Executive Council Meeting

January 11, 2015 – Ontario, CA


President's Report

Executive Vice President's Report
Chief Financial Officer's Report
Executive Director's Report

NAA Report
Committee Reports
New Business

Old Business

1. Opening Business 

a. Introductions: President Bob Brown, Bradford PA; Executive Vice President Gary Fitch, Franklinville NY; Chief Financial Officer Keith Sessions, Burlington KY; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield RI; II-Eric Williams, Schenectady NY; III-Mark Radcliff, St. Marys WV; IV- Jay Marsh, High Point NC; V-Kris Dixon, Dexter GA; VI-Randy Cameron, Springfield MO; VII-Tim Jesky, Monroe MI; VIII-Mark Johnston, Albuquerque NM; IX-Jim Tiller, Custer SD; X-Lawrence Tougas, Fairfield CA; XI-Chuck Bower, Langley WA; NAA President Jonathan Gaffney; Executive Director Dave Mathewson and AMA Legal Counsel Felix Gora, Rendigs Fry Kiely & Dennis.

Others attending: Rich Hanson, AMA GRA; Stephen Brehm, AVP Dist. I; Jim Rice, AVP Dist. VIII; D. Brandon Koch, AVP Dist. IX; Roger Willis, AVP Dist. X; Jim Mohan, AVP Dist. X; Richard Bonnardel, AVP Dist. X; Dan K. Johnson, AVP Dist. X; Mike Lee, AVP Dist. X; Mike Mosbrooker, AVP Dist. XI; Robert Stephens, AVP Dist. XI; Bryan Wood, AVP Dist. XI and Gary Himes, AVP Dist. XI.

b. Additions to the agenda: Revisit EC attendance at General Membership Meeting during the Joe Nall (Old Business); Special Interest Group meeting (Old Business).

c. Final Flight List (Appendix I):Additions to the list: Paul Floccari, Jim Thomas and Steve Dempster from District VII; Jerry Sorosiak and Lou Beringer from District III. A moment of silence was observed.

2. Consent Agenda
It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to approve the Minutes of the October 11, 2014 Executive Council meeting as amended. Amendment: add NAA President Jonathan Gaffney to the list of attendees.

Mail/conference call votes read into the Minutes:

• November 8, 2014 mail vote – NMAD charity
• November 13, 2014 mail vote – IMAA status
• November 25, 2014 conference call vote – PR position
• December 9, 2014 mail vote – Engage CLS Strategies
• December 15, 2014 mail vote – Distinguished Service-P. Goodwine and Award of Excellence-California Associated Scale Modelers
• December 16, 2014 mail vote – Fellowship Awards: Michael H. Harrington, Bryan Hudson, Gary Fogel, Jim Rice, John Lueke and Tom Kallevang

3. President’s Report 
• Attended the NAA Awards Banquet; the President awarded the Brewer Award to Aerospace Industry Association (AIA) and National Association of Rocketry (NAR). Also presented the President’s Award to Mitch Rose for his service to the Academy.
• Attended modeling events in Cumberland, MD, Columbus, OH and Syracuse, NY
• In mid-December was at AMA HQ for VP Orientation, Foundation meeting and a SIG committee meeting
• Attended a meeting with CLS Strategies and AIA. AIA showed an interest in AMA’s education programs as well as helping us with the FAA Reauthorization Bill/Section 336
• Attended the AUVSI show in Virginia; met with AUVSI and CLS Strategies and agreed in principle to develop the Know Before You Fly (KBYF) program. Worked with Jennifer Hall and Andrew Koneschusky of CLS Strategies on numerous media releases for the KBYF program. The President thanked D. Mathewson and R. Hanson for their leadership and commended Council for directing the Academy in this position. The Academy is becoming a significant entity in the political arena in Washington, D.C. We are respected by many groups and this will be beneficial to us in the future. If we want model aviation to continue, we must embrace the new technology and move with it

AMA Foundation
The Foundation Board has been solidified; its members are Dr. Laird Jackson, Dan Bott, Ron Pitcock, Dr. John Langford and Bob Brown. The committee will get together in the next month to establish a program for the upcoming year. The President thanked M. Mikulski for her coordination on behalf of the Foundation.

