Executive Council Meeting

January 17, 2000
Pasadena CA

 The meeting was called to order at 8:09 a.m. by the President, who chaired the meeting. District I Vice President, Don Krafft, was not in attendance.


Present: President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: II-Wes DeCou, Basking Ridge, NJ; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Chuck Foreman, Kill Devil Hills, NC; V-Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX-Russ Miller, Carrington, ND; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI- Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Don Koranda, NAA; Joyce Hager, Executive Director; recording secretary JoAnne Brown.
Also in attendance were Dave Gish, outgoing District VII VP; Ed McCollough, outgoing District XI VP; Bob Underwood; Felix Gora, Rendigs, Frye, Kiely and Dennis; Gordon Schimmel, Education Committee; Don Goeschl, AVP District X; Al Culver, AVP District XI; Carol Culver; and Joan Oberdieck.

As is customary at the first meeting of the year, the President presented Meritorious Service awards to outgoing Vice Presidents Ed McCollough and Dave Gish.

The President rearranged the agenda to accommodate committee members who had to leave.

Education Committee - Gordon Schimmel (Appendix I)
•  The Chairman thanked Council members for their support during the past five years.

•  RCHTA has renewed their support for the next two years.

•  The On Miniature Wings program of traveling exhibits continues. The committee will be discussing the opportunity to collaborate on a 2003 celebration that will tour the country.

•  A presentation was made at the International Conference for Technology Education in Tampa FL.

•  A strategic planning document is being developed. The committee feels there is a need for a formalized structured youth program, focusing on club/member sponsorship, and requested Vice Presidents encourage assistance from within their districts.

Ad hoc Committee on CD Discipline - Dave Gish
•  It was suggested that prior to immediate discipline, a meeting be held with the person(s) involved to bring about a resolution. However, serious discipline should be included in the official process. The committee will continue developing the process. 

•  The Academy was presented with a check in the amount of $10,000 from Keith Storey's estate. The money was received with "no strings attached," but because of Keith's involvement in the early Nats, a recreation of a section of Navy work hangars was suggested as a museum display. 

•  A policy needs to be established on whether a magazine subscription should continue when a past president has passed away. The President suggested that AMA send a note of condolence and request whether the family would like to continue receiving the magazine. There was no objection to handling the matter this way. 

•  Past President Earl Witt is in very critical condition. 

•  Indoor Radio Control - The Safety Committee has been charged with developing Safety Code amendments to accommodate Indoor Radio Control. A separate section in the Safety Code for Indoor RC should be developed. The Frequency Committee is currently addressing radio concerns. An article received for publication will be held until the rules are developed. The President requested a report for the April Council Meeting. 

•  As a result of discussion during an executive session at the October meeting, the following motion is made:

MOTION I: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), That it is the policy of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc. that membership in all chartered clubs shall be available without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, or disability. It is also the policy of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc. that participation in any sanctioned events shall be available without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, or disability. The MOTION passed unanimously.

This disclaimer will appear in the charter club and sanction applications.

It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the October 23, 1999 Executive Council meeting. Approved by consensus.

•  The AMA has purchased $619,000 worth of fixed assets for Muncie, including houses and property.

•  At the next meeting the EVP will have more information on the new building, projected cost of furniture, etc., and the cost of handling the present property that will be renovated.

•  VPs were encouraged to turn in expense reports as soon as possible.

•  Federal rate for automobiles for 2000 is 32.5.

MOTION II: Moved by D. Holland (EVP), seconded by J. McNeill (V), To increase per diem for HQ staff and board members to $40/per day, effective January 1, 2000. The MOTION passed. 9 yes; 2 no (VIII, X); 1 abstain (NAA)

•  AMA has purchased the farm house at the back of the property. The ED is requesting funds for renovations to make the house rentable. Some of the Free Flight community has expressed interest in renting a place to store their motor bikes/chase vehicles. The PADCOM will look into alternatives for the request by the Free Flight community. Council agreed that the Executive Director should proceed with renovations to the newly acquired house.

•  Membership is up 6% compared to last year.

•  At year-end (1999) had 157,331 members.

•  The Executive Director will have surgery Jan. 24 and will be out for 4-6 weeks.

CARES - S. Frank (Appendix II)
The Chairman noted that the information gathering program for this committee (www.ama-dist-8.org/CARES/) has for the most part been used by members and nonmembers as a means to air their views relative to AMA situations. The intent of this program was to amass environmental/model aircraft flying data and is under modification to encourage appropriate use. Following involvement in an environmental assessment on a proposed flying site situated between Ft. Worth and Dallas TX, the committee hopes to develop a brief magazine article, providing an overview and basic education for those in need of producing an environmental assessment in association with creating a new model aircraft flying site.

HQ Building - C. Foreman
The committee has agreed upon the use of a geothermal type of heating/cooling system. Modifications to the existing pond will be made to accommodate the unit. The committee will meet next on February 5 to look at complete plans, specifications and bid documents. Groundbreaking should be done in April. E-mail received at Headquarters pertaining to the new building will be sent to the respective District Vice Presidents. The Chairman will provide any needed information to the VP for their response.

Marketing - W. DeCou
One of the objectives of the committee was to get members to renew early. AMA is currently running at a 106% rate (showing that the objective is being met). A program is planned for the year 2000 that depends on reports provided by Headquarters. The ED will assure that these reports are received by the committee in a timely manner. It was discovered that the problem with the merge-purge program, was a result of wrong tapes being pulled. Consideration will be given to producing lists in-house as opposed to sending them to mailing houses. (Look at staff, cost, benefits, time involved, etc.). Membership survey data will be out before the next meeting. This information should be considered confidential.

