Executive Council Meeting

Muncie, Indiana 
January 26, 2008
8:00 a.m.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

1. Opening Business  
  Introduction of guests
Additions to Agenda

All items on the Consent Agenda will be voted on at one time. Any EC member may request a Consent Item to be pulled and added to the regular Agenda.

Consent Agenda 

  a. Approval of October 2007 Minutes*  

President's Report

  a. Update 2008 Committees
b. Replacements for EVP and VPs

Executive Vice President's Report


Executive Director's Report

  a. Review Ontario Convention
b. Five-year Plan
c. Organizational Chart
d. Flight Support Team
 Jay Mealy
5. NAA Report Jonathan Gaffney
  Executive Session  
7. Committee Reports  
  a.  Bylaws Argenio/Gora
  b.  Nats Review. Tony Stillman
  c.  Standing Rules Change re: Nominations Bliss Teague
  d. Education Endowment Bob Underwood
  e. Park Pilot Program Mark Smith




Old Business

9. New Business  
  a. Contest Coordination Rich Hanson
  b. Sport Pylon Racing Proposed Rule Change Jim Rice
  c. Nats trophies/Junior and Senior Category Charlie Bauer


  *Requires EC Vote