VP Replacements
Dist I – Stephen Brehm, Tom Rocheleau
Dist II – Chuck Davis, Reid Condon
Dist III – Jim Martin, Randy Adams
Dist IV – Rusty Kennedy, Terry Terrenoire
Dist V – Andy Griffith, Don Wise
Dist VI – Gary Himes, Donald Way
Dist VII – Marc Shelstrom, Randall Gibson
Dist VIII – Bill Holland, Jim Rice
Dist IX – Kendal Baerg, Brandon Koch
Dist X – Forrest Barton, Jim Mohan
Dist XI – Chris Rankin, Bryan Wood

2015 Committees
Mark Radcliff will chair the 2015 Nominating Committee meeting. The committee listing was passed around for the VP’s to review. If anyone was interested in serving on a specific committee they should inform the President.

4. Executive Vice President's Report
• Attended JR Indoor event with M. Radcliff, D. Mathewson and B. Brown and attended Syracuse modeling event with E. Williams
• Participated in an investment conference call with K. Sessions, D. Mathewson, B. Brown and the financial advisors
• Had two phone conversations with a member from State College, PA. He consults professionally on safety program management, specifically on managing high risk operations (risks that would bring negative national attention to model aviation). Fitch forwarded this information to T. Jesky and the Safety Committee for review
• Participated in a Marketing call with J. Nance and D. Mathewson to discuss marketing plans for 2015
• Had several phone and in-person conversations with B. Brown re various AMA issues and to review committee assignments
• Numerous conversations with E. Williams concerning the right to fly in New York City, this could have a national impact. CLS Strategies has been engaged to aid with the situation
• Worked with A. Argenio to review the Bylaws mailing

5. Chief Financial Officer's Report 

• Dues:
In July 2014 Council talked about a dues increase and why it was needed. In 1997 dues were $48; since then there has been one dues increase (2003). The Academy has spent over one million dollars just on government relations; this is expected to continue and the need for resources is huge.

Sessions explained how the government measures inflation. Using the inflation adjustments from 1997, this would put our dues at $70.92; if we adjusted from 2003, the dues would be $74.44. (This goes through 2014, a dues increase would not take effect until 2016.) It was recommended that dues be increased to $75; it has been 13 years since dues were reviewed. Sessions believes this subject should be put on a cycle and reviewed every few years. In 2003 membership numbers were about 172,000; we are 175,000 now. When the dues change was made in 2003 AMA lost 5,000 members. Today, AMA is viewed as an advocate for the modeler, much more along the lines of government relations and education; the value statement AMA has is much stronger.

G. Fitch stated from a marketing perspective we can provide the reasoning and justification to prepare our members for this ahead of time. He brought up the need for a dues increase during a meeting at the NEAT Fair. He told members that AMA cannot keep spending millions of dollars protecting model aviation from the federal government, and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a PR campaign without some additional source of revenue; an adjustment is logical and is needed.

M. Radcliff stated that if we do it now it will give us time to market it with all the reasons why an increase is needed.

J. Gaffney reported NAA raised its’ dues from $39 to $50 this year; not one person said a word. He also felt that after 13 years people should expect an increase, and doing it now would afford the time to justify the increase to the members.

R. Hanson stated that if Council agrees to a dues increase they need to look at the entire membership package; there are other opportunities that have not been considered in the past. We could look at corporate memberships and restructure the Affiliate membership beyond what it was originally designed for. There are other associations and entities that wouldn’t fit the corporate structure but might have some mutually supporting mission statement that being affiliated with this organization would be mutually beneficial. Council should also consider ways to leverage the Life Membership.

E. Williams felt the senior membership has stood by the AMA for decades and represents the core of what our foundation is. He would like Council to consider a stair-step approach to weaning the seniors out of the discount. He noted that according to the Social Security Administration, seniors are in the same income level as those leaving college. Concerning the overall membership dues increase, he would like Council to look at an increase of $10 the first year, then have another increase in another few years.

J. Gaffney stated how we announce it is as important as what we do and urged Council to start proceeding with a clear communication strategy.

L. Tougas noted that Council needs a list of all discounts offered, a comprehensive analysis of all of the dues categories and a defined communication strategy.

J. Rice suggested using the foundation as a marketing tool, noting that as a result of the work of the foundation, the dues increase is not as large. M. Lee, AVP Dist. X stated that AMA must stress the positive value of AMA membership.

D. Mathewson noted there is some form of consensus to raise dues; we should start planting that seed now carefully amongst our members in our columns. That would give K. Sessions and staff a few months to do due diligence to the suggestions by Council. Staff will review all of our other revenue streams; charter fee, sanction fees, insurance certificates, etc., and develop a communication strategy. Communication of the dues increase will be in more than just the magazine; will utilize AMA Today, RC Universe, RC Groups, Flying Giants, FB, Exact Target, etc. K. Sessions will have the financial data to Council by February 15, 2015. Council should discuss this internally between February 15 and March 15, and expect a conference call vote shortly thereafter.

