Executive Council Meeting
Ontario, CA
January 9, 2011

President's Report
Executive Vice President's Report

Chief Financial Officer's Report
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report

Committee Reports

Old Business

District IV VP Bliss Teague and District V VP Jose Soto were not in attendance.

The President called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. A moment of silence was observed for Jim Cherry. 

1. Opening Business

President Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; EVP Mark Smith, Hot Springs Village, AR; CFO Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II- Gary Fitch, Franklinville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Jim Rice, Universal City, TX; IX-Jim Wallen, Arvada, CO; X-Lawrence Tougas, Fairfield, CA; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; NAA Rep-Jonathan Gaffney; AMA Legal Counsel Felix Gora and Interim Executive Director Joyce Hager.

Also in attendance: Bill Pritchett, AMA HQ; Chris Brooks, AMA HQ; Rich Hanson, AMA GRA; Travis McGinnis, Education Committee; Tony Stillman, Flying Site Assistance Coordinator; Mike Mosbrooker, AVP District XI; Randy Brown, District VIII Leader Member; Frank Geisler, Chairman Leader Member Program Dev. Committee; Bill Malvey, Leader Member Program Dev. Committee; and Edward Tougas, District X.

Additions to agenda: None

Final Flight Recognition: Col. Mearle Hickman, Leroy Weber, Jim Cherry, Robert Howard, Robert Hathaway, Hadley Ward, Herbert Wilkerson, Albert Jones, Frank Ballantyne III, Albert Couillard, Durwood Hatchell, Sr., Bill Schimpf and Dennis Cox.

2. Consent Agenda: 

It was moved, seconded and approved by consensus to approve the minutes of the November 13, 2010 Executive Council meeting.

3. President’s Report 

VP Replacements I-Carl Vogel, Steve Brehm; II-Peter Seiffert, Eric Williams; III-JoAnne Brown, Mark Radcliff; VI-Frank Roales, Bob Underwood; VII-Tom Pierce, Ed Kincer; VIII-John Matlock, Mark Johnston; IX-Jim Tiller, Bruce Ream; X-Greg Clemenson, Tim Attaway; XI-Bryan Batch.

Review of AMA Committees This will be updated in the next couple of weeks.

Other items
The President reported that in regard to our FAA outreach effort, NRHSA has donated $1,000 on behalf of their members to help with our cause; it is certainly appreciated by the AMA.

The idea of a dinner (similar to the Celebration of Eagles) during the 75th anniversary was discussed; there will be some expense involved. It was suggested to invite members who had joined in 1936.

MOTION I: Moved by B. Brown (III) and seconded by G. Fitch (II) to allow expenditure up to $5,000 for a dinner at the AMA 75th anniversary celebration.
MOTION passed unanimously.

4. EVP Report

Nothing to report at this time.

5. CFO Report

D. Holland reported that Leroy Weber had made a charitable remainder trust, of which AMA was one of the beneficiaries. Mr. Weber was heavily involved in FAI Scale both as a team member and manager. His trust also includes books for the AMA library.

Holland reported that the Merrill Lynch investments improved 14.2% by year end (2010); final membership count for 2010 was 139,515; and the ED has signed the Request for Engagement letter to Brady Ware, although no date has been set to start the audit.

6. Executive Director’s Report

The ED attended the funerals for Leroy Weber and Jim Cherry; Jim and Linda Rice were thanked for representing Council at the funeral for Jim Cherry.

AMA Expo Over the last six weeks HQ has been heavily involved in preparing for the Expo; it is expected that L. Knowlton will have show numbers to C. Bauer by the end of the week.

AMA Web Site Web site changes are ongoing; the system for the youth membership is up and running properly and quite a few youths have signed up via the system.

Master Plan/Consultant - Museum The President requested an update on the museum master plan and consultant within the next thirty days. C. Brooks reported a revision of the RFD will be done within a week. It will then be given to the consultant candidates for a response within two weeks and the results will be reviewed by the committee for a final decision. Both the President and C. Brooks agreed 30 days is adequate time for completion of this step in the process. Brooks will put together overall project timeline/milestones so Council is able to track the progress.

