Executive Council Meeting

February 7, 2004
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
Muncie, Indiana


1. Introductions  
  President's Report  
  Executive Vice President's Report  
  Executive Director's Report  
  NAA Report  
2. Committee Reports  

(Reports limited to 15 minutes - 5 to 10 minute question and answer)

  a. Frequency  
  b. Safety
  • Review of the turbine Safety Regulations
  • Safety Code Radio Control #9) Under no circumstances may a pilot or other person touch a powered model in flight; nor should any part of the model other than the landing gear, intentionally touch the ground, except while landing.
  c. Bylaws
  • Bylaws Revisions to date
  • Bylaws Revisions concerning position paper for EVP
  d. Development of a tier level for flight level achievement
  e. Liability coverage for Paid Instructors    
  f. Selection Process for placing names on Ballot  
  g. Investigate methods to enforce reasonable safety practice on part of members  
  h. “Waiver Committee” and associated rules relative to world record attempts  


Old Business

  a. Method to remove special category codes McNeill
  b. Update on CL World Champs Kaluf
4. New Business  
  a. New Contest Board Frank
  b. Contest Board Procedures HQ
  c. Processing Memberships McNeill
  d. Club Conflict Oberdieck
  e. Strategic Planning Meeting Frank
  f. Executive Council recognition Oberdieck
  g. Review all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees Frank
  h. Safety Code issue re: autonomous flight McNeill
  i. Disaster Relief Fund Frank
  j. Review 30 day temporary membership receipt Hager
  k. Remove wording from 2004 Safety Code change regarding landing gear
5. Awards