Candidate Nominating Procedures and Guidelines

Candidate Guidelines:
All correspondence must be submitted electronically to AMA HQ Muncie, IN. Failure to meet all requirements, will disqualify said nominee.

(a) No person may nominate himself/herself for office.
(b) No person shall simultaneously hold two positions on the Executive Council. In the event a person holding an office is elected or selected to a second position on the Executive Council, that person must choose which of the two positions he/she will continue, such decision to be made within 48 hours of the announcement of the selection, or else the person so affected will be deemed to have selected to remain in the first office held.
(c) Incumbent is automatically placed on the ballot, provided that he/she has been properly nominated and accepted, except that a ¾ vote against may withhold the incumbent’s name from the ballot (see Bylaws, Article IX, Section 2).
(d) All nomination must be received at AMA Headquarters thirty (30) days prior to the convening of the Nominating Committee’s annual meeting. All information must be submitted by electronic means.
(e) Candidate must be a legal resident of the district in which the election is being held; this does not apply to the office of President or Executive Vice President.
(f) Candidate must be a current AMA member with Leader Member status (other qualifications apply to the office of President and Executive Vice President, Article IX, section 3).
(g) No person elected to and serving as an active member of the Executive Council shall be paid for any regular column or article in Model Aviation magazine. Exception may be made for such articles as the coverage of special events provided prior arrangement was made for said article. Articles and columns printed in the “AMA News” section are not paid contributions. No paid columns may be submitted after the individual has been placed on the ballot.

Candidate Acceptance:
All correspondence must be submitted electronically to AMA HQ Muncie, IN. Failure to meet all requirements, will disqualify said nominee.

(a) A letter of acceptance by the candidate must be electronically submitted 15 days prior to the meeting.
(b) Along with a résumé of professional qualifications and model aviation experience, résumé should include, but not be limited to, the below areas of consideration. Information must be received at AMA Headquarters 10 days prior to the Nominating Committee. Campaign statements will not be read by any person until it is determined who will be placed on the ballot.

1. Management experience.
2. Financial background.
3. Insurance employment and/or expertise.
4. Legal background.
5. Technical background, including areas of aeronautics, electronics (especially in radio frequency propagation and usage), acoustics (as related to noise studies and analysis), and other areas of engineering.
6. Aeromodeling background must be noted. The individual will be required, if elected to national office, to deal with questions related to all areas of aeromodeling and should have a broad-based background.

Campaign Communication
For the purpose of equitable access to the membership and monitoring of publications the following guidelines will be used.

(a) Campaign statements published in Model Aviation remain as currently defined and at the option of the candidate, is to include one current head shot photo of the candidate.
(b) In addition to being in Model Aviation, campaign statements will be included with official AMA mailed ballots.
(c) Each candidate is allowed one AMA financed campaign email push, which will occur simultaneously for each race. It will consist of a maximum of 750 words (a URL will be considered one word) and one current head-shot photo if desired. The content of the email push is due to the AMA HQ 10 days after the nominating committee has determined the ballot. The content of the email must be sent electronically so that it may be cut and pasted by staff to eliminate error. The email will be sent 20 days after the nominating committee has set the ballot.
(d) The campaign ballot will list all candidates in alphabetical order, by last name.
(e) Electioneering, the practice of working actively to secure votes for a candidate in an election directly or through innuendo is prohibited by elected officers, employees of the AMA, or volunteers in the following manners; All AMA’s publications including but not limited to, the AMA’s magazines (all political ads can be purchased at the discounted club rate), AMA communication channels (AMA Today, etc.). The AMA’s websites and district websites will not be used for electioneering. All AMA membership information including but not limited to, mailing lists produced by the AMA, or any official membership information will not be used for electioneering.

Campaign Etiquette

(a) Campaign banners (one per candidate) can be placed on AMA property, next to the flying site access road, not more than 250 yards south of Headquarters. Printed material, cards, and flyers can be distributed on-site by candidates or their supporters.
(b) AMA staff will follow a policy of neutrality in all campaigns.
(c) AMA funds will not be used for campaigning to include purchasing of any printed material, digital, or electronic media.
(d) Proprietary AMA information, including all strategic information and knowledge will not be used in campaigning. It is expected that all candidates will campaign on their attributes and ideas. Evidence of negative campaigning, or improper use of AMA assets and funds, will be brought before a Campaign Election Review Commission appointed by the Executive Council. Disciplinary action could include a candidate’s disqualification.