Flying Site Assistance Coordinator Report - Appendix The program has taken a huge step forward in being proactive with the flying site issues and the members are appreciative of the efforts. T. Stillman updated Council on activities which include: a revised edition of the document Getting and Keeping FLYING SITES (this document can have changes made as necessary); along with J. Wallen and others, Stillman attended the National League of Cities in Denver CO; and G. Fitch and B. Brown attended the League of Municipalities in Atlantic City NJ. Letters are in the process of being sent to those who wanted to be contacted and HQ will partner clubs/members with the respective contacts. A follow-up letter will be sent to determine how the partnership worked out; a report will be given at the April meeting. Stillman is in the process of developing a program where Leader Members will have the opportunity to attend the state events (League of Cities).

Flash Reports In agenda. 

7. NAA Report

In terms of finances, NAA finished up 2010 modestly well. Gaffney continues to address various issues regarding TFRs and the TSA; nothing major to report at this time.

8. Committee Reports

SAFETY - Appendix

Large Model Aircraft:
Council received an extensively revised version of the AMA LARGE MODEL AIRCRAFT PROGRAM. J. Rice noted that in August 2010, Council approved increasing the weight limit to 125 lbs. for prop-driven airplanes, and to increase the weight limit to 100 lbs. for turbines. Council also agreed in principle to have two sizes of large model aircraft and large turbine model aircraft. The document has been reviewed by K. Seivers (JPO President) and C. Spencer (IMAA Safety Coordinator) and incorporates their input. For clarification, Rice noted that in conjunction with implementation of this program there will be a self-inspection of the aircraft from 55 lbs. – 77.2 lbs. (whether turbine or engine powered propped plane) by the builder/owner of the plane using the inspection check list in the document; the test flight must be observed by someone else. The completed paperwork will be sent to and kept on file at AMA HQ with the Permit to Fly. Council should review the document and expect a vote after lunch. Important note: none of the changes are effective until Council approves the final document.

Autonomous Flight: Rice reported that autonomous flight has not come up as a topic of discussion with the FAA and does not appear to be an issue. He further reported that the autonomous capability is there and the average modeler can easily afford it. This is expected to be discussed at the Safety Committee meeting during the Toledo Show; any input from Council should be forwarded to Rice as soon as possible.

Safety Code: It is important that this document be solid prior to AMA submitting their final paperwork (Standards) to the FAA; the committee, along with Hanson’s work group, is working on this now. Input from safety coordinators and the like should be forwarded to Jim Rice.


Outgoing VP’s final column due date: The committee had discussion on when an outgoing VP’s last column is to be placed in Model Aviation; there is a two-month period between the time the column is written and published. The Publications Policy as adopted by the committee states: “The outgoing VP serves through December 31st. His/Her last column is written by December 1st which is published in February of the following year.” The language in the Nomination forms will be reworded for clarification.

Advertisement in MA: The chairman explained that an ad which ran in the January issue of MA (a portion of the ad offered a particular UAV) was pulled from the February issue. The committee provided direction to R. Kurek and M. Lanternman that this ad content is not to be allowed in any future publications; they acted immediately and the advertiser agreed to not advertise its UAV.

Packaging of print and electronic media: Council was provided a copy of the Media Kit that is handed out to prospective advertisers. It contains rate cards for Model Aviation, Park Pilot, the Web site, and Sport Aviator. (Fitch informed Council that Frank Granelli has retired from Sport Aviator and Mark Lanternman is now selling that advertising.) Discounts are available for multipage advertising and if someone wants a banner ad (electronic media), they would receive a discount if it was bundled with some sort of print advertising. The chairman reported that M. Lanternman does not send the discount sheet to potential advertisers as part of the Media Kit. His rationale is that it gives him the opportunity to interface and communicate with potential advertisers on a one-to-one basis and allows him the flexibility to negotiate. Discussion will continue on incorporating advertising for AMA Insider and AMA Today into a total advertising media package.

Digital archive of Model Aviation: Through the Publications Department, the committee has requested that quotes be obtained to determine the cost to digitize Model Aviation from 2001 to the present; one quote has been received and the committee would like two more. The committee’s primary issue is to digitize what we have in current media as at this time there are funds available through the Zaic Fund (via J. Worth). The next steps will be to determine who will do the actual digitizing and how this will be provided on the Web site. Mark Benson continues to work on how to provide this in a searchable format.

It was moved, seconded and approved by consensus to accept the report of the Publications Committee.

