Executive Council Meeting


January 8, 2018
Ontario, California

1. Opening Business  

• Introduction of guests
• Additions to agenda
• Recognition of those who have taken the final flight

2. Consent Agenda
Any EC member may request a Consent Item to be pulled and added to the regular Agenda.
Conference call/mail votes:
a. November 8, 2017 Bylaws motion
b. December 9, 2017 Distinguished Service Award
c. October 28-29, 2017
Minutes need formal approval*

3. President’s Report                                 R. Hanson

4. Executive Vice President’s Report       R. Cameron
5. Chief Financial Officer’s Report          K. Sessions

6. Executive Director’s Report                  D. Mathewson
7. NAA Report                                           G. Principato
8. Committee Reports  

a. Safety Committee                                   C. Bower
b. FAI Committee Report                           T. Jesky
c. Education                                                J. Tiller
d. Bylaws                                                   A. Argeno
e. Leader Member Committee                    J. Marsh
f. Vision for Development of
an Aeromodeling Ctr (ad hoc)                   J. Tiller

Executive Session  

Lunch Presentation by Gary Fogel.

9. Old Business   

10. New Business  

a.  Government Relations                         C. Budreau

11. Awards  

12. Adjournment  

*Requires EC Vote