Investment Policy: Many years ago the bond was taken out to help establish the International Aeromodeling Center and helped with other things. The way it was structured back then vs what it became over the years changed quite a bit with how it impacted us; that bond encompassed all of our assets. Another issue with the bond was because it encompassed the land and because we earned income off of the land, that income was taxable as unrelated business income. It became important to get rid of the bond and not have to face some of the income tax. The plan was to simply roll the bond out, get rid of it and re-establish a line of credit based on the assets that were in the investment account and reduce the interest rate significantly. Bank of America offered a line of credit on the account up to 3.5 million at a rate of 1.9%. The CFO highly recommended accepting the line of credit from Bank of America.

Council is required to sign an Officers and Directors/Trustees Certificate; this document states that you (each Council member) know that the Academy is accepting this line of credit. F. Gora reviewed the certificate and assured Council members that there was no personal liability exposure to the individuals who sign it and it does not create any additional duties or responsibilities outside the general responsibilities of the AMA for the line of credit.

Travel and Expense Policy: The CFO reminded everyone that receipts and documentation for expenses through December 31, 2014 were due at HQ by the end of January 2015. He urged Council members to contact the accounting department at HQ to verify all documentation had been received. The CFO reminded Council that they have the ability to see all charges to their credit cards on-line; if they don’t currently do this, they should contact V. Barkdull who will assist them.

6. Executive Director’s Report
Tactic Initiative-Appendix

When we contracted with CLS in December, the Tactic campaign was changed to some extent. Originally Tactic was to be devoted to immediate PR management as well as long term strategy for branding and AMA image. The Tactic initiative was restructured to focus on image-building and long-term branding. A new timeline has been set and is contained in the agenda packet.

Expo Contract
The ED reported the contract hasn’t been signed for the period going forward yet but the 3-year contract with the Ontario Convention Center is by far the most economical choice. We were able to renegotiate the building fees and reduced electrical and ancillary costs of the building. The ED presented the proposed dates for 2016, 2017 and 2018, noting there were limitations HQ had to work within. We sold out of booth space this year and sponsorships were up. Suggestions for next year included: fitting more booths on the floor; revisit the use of the ballroom for flying/should we have booths in the ballroom; and at the various shows during the year, make a push to get new vendors to our show. Mathewson stated we could possibly put booths in the hallway between the main showroom and the flying area; condense some of the displays we have and he thought some vendors would be more receptive to having their booths in the flying area. We should look at repositioning the speaker area or obtain better audio equipment (perhaps buffer the stage with curtains) and look at outside space for the demo area.

Council members should send their observations, suggestions and ideas to Mathewson.

Council agreed to the dates for the AMA Expo through 2018 as presented by the Executive Director. They are: January 8-10, 2016; January 6-8, 2017 and January 5-7, 2018.

PR Position
Council authorized this position back in December 2014. HQ has about 17 applications right now and a couple look promising. Many of the applications came from online sites like CareerBuilder; received a couple from print papers in Muncie and Indianapolis. Due to the high cost of ad placement we didn’t reach the Chicago market. The applicants will continue to be vetted.

Back in December we contracted with CLS Strategies in Washington, D.C. They did great work on the Know Before You Fly program; they developed the entire program, including the website and materials.

They have also been helpful in the NYC case. E. Williams wrote a great letter to two Councilmen; CLS sent that letter to the media which resulted in some media attention. It has appeared in a number of print publications and there were two outstanding Op-Ed pieces that have appeared in the Daily News (one of the largest papers in the country) and the Staten Island newspaper.

We have been working with CLS for three weeks and they have done a spectacular job for us so far and have a lot of great ideas; the ED is very optimistic going forward. CLS has offered media training to the Executive Council; how we present ourselves is very important. The ED will coordinate getting Council and CLS together for this training.

AMA Lobbyist
Mitch Rose left in November of 2014; he did a spectacular job for the AMA in the time he was with us. Between his and R. Hanson’s efforts, they were directly responsible for the special rule for model aircraft that is in PL 112-55 and relationships we were able to build with congress and congressional staffers.

Mitch recommended four potential replacements; one stood out well above the rest. Todd Bertoson was selected to replace M. Rose. He works for a company with many resources, called Denton U.S. He will receive the same fee as was paid M. Rose.

