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For media inquiries, please contact or (202) 777-3509.
If you are a member of the media and wish to register for AMA Expo, please contact .
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You are welcome to use and share these ads on your websites. The source code is available for you to copy and paste in your web editor of choice. When using these graphics, we ask that you maintain the integrity of the width and height ratio.








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Below is a high resolution ad that can be used in print or scaled down for additional electronic communication. For more AMA and Government Relations logos, go to the AMA Media Room Logo page. There you will find full resolution artwork for print including fliers and newsletters. Click HERE to view the logos, or click on the Media Room button on the left menu bar and then scroll down to Press Tools.

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When sharing weblinks, it is best to use the shortest web address possible. Longer web address can accidently get mistyped and tend to be less viral. For example, while the actual government relations web address is, we encourage you to list our shorter, more memorable address