AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions


February 10, 2001
Muncie, Indiana

Moved, to accept Exhibit C "Written Consent to resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc." This resolution was the final document needed to proceed with the financing of the new building. The MOTION passed unanimously. (Note: votes not received are automatically considered as a vote for.)
Motions of the February 10, 2001 EC Meeting:

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation to accept the minutes of the November 4, 2000 Executive Council meeting as amended.

Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by D. Koranda (NAA), That the U.S. put in a firm bid for the 2004 Control Line World Championships, to be hosted in Muncie, Indiana. (Dates to be determined.)
The MOTION passed unanimously.
Moved by R. Hanson (X), seconded by D. Mathewson (II), Pylon waivers will be granted by the District Vice President. (Previous motion stated "effective immediately for any pylon racing events, judges will be located off the course, 300 feet, anything less will require a special wavier)
The MOTION passed.
11 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VII, IX, X, XI, NAA, EVP); 2 no (VI, VIII)
(Note: the NAA representative was not present for the following motions.)
Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), A Senior Citizen discount for the year 2002 and beyond license renewal, shall be given to those persons born in 1936 or before.
The MOTION failed.
3 yes (V, VI, VII); 9 no (I, II, III, IV, VIII, IX, X, XI, EVP)
Moved by R. Hanson (X), seconded by J. McNeill (V), To amend Motion III to keep the grandfather clause, but to include a 10% discount for those who become 65, but not born before 1936.
The MOTION withdrawn.
Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by B. Brown (III), To postpone Motion III indefinitely.
The MOTION failed: 
6 yes (I, III, VII, VIII, IX, EVP), 7 no (II, IV, V, VI, X, XI, Pres.)
One Distinguished Service Award
One Fellowship Award
The above awards were approved by consensus.