AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions


February 8, 2003
Muncie, Indiana


District VII VP Bill Oberdieck was not in attendance.
Moved and seconded, that no club will be forced to adopt the AMA recommended bylaws. No club will be denied being chartered because they have not adopted recommended bylaws. Every AMA club is required to have a set of bylaws. A charter will be renewed for any club that has submitted a copy of their bylaws.
(This motion was withdrawn and referred to a committee to develop a minimum standard for bylaws. All clubs are still required to submit some type of bylaws for the club to renew for 2003/2004.

—J. Hager)

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation, to accept the minutes of the October 26, 2002 Executive Council meeting.
MOTION I: Moved and seconded to accept the document submitted by the Safety Committee titled Required Safety Standards For Giant Scale Racing. Motion passed unanimously.
MOTION II: Moved and seconded effective January 1, 2004, drop coverage for Theft and Vandalism, and increase the Fire limit from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00.  
MOTION III: Moved and seconded to table MOTION II. Motion passed. 9 yes; 3 no (I, V, EVP).
MOTION IV: Moved and seconded to remove the $2.5 million dollar underlying insurance requirement for racing with aircraft over 20 pounds. Effective immediately. Motion passed unanimously.
MOTION V: Moved and seconded to accept the document titled Safety Regulations For Fixed/Rotary Wing Model Aircraft Gas Turbines, with change. Motion passed unanimously.
(Note change to Item #22- after the words ‘shall be attached,' insert the words ‘from the engine.')
MOTION VI: Moved and seconded that the current Indoor Contest Board will be renamed the Indoor Free Flight Contest Board. Motion passed unanimously.
It should be noted that the NAA Representative had to leave prior to voting on the following motion.
MOTION VII: Moved and seconded to remove the limit from the number of Intro Pilots allowed in a club. Motion passed unanimously.
Read into the minutes were two mail votes:
Moved and seconded to approve the position for an additional Information System staff person and salary for that position. (This position was in the salary budget for 2002 but was not filled.) Motion passed unanimously.
Moved and seconded to reject pattern proposal RCA-05-24. Motion passed unanimously.
Committees created by President:
Ad hoc Committee on Legal Defense for Clubs- Rich Hanson, Chairman; Don Koranda; Larry Johnson; Joe Gelwicks; and Carl Maroney. Their charge is to make recommendations for programs on how to determine when, to what degree and under what conditions to defend a club with flying site legal issues not covered under the insurance program.
Ad hoc Committee of Minimum Bylaws Requirements for Clubs- B. Nelson, Chairman; Charlie Bauer; and Don Koranda. Their charge is to make recommendations on the minimum requirements of bylaws allowed by the AMA.