HQ/Council communication
The ED reported that there is a tremendous amount of activity going on at headquarters and they try their best to keep Council informed on the work, but it doesn’t always happen as well as they hoped. Also, it takes a tremendous about of time out of the day to individually update a number of different people.

Mathewson suggested that one night a week, every other week for a half hour, he will be on the conference line at HQ. Any Council member whowants to call in can; it is not a Council meeting and decisions can’t be made. It will be an opportunity for the ED and staff to update the Council on a regular basis; this will supplement the monthly report.

The ED does not have an issue with a Council member going directly to executive staff with questions. If a Council member is asking for them to perform a specific task or work assignment, this must be done through the Executive Director. He needs to be aware of specific projects that are going on between Council members and staff.

The ED will work on a compromise on the day and time these calls will take place.

The ED will place in Drop Box the Power Point presentation (42 slides) used during the District X membership meeting.

  J. Gaffney had nothing new to report at this time. At the May Council meeting he will present an NAA overview.

8. Committee Reports
Advanced Flight Systems-Appendix
Argenio reported there has been tremendous growth in the small unmanned aerial systems market. He reviewed many of the apps now available for use with sUAS vehicles. The committee presented an introductory draft to Document 560, of safety considerations for new autopilot flight modes. With input from Council they will continue to refine the document; AMA must be proactive and be a lead in getting the safety messages out.

We are starting year two of the “Whatever you fly, wherever you fly” campaign effort. This marketing message has been put into all the marketing channels; print, trade show materials, hobby shop materials and on-line advertising. Nance updated Council on where the membership numbers stand year-to-date. Renewals are at 100% of where we were last year; new members are up 14% over this time last year. Marketing will be focusing on an email campaign directed at youth who are at the age to convert to full open members. Concern was expressed relative to spending money in an effort to gain youth members, when it costs nothing for them to join the AMA.

AMA Today
For a time people could subscribe to this at no charge; marketing was directing their efforts to get those people to renew. At some point those that do not renew will no longer receive the publication. In lieu of the postcard renewal reminder that had been used in previous years, HQ sent out a letter offering renewal options. This letter went out November 22, 2014 and as of this date it had generated 4,180 renewals; a second letter will go out in January. These letters are in addition to the email reminders that are sent. There have been 943 new members generated to date, through print and online marketing efforts since September 2014. This is both open and senior citizen members. Google advertising generated 545 of those new members at a cost of $6.79/member; we are spending $80/week on Google ads.

Marketing planning
Will continue with renewal emails and letters; increase online advertising and sponsorship; continue co-marketing efforts; will be ready when the NPRM is released; and will be working to develop a positive member marketing plan for the possible dues increase. Work will continue to leverage the Know Before You Fly (KBYF) campaign into a marketing plan. The objective of the KBYF program is to take the safety information and get it into the hands of the end-users, the new enthusiasts, through the manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Part of the concept of the program is to make it self-sustaining. Now that the program is launched the next step is to develop recurrent funding through donations, without needing to be funded through the partner organizations (AMA, AUVSI and sUAV Coalition).

The vote on the Bylaws changes were sent to Leader Members (LM). Upwards of 50% of LM have returned their ballot to date, but HQ must wait the full 45 days before reporting the results. Indications are that the major revisions to those sections of the Bylaws will be put into effect. It will also allow for electronic voting (by those LM who indicate they prefer electronic) on future bylaw changes in addition to paper ballots.

The museum roof has been repaired. The Bing Autoplan artifact added to the collection last year has been restored. One hundred and thirty four new items were added this year; this included aircraft, radio equipment, engines, patches and pins.

The online history project currently includes 958 biographies, 39 model airplane club histories, 25 company histories and 27 special interest group histories. In the library there are 4,600 books, 1,000 newsletters/journals and 68,000 magazines.

The museum participated in its first educational webcast with Wayne Township, IN, providing programming to 500 4th grade students.

The majority of 360 images have been taken for the virtual tour experience.

A museum with major prominence in the United States is interested in some of our artifacts as part of participation in an unmanned aircraft exhibit.

