AMA Government Relations Teams

Thirteen people made up of two teams are dedicated to promoting and protecting the hobby, sport, and educational pursuit of model aviation. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback anytime regarding AMA's Government Relations.

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Advocacy Team

Dave Mathewson
District VI, Muncie, IN
AMA Executive Director
Dave Mathewson served president of the Academy for five years until he accepted a position as AMA's exective director. He is now in his 51st year of flying radio-controlled model aircraft and has received numerous awards from AMA. Mathewson has an extensive background in model aviation issues relating to all levels of government, has testified before congressional committees in support of model aviation, and has served as a volunteer leader on the AMA district and national level since 1995. He is a 30-year small business owner and a majority owner of a small upstate New York airport. In 2009 he was presented an AMA Fellowship, the Academy’s highest honor.
Mitch Rose
President and founder of Mitch Rose Strategic Consulting, Washington, D.C.
Mitch Rose is a key lobbyist in Washington, D.C. who understands well how to navigate the halls of federal government on major legislative issues. He is an Anchorage, Alaska native, with degrees from American University’s Washington School of Law and the University of Washington. Rose’s career includes stops at The Walt Disney Company as vice president of government relations and as the chief of staff for U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. Some of the clients Mitch Rose Strategic Consulting has served include the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Comcast, The Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the National Business Aviation Association of America.

Rich Hanson
District X, Phoenix, AZ
AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative
Leader, Standards Workgroup

Rich Hanson is a lifelong modeler and a full-scale aviation professional. He started modeling at the age of 6, and throughout the past 40 years has participated in nearly all aspects of aeromodeling. His specific interest is in scale warbird racing, and he was one of the founders of the AMA Scale Warbird Racing Association Special Interest Group (SIG). Hanson also served from 1993 to 2008 as the AMA District X vice president. He enlisted in the US Army in 1967, attended the USAR Warrant Officer Candidate Course, and served a year in Vietnam flying AH-1G Cobra helicopters. He received a direct commission upon returning from Vietnam and ultimately served 27 years in active duty, National Guard, and USAR Reserve components. Hanson's civil aviation career paralleled his military experience, serving 26 years flying air rescue helicopters for the State of Arizona. In the last seven years of his professional career he served as the State’s Aviation Division Commander and participated in the adaptation of Federal Aviation Regulations relating to public aircraft, airborne law enforcement, and emergency medical services. He has accumulated more than 7,000 hours of flight time in airplanes and rotorcraft, and is a graduate of the Army Aviation Safety Officer Course.
Jim Rice
District VIII, San Antonio, TX
National Safety Committee Chairman and District Vice President 
AMA Standards Workgroup, member

Jim Rice started flying control line in 1949 at age 3 with his father. A few years after his father began flying radio-control, Rice flew his first radio-control airplane in 1957. Together, they attended the 1956 National Championships at Dallas Naval Air Station. A 26-year military career took Rice around the world, allowing him to hold several club offices in many countries. In 1986 Rice became a contest director and Leader Member. He was appointed as an associate vice president in District VIII in 2001 and then doubled as the safety coordinator for several months. In 2007 Rice was elected to his current positions as the District vice president and the national safety committee chairman.
Joyce Hager
District VI, Muncie, IN
Assistant Executive Director

Many consider Joyce Hager, the AMA’s assistant executive director, to be one of the most knowledgeable and credible authorities on the history and evolution of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. She has served AMA and model aviation for more than 40 years, coming to the AMA staff in 1970. Joyce has been a constant presence and the organizational backbone of the world’s leading aeromodeling organization, serving in multiple capacities throughout the years. This Maryland native currently helps the executive director oversee the Academy’s 55-person staff and $11.3 million budget at its Muncie IN headquarters, situated on the 1,100-acre campus of the International Aeromodeling Center, which is considered to be the premier model flying site in the country.

Standards Workgroup

Tom Kallevang
District VI, Wheeling, IL
Tom Kallevang has been a modeler for 43 years, primarily flying radio-controlled sailplanes of all types, along with aircraft and more recently helicopters. His credentials include AMA Leader Member and contest director, as well as two-term president of the League of Silent Flight Soaring SIG and a Level V (highest level of achievement) in that program. Kallevang has been intimately involved with the Soaring Nats since 2004 and has been the event director for the World Soaring Masters event held in Muncie in 2006, 2008 and 2010.
Dr. Gary Fogel
District X, San Diego, CA
As an AMA Leader Member and contest director, Dr. Gary Fogel has an interest in gliders and electric sailplanes. He helped protect the Torrey Pines Gliderport with various historic designations, including proposals that led to the formation of AMA's National Aeromodeling Heritage Program. Fogel has established several world and national records for aeromodels and is an authority on the history of gliding flight. He currently serves as president of the Torrey Pines Scale Soaring Society and has been an AMA member for 35 years.
Dr. Michael Harrington
District IX, Fort Collins, CO
Dr. Michael Harrington has been involved in modeling for more than 40 years, ranging from foamies to giant scale and jets. He has a keen interest in engaging the general public in modeling, as demonstrated through his services including as associate vice president for districts IX and X, Leader Member, contest director, and large model inspector. Harrington also co-founded the Team AMA show team program, serves as its safety program director, manages the Colorado Xtreme Model Air Shows, and received the Distinguished Service Award in 2002.
Bill Pritchett
District VI, Muncie, IN
AMA Education Director
After 32 years in education, Bill Pritchett is currently serving as director of education for the AMA. He has introduced numerous programs, including AMA’s Model Aviation School Club program, the inaugural Camp AMA, and a new learning management system for computer-based training. In addition, Pritchett has cultivated ties with the Civil Air Patrol and the EAA, resulting in a surge of new youth memberships. His modeling achievements include winning the 2009 Toledo Weak Signals Best of Show award for Aerobatic Aircraft and a National Championship at the AMA Nats.
John Lueke
District III, Dayton, OH
John Lueke has been flying radio-controlled aircraft since 1976, starting with sailplanes and moving on to gas- and electric-powered sport aircraft and classic airplane models. He has competed in the AMA National Championships and in local competitions. Professionally, John recently retired as an engineer and program manager in the Propulsion Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, working also with the Turbine Engine Division and leading its Fan and Compressor Branch. Risk assessment was an important component of John’s career, and he brings that same knowledge base to his current AMA volunteer assignment. An avid sailor on the Great Lakes, John is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering.
Andy Kane
District IV, Silver Spring, MD
Andy Kane has been an active radio-control modeler for more than 45 years and has held a private pilot license since 1975. He is an officer and past president with the DCRC AMA club in the Capital area, and a flight-training instructor. Kane has helped form both IMAA and IMAC chapters and has run numerous AMA sanctioned contests and events. He is an assistant district vice president for AMA and IMAA, holding the titles of AMA experimental inspector, turbine contest director, turbine waiver holder and AMA Leader Member. Kane has a long history of involvement with the UAV business, and many companies have called on him for flying and expertise in the development of many UAV projects. He has served as a test pilot and flight instructor for many UAV platforms.
Bryan Hudson
District X, Simi Valley, CA
Bryan Hudson has been enjoying radio-controlled modeling since 1975. An active AMA and IMAA member, he is primarily a sport flier and is involved mainly in large powered models and soaring. Professionally, Hudson pilots both manned and unmanned aircraft and has been involved in FAA issues for many years as part of his work in the emerging unmanned aircraft industry. He offers his experience in operations and the developing regulation to help preserve recreational unmanned aviation as the enjoyable activity it has been.