EDUCATION - Appendix 

Model Aviation School Club:
B. Pritchett thanked T. Stillman for recognizing the value of educational outreach by clubs in his flying site efforts. There have been over 200 requests for the MASC program.

Civil Air Patrol (CAP): T. McGinnis thanked the President for signing the CAP program document; General Porter and Jeff Montgomery are excited about the partnership. The CAP Web site probably has the most curriculums on line in terms of aerospace education.

LEADER MEMBER PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT F. Geisler was introduced as the committee chairman; members are Jim Rice, Dist. VIII, Bob Wilson, Dist. IV, Jim Pope, Dist. VIII, Red Scholefield, Dist. V, Rusty Kennedy, Dist. IV, Ted Bozanich, Dist. IX and Bill Malvey, Dist. X. The committee has generated five primary goals and one recommendation in an effort to stimulate and energize the LM corps; the goals were reviewed in detail. Since Goal #2 closely reflects the Carl Goldberg Award the committee was asked to give additional consideration to the LM Award. The committee created a document titled ‘AMA Primer’ that describes the current organization and highlights the history of the AMA; topics covered but not limited to include the AMA Mission, Membership Categories, Programs and Incentives and Clubs. It is recommended that this document be distributed to all new members. The committee recommends that all new Leader Members must have an e-mail address. (HQ will update application to reflect this requirement.)

It was moved, seconded and approved by consensus to accept the report of the Leader Member Committee, with the exception of Goal #2.

The committee should review Goal #2 and present a recommendation at a later meeting.

Executive Session 

9.Old Business


FAA Update:
Hanson presented an overview of the meeting in CA with J. Sizemore and L. Spencer. To lend credibility to the standards, the FAA indicated we must develop a matrix, detailing a step-by-step system of determining the minimum of what is necessary and sufficient to assure safety considerations are addressed. (This includes fly-away, loss of control, pilot error, loss of visual contact of the aircraft, loss of communication between equipment and pilot, et al.) Over the next weeks and months the group will be working on this matrix, ultimately ending in the standing document to be presented to the FAA. Hanson would like to have 90% formulation of the standards to show the membership, so when the rule comes out this summer the membership knows what the AMA is shooting for with the FAA. Once the proposed rule is published and the ex parte ends, the FAA should be more responsive to discussing our standards. A rough timing of when the rule will be published and the effective date, Hanson expects the final rule in the federal register late summer/early fall 2012 with implementation in the first quarter of 2013.

Hanson will go through the PP presentation and make the necessary changes as a result of conversations this weekend; must include a caveat that this is a very fluid situation and subject to change.

Compliance agreements w/airports: Hanson is gathering documents from Caltrans, the national organization and the Madera club relative to the club not being allowed to fly at the airport; Rich would like to know what has changed since the club met the rules and is still being denied.

TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions): Since the elections in November, the number of TFRs has dropped dramatically. However, when the President spent his Christmas vacation on Oahu, the entire island was shut down to model aircraft flying for ten days, but exceptions were granted for other activities. Hanson is trying to find the avenue by which we can get on the path that allows for an alternate means of still operating while the TFR is in place.

The ED reported that the POW has been updated to reflect the changes made during the discussion of the 2011 budget at the November EC meeting. The POW is what each department reported as their agenda for the coming year; the Executive Director will re-prioritize when required.

The following changes will be incorporated into the POW: • more specific dates and timelines under each department (the ED can then challenge staff to adhere to those timelines)
• Marketing Department - add the F3A World Championships, the Nationals and the XFC to Goal MKT7 (this had been discussed at previous meetings).

It was moved, seconded and approved by consensus to accept the 2011 Program of Work.

The Large Model Aircraft Program was revisited at this time. Council members requested additional time to review the document; a vote via teleconference should be expected in the next few weeks. The President reported that J. Sizemore and L. Spencer of the FAA were pleased with this document as well as the turbine waiver program.

The committee had been doing a final analysis of the club data they procured. They are now working on producing the national report, which will be broken down by district for comparison.

The committee is developing an electronic member survey.

Looking at how to best utilize the talents and skills of the task force; consideration being given to integrating a strategic task force member into each AMA committee.


All awards were approved by consensus.

NEXT MEETING April 9-10, 2011 Muncie, IN