AMA Employee Benefits

AMA recognizes that life is complicated. It requires a lot of energy and effort ... and frequently there are conflicting demands and difficult decisions to make.

AMA also believes that its employees are its one unique asset, its most valuable resource. Through their creative efforts, they satisfy the members needs and manage to juggle work and family.
To support employees in this effort, AMA offers a program of flexible benefits that can be tailored to meet different lifestyles and priories ... and be tailored each year as personal situations change.

AMA Basic Protection AMA benefits provide a basic level of protection for Medical, Dental, Vision, and Preventive Care.

Holidays and Vacation AMA benefits provide 80 hours of specified holiday time and from 10 to a maximum of 20 vacation days a year.

Personal Time Off Personal time off provides income protection in case of illness, personal emergency, and personal business (including medical and dental appointment).

Life Insurance All full-time employees who have completed one month's active service with the Academy will be eligible for benefits under a Group Life Insurance Program at no cost to the employee. The program includes Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits, the details of which will be found in the Group Insurance booklet.

Employee Savings and Investment Plan - 403 (b) This allows participating employees to save for future years on a pre-tax basis through a 403(b) plan. A total of up to $11,000 of gross pay may be invested in any one of the investment choices. AMA offers a company match of funds up to 7% of your gross pay.

Educational Assistance Program AMA offers reimbursement for documented employee tuition and book expenses.