Executive Council Meeting

January 28, 2006
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
Muncie, Indiana

Executive Council Meeting 8:00 a.m.


1. Opening Business  
  • Introduction of guests
  • Additions to Agenda
  • Approval of October 2005 Minutes
  • Years of Service Awards (5)
2. President's Report  
  • Committee Review

  • Nominating Cmte Chair

  • Nominating Procedures Review

  • EC successors

  • Investigation/Enforcement Administrative Procedures

3. Executive Vice President's Report  
4. Executive Director's Report  
A. Mail Votes  
B. Marketing Report Schwyn
C. Convention Report Mealy
D. Publications Report Kurek
E. Nats/Site Estep
5. NAA Report Ivey
  Executive Session  
  • Sensitivity Training
6. Committee Reports  
A. Membership Development Smith
B. Ad Hoc - Safety Video Nelson
C. Executive Director Search Update Hanson
D. FAI Committee Report D. Brown
E. Museum Steering Committee Smith
F. Education Schimmel
G. Insurance Mathewson


Old Business

  Alternate Tiered Membership Proposal Frank
  Strategic Planning Update Teague
8. New Business  
A. Develop identification/mgmt system for Digital Spread Systems Frank
B. Reserve site for IMAA 3-day event Argenio
C. Review of Site Use Rules Estep
D. Modify intro-pilot rules-park-fliers Stillman/Mathewson
9. Awards