FAI Executive Committee - D. Brown
The committee had discussion pertaining to where to support FAI programs and establishing levels of support. Focus was on assessing the combination of performance, participation and World Championships results. On an overall average, there are 3.55 participants in programs for every person that we send on a team. The committee requested Council's desire as to the direction they should take; was it to hold expenses where they are, hold level of support, or to reduce the cost? It was suggested that AMA review the programs on a regular basis. The concern is the combination of little participation and not placing well in a World Championship.

•  The President received an E-mail from a member questioning AMA’s support for the Junior Free Flight World Championships. He pointed out that we have been sending a team, but have not funded them in the past. It was agreed that a Junior Free Flight team will be funded by the Academy. (Cost would be approximately $10,000-15,000.)

•  There was a short discussion on an incident in Britain that resulted in the death of a young modeler. The President recommended increasing the education level on operating PCM radios but stated he adamantly opposed the position that we need to impose rules that say the radios must be programmed in a certain fashion. He is of the opinion that we should oppose within the FAI, implementation of rules regarding the settings of fail-safe.

•  The District X VP presented a synopsis of a flying site meeting held during the AMA Convention 2000. (A full report will be given at the April EC meeting.) Convention setting ideal place for exchange of ideas and interaction among members. Jay Mealy gave an overview of flying site program and the resources available. Having the meeting prior to the show opening was better for attendance, as it is hard to entice people off the show floor.

Council then went into Executive Session.

The following changes were made to committees as a result of replacing the outgoing vice presidents:

•  Budget Committee - Russ Miller, chairman (replacing E. McCollough).

•  Special Interest Group Committee - Chuck Foreman, chairman (replacing E. McCollough). Rich Hanson was also added to SIG Committee.

•  PADCOM - Chairman B. Brown to advise President of replacement for E. McCollough.

•  Publication Committee - Chairman B. Brown to advise President of replacement for E. McCollough.

•  Ad hoc Committee on CD disciplinary action - Bruce Nelson added (replacing D. Gish).

Discussion during the executive session resulted in the following motion being made:

MOTION III: Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by W. DeCou (II), To offer the Executive Director a 3 year contract with salary increments as stipulated in the contract. The MOTION passed. 10 yes; 2 abstain (VII, NAA)

EC members designate replacements - D. Brown
Under the current bylaws, each Vice President must name two potential replacements in case of the need for a replacement election. The outgoing VP should also indicate his choice of the two named people, that would be more appropriate to attend the next Council Meeting and represent the district.

MOTION IV: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), At the first council meeting of each year, VP’s submit 2 names of possible replacements for his/her VP position in accordance with Article X, Section 2 of the current Bylaws. The MOTION passed unanimously.

Annual General Membership Meeting - D. Brown
The President stated that the bylaws require the Executive Council determine the date and place of the annual general membership meeting. It was established at a prior meeting that it would be held at the Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference.

MOTION V: Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by W. DeCou (II), To have the annual membership meeting at the Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference. The MOTION passed unanimously.

If a District Vice President attends this meeting, expenses would be from the individual district budget.

EC implement a study regarding "postage paid" card on ballots for AMA elections.
Suggestions included using a tear-off, return postage-paid postcard; and separate mailing of the ballot and renewal forms. It was not certain however, that using postage paid ballots would significantly increase the number of ballots returned. The Executive Director will investigate the costs associated with using polywrap for sending ballots and having ballots as an insert in the magazine. (The ED will present findings at the April meeting.)

MOTION VI: Moved by R. Hanson (X), seconded by R. Miller (IX), To provide prepaid return postage on ballot for this year’s election. The MOTION passed. 11 yes; 1 no (III)

The Executive Director will investigate and determine the best way to get the ballot to the membership.

Require Nomination and Acceptance letters be mailed Certified - HQ
Discussion revolved around various ways to confirm Headquarters’ receipt of nomination and acceptance letters. It was moved, to ensure receipt of documents, nominations and acceptance letters must be mailed registered, return receipt requested. This motion was later withdrawn. It was suggested that nomination and acceptance letters be sent to the Chairman of the nomination committee and to AMA Headquarters. (C. Foreman will develop wording to include in the nomination procedures, that the committee Chairman will verify all required information is received. Wording subject to EC approval.) The ED will develop wording that asks those involved to contact Headquarters if information is not received in a timely manner.

Funding for RCTV project - HQ/D. Brown
The Academy was again approached for its support of the RCTV project. The ED will contact Mr. Maturo to obtain statistics on how the program is progressing.

MOTION VII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), To spend $6,500 to support the RCTV program. The MOTION passed unanimously.

Request for flying site support
Discussion centered on when monetary support should be given and when not to support. A formula was presented where a district would receive a predetermined amount per member for flying site assistance, and the District Vice President should determine when to support a request for funding. Numerous council members felt they were not in a position to make that decision. No action was taken.

The following updated items will be sent to Executive Council:

•  Executive Council name/address list
•  Committee list
•  Organizational chart

The President solicited input as to the feasibility of creating a Political Action Committee (PAC). This committee would be funded through voluntary donations. (Check off box on renewal form.) A committee was named to look into the possibility of creating a PAC. This committee includes Doug Holland, Chairman; Don Koranda; Wes DeCou, and is charged with determining the requirements of set-up and structure. Felix Gora will collect information on legal requirements. The President requested the information be presented for discussion at the next meeting.

The next Executive Council meeting will be April 1-2, 2000, in Muncie IN.

The Grand Event/Homecoming will be June 10-11, 2000. It is hoped to have the Celebration of Eagles at this time also.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.