Executive Session

 9. Old Buiness
Airshow Team Guidelines-Appendix
The FAA approached us with a couple of issues regarding model aircraft demonstrations (not by show teams, but by clubs and other groups of modelers) at full-scale events. They were concerned that there were not specific guidelines to mitigate any risks. A set of guidelines were drafted (pieced out of the air show team guidelines) and approved by Council in early 2014. During the summer the FAA attended a couple prominent air shows (full scale/model flying demo during AirVenture and Wings over the Rockies) to monitor the activity and make sure they were comfortable with it. They suggested some changes which have been incorporated into the document; the changes were reviewed with Council.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to approve the changes to the document titled Requirements for the Operation of Remote Control (RC) Aircraft at Full Scale Airshows as presented January 11, 2015.

Flying Site Grant
The chairman is still waiting for committee district representatives for District I (A. Argenio) and District V (Kris Dixon). They were asked to provide names to Chairman R. Cameron as soon as possible.

AMA Slogan
The slogan “Get the Bug” served us well when the emphasis was on attracting new members. Over the last twelve months, our emphasis has changed. It is now with safety, responsibility, the concern with regulation and AMA’s role in that.

A good slogan has an immediate cognitive impact; we are trying to speak to those outside of our membership. Several suggestions were offered but there was no consensus. There could be different slogans for the different audiences we are trying to target. This was referred back to Williams/Headquarters. Tactic should be contacted and asked whether they think a new slogan is needed and HQ should pass this by Ball State students.

General Membership meeting at Joe Nall
The proposer felt that Executive Councils’ presence at the meeting sends a good message. Right now, members are anxious for information and those that attend the Nall take that information back and share with their clubs. It was proposed that Councils attendance at the Nall be taken from the national budget. It was pointed out that the scheduled date for the spring EC meeting in Muncie may prove problematic due to Ball State graduation during the same time.

The ED shared that headquarters did not budget for two separate events (attendance at Nall and Council meeting). If we combine the Council meeting with Joe Nall it could be worked out financially. The President indicated that an SLRP meeting was scheduled for the May EC meeting and Council would be required to spend an extra day.

MOTION I: Moved by T. Jesky (VII) and seconded by M. Johnston (VIII) that all Council members attend the General Membership meeting (May 14, 2015) during the Joe Nall event and that the Spring EC meeting/SLRP meeting be held Saturday/Sunday (May 16-17, 2015) following the event. Expenses will be charged to the national budget.
MOTION passed: 11-Y; 1-N (EVP); 1-Abstain (NAA)

Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)-Appendix
The committee had a conference call; about 15 of the SIG’s participated. The chairman thanked T. Stillman for helping update the application.

Updates to the Special Interest Group Guide included:
• All SIGs must send a member roster to HQ each year with their renewal; they will utilize the same on-line system as our clubs currently use. There was discussion about possibly adding a line on the membership card where affiliation with a SIG would be identified. This may create a problem but R. Cameron and D. Mathewson will work on a possible solution.
• A benefit that is offered to all SIGs that they may not be aware of is the opportunity to place a one-time/year, quarter page advertisement in Model Aviation. The ad will appear in both the print and digital versions. They will also be afforded the opportunity to participate in advertising or contributing articles to the twice-monthly digital newsletter AMA Today. Each SIG officer is covered with the same liability insurance that AMA provides for AMA Chartered Club officers.
• Every SIG will have a representative as part of the Special Interest Group Committee. The SIG Committee chairman will be a member of the Executive Council, appointed by the AMA President. It is expected that the committee will meet quarterly via conference call.

It is hoped that this quarterly communication will help alleviate such problems as was encountered with a former group. L. Tougas would like to see sanctions taken against the SIG officers, possibly a six or twelve month penalty and loss of their AMA membership. He is of the opinion that in order to maintain status with the AMA, the SIG must submit a statement of financial viability, to include expected revenue and expenses. The statement was made that AMA may have suspicion, but we must be careful about what we presume to be fact.

SIG’s are separate independent corporations. AMA can require they submit financials every year with their renewal. If they do not want to provide this information, AMA can elect to not recognize them as SIGs.

The committee will develop wording to include in the SIG application and guide that requires SIGs to submit financial statements to AMA HQ and the respective SIG membership on a yearly basis.

 10. New Buiness
Campaign Communications-Ad hoc-Appendix
L. Tougas, C. Bower and J. Marsh were tasked with looking at guidelines for campaign communiques in the modern age. The recommended guidelines were reviewed with the Council. These included the addition of a picture of the candidate with the campaign statement; that campaign statements be included with the mailed ballots; allowing one campaign email push occurring simultaneously for each race; placement of disclaimers on those emails and the prohibition of electioneering by specific individuals.

