Committee:
It was noted that under the by-laws, this committee cannot be Council approved. It must be President approved.

Frequency Committee:
The committee is broken into two parts - the committee itself, who does the voting, and an advisory committee of R/C manufacturers who do not vote. It was pointed out that Jack Albrecht should be moved from the Frequency Committee to the Advisory Committee.

Hall of Fame Committee:
There was question as to whether this committee is actually an AMA headquarters function. The President then described how the committee came into existence. Recently, district representatives have been appointed (still missing District IX and X). Hazel Sig-Hester is added as the District VII representative

Insurance Committee:
No changes

Leader Member Committee:
No changes

Museum Steering Committee:
The chairman noted he is not familiar with the current members and may offer additional recommendations to the President.

Nats Management Committee:
Ron Morgan should be listed as Chairman. Having the SIG’s involved in running the Nationals has been working very well. The President suggested someone on council provide verbiage for a proclamation from the Executive Council to all the special interest groups for their help, support and cooperation in running the Nationals. Will award proclamations at each event while the awards are being distributed.

Nominations Committee:
This is a standing committee per the AMA By-Laws.

Property Acquisition and Development Committee:
Remove "ex-officio" from Russ Knetzger’s name. The chairman would like to involve an architect, city planner or civil engineer; any council member with knowledge of a qualified individual of this caliber should let the chairman know.

Publications Committee:
No changes

Resource Development Committee/Project Team:
This is a Council appointed committee. Doug Holland is the Chairman and will develop a mission statement.

Safety Committee Report (Appendix IV) - Don Lowe (via telephone)
The President of NMPRA presented a proposal which precipitated discussion on the possibility of lesser cages for lower energy pylon events. The Committee recommends the use of AMA built cages only. The Council was in agreement that cages used will be those built by the AMA or ones built to the specifications AMA has put forth. A statement for inclusion in the year 2000 AMA Safety Code is being developed. The statement will be presented at the July council meeting.

Turbines - the committee is working on proposals regarding fuel tanks used; and the policing of this type of event. There is a need to provide additional instruction to Contest Directors who run these events, as well as the need for a procedure for removal of waiver if pilot is not worthy.

Council then went into Executive Session which ended at 4:04 p.m.

Committee review continued:

Safety Committee:
This is a Council appointed committee, where the chairman appoints members.

Scholarship Committee:
This is a Council appointed committee; strike the words "from among the Executive Council" from member criteria.

It is desired to do a survey of previous scholarship recipients to find out what contribution they may have made to science, society, etc. The Scholarship Committee will move forward with this.

Sound Committee:
No changes

SIG Recognition Committee:
Jim McNeill was appointed the new chairman.

Ad hoc Committees (appointed by the President)
Ad hoc committees are kept in place until their tasks have been completed or they are deemed necessary to become permanent committees.

Contest Board Member Procedures Review:
Disband committee.

Flying Site Fund Distribution:
Still in force; may need to become permanent committee. President instructed a mission statement be developed.

Headquarters Building:
Still working. Add Executive Director as staff member.

Magazine Space for Candidates/Debates with National Office:
Disbanded as of April 24, 1999 EC meeting.

New Member Recruitment/Marketing:
Remove as ad hoc committee. President makes a permanent committee which is renamed Membership/Marketing/Business Opportunity Committee. Chairman DeCou to provide mission statement.

Sanctions Review/Contest Coordination:
Recommendation given to headquarters. Disbanded as of April 24, 1999 EC meeting.

Executive Director Evaluation Committee:
The President appointed a permanent committee to be named Personnel Committee. Part of the committee’s mission statement is to develop methods of evaluating the performance of the Executive Director and making recommendation to the Executive Council. The Committee’s Chairman will be Russ Miller and the committee is the Executive Council.

The Chairman requests all input regarding the E.D.’s performance evaluation be turned over to him at their earliest convenience.

 The meeting adjourned at 4:44 p.m.