Executive Council Meeting



July 12, 1999
Radisson Hotel Roberts, Muncie IN


1. Introductions
President's Report
Approval of April 1999 EC Minutes
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
  Monday PM  
Committee Reports (10 minutes each, maximum)
a. Bylaws Hanson
b. Care Frank
c. Flying Sites HQ - Mealy/Beshar
d. IMAA Frank
e. Insurance Krafft
f. Marketing De Cou
g. New HQ Building Foreman
h. Nominating Foreman
i. Safety HQ - Maroney
j. Scholarship HQ - Underwood
3. Old Business  
a. Sanction Procedures - defer to next meeting HQ
b. Safety Video/IMAA De Cou
c. How Council Operates McCollough
d. Continue Review Process for Committees HQ
e. Travel Agent McCollough
4. New Business  
a. AVP Allocation for Districts V and XI McCollough/McNeill
b. Funds for 2003 Bauer
c. Operational Manual for AMA Committees
e. Information for Web Frank
f. Videos/Productions shall credit all EC members McCollough
5. Awards