Concern was expressed that the publication of candidate pictures could result in claims of discrimination (old vs young; female vs male, etc.); elections should remain as neutral as possible. Bower reported the incumbent already has his picture in the magazine and the committee was trying to level the playing field. The cost of sending push emails would be less for district level offices than it would be for national offices; the committee was of the opinion that these offices are occupied by volunteers, and as such, they should not be charged for access to the membership to convey their message. The committee did not discuss the purchase of mailing lists. It was noted that any candidate has the ability to get on the web site and obtain contact information for club contacts. The committee did discuss this and felt if a candidate accessed publically available information, they had the right to do so.

This issue was referred to the Election Process Review Committee; at least one member of the ad hoc committee will be involved. The committee should be conscious of the bylaw requirements as they pertain to the timing of election process information being provided to the membership. A report will be presented at the May Executive Council meeting.

University Model Aviation Student Club (UMASC)
C. Bower reported he has been involved with the University of Washington in their aeronautical engineering department. These students are looking at a future in aviation and Bower felt AMA needed to connect with these students. Numerous universities have contacted headquarters looking for a club program they can be associated with. The Education Department has taken the Model Aviation Student Club program and worked it into a university level program. Part of the process would be to establish educational relationships with the club sponsor as well as the universities. E. Loy explained to Council how the program would work.

L. Tougas felt it wasn’t necessary to give the students a free membership; Emily stated this is something they could consider and test with one or two of the interested universities.

Each club would be limited to 30 members, however, the school could charter multiple clubs. Pritchett stated that if a person joined, then left the club, as long as they remained enrolled in the university they would remain AMA members.

The annual cost paid by the university would cover the administrative costs incurred by the Academy.

MOTION II: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by C. Bower (XI) to establish and move forward with the University Model Aviation Student Club (UMASC) program as presented January 11, 2015.
MOTION passed unanimously.

Pulse Jets
T. Jesky reported that a member submitted a proposal to update the safety regulations for pulse jet engines, citing the regulations in the current document was outdated. The proposed changes were reviewed by Council.
It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to accept the Safety Committee’s proposed changes to the “Safety Regulations for Radio Controlled Pulse Jet Engines.”

National Aeromodeling Heritage Program
The Museum Steering Committee is charged with reviewing applications for the National Aeromodeling Heritage Program. They received applications requesting recognition for the Fort Worth Thunderbirds for both the Historic Site and Historic Organization awards. E. Williams presented some of the criteria used by the committee to determine both awards should be granted.

MOTION III: Moved by M. Johnston (VIII) and seconded by R. Cameron (VI) to approve the National Aeromodeling Heritage Historic Site award for the Fort Worth Thunderbirds Flying Field (Thunderbird Field) and the National Aeromodeling Heritage Historic Organization award for the Fort Worth Thunderbirds Radio Control Association.
MOTION passed unanimously.

2015 Strategic Planning Meeting (Discussion only)
The first meeting will take place during the Nall; Council members should give serious consideration to the direction they would like to see the Academy move over the next several years. The ED will place the current SLRP in Drop Box for Council members to review.

Introduction to UAV’s course
E. Williams and A. Argenio are developing a program titled “Learn Before You Fly! A learning approach to a technological and societal issue.” The goals are to foster a community of safe recreational UAV users; reduce reported UAV (drone) sightings; demonstrate proactive intervention to elected officials, etc.; validate recreational drones as the new seed-round for America’s aviators and encourage course participants to seek additional UAV training and education. The course outline was briefly reviewed.

Williams has been working with Vaughn Aviation College on the program but noted there are about three dozen community colleges across the United States that are teaching different types of introductory UAV courses. He would like the program he develops to be used at any of these colleges. One of the people Williams has been working with is a former NTSB member who currently writes for Forbes magazine; he is also a very strong supporter of the AMA. Another person is a former lead attorney for the FAA office in New York City. In subsequent conversations with the head of the Aviation Department at Vaughn, Williams was informed they would be more inclined to use the program as a marketing tool. Williams and Argenio will be meeting with them again on Jan. 23rd.

G. Fitch thought this is a great idea but questioned why our Education Department was not doing it. Radcliff noted there are many different programs available; including the one HQ is working on, and the proposal the ED received this weekend. Williams is of the opinion that someone needs to map out the various programs and how they all fit together and could complement each other. This task was assigned to B. Pritchett and the Education Department.

The EVP requested a Legion of Honor Award. Since EC approval is not required (this is his first request this year) he will contact HQ with the particulars.No awards were requested.

May 16-17, 2015

Meeting ajourned at 5:15 p.m.