AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

February 7-8, 2004
Muncie, Indiana

NOTE: District I Vice President Don Krafft was not in attendance.
The following were moved, seconded and approved by acclamation:

• To approve the minutes of the November 1, 2003 Executive Council Meeting.
• To approve that a firm bid for the AMA to host the 2007 F3C World Championships may be submitted.
•To allow the Frequency Committee to purchase a new spectrum analyzer. Cost not to exceed $7,000.

The following telephone conference vote of November 14, 2003, was read into the minutes:

• To delay the implementation of the Turbine Operating rules pending further action by the Executive Council.
MOTION passed: 9 yes; 3 no.

Motion I: It was moved to implement the Safety Committee report document titled SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR FIXED/ROTARY WING MODEL AIRCRAFT GAS TURBINES as amended. Amendments: remove item 11. Page 2 regarding total fuel capacity; Caveat now reads: Any turbine waiver applied for this year (as of the time this document is voted on), is grandfathered in for the first year (2004). This means an applicant does not have to complete the 20 flights until their renewal comes up (for 2006). All those applying as of March 1, 2004 will have to comply with the requirements. Effective date is March 1, 2004. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion II: It was moved to remove from the OFFICIAL AMA NATIONAL MODEL AIRCRAFT SAFETY CODE Radio Control item #9, the words “nor should any part of the model other than the landing gear, intentionally touch the ground except while landing.”  
Motion III: It was moved to table MOTION II. Motion passed: 9 yes; 3 no (VII, VIII, X).
Motion IV: It was moved to refer tabled MOTION II to the Safety Committee to develop an alternative solution to Safety Code Radio Control item #9 the portion dealing with any part of the model touching the ground other than the landing gear. A report is to be given at April 24, 2004 EC meeting. Motion passed: 11 yes; 1 no (VII).
Motion V: It was moved to accept the document titled Liability Insurance Protection Program for Paid Instructors as amended. Amendment: item #4 now reads “The coverage only applies when the instruction is being provided at a recognized AMA model flying facility or during an AMA chartered club’s previously planned and advertised “official” event. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion VI: It was moved that effective with the 2005 Charter Club Renewal, all clubs are required to name a Safety Officer. This officer must have access to E-mail. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion VII: It was moved to accept the procedures addressing complaints regarding Leader Members.

COMPLAINTS REGARDING LEADER MEMBERS – Complaints regarding a Leader Member (LM) should be made in writing to AMA Headquarters, who in turn will forward to the VP of the District where the complaint originated or where the infraction occurred.

The VP will review the written complaint and contact the complainant if additional information or clarification is required.

The VP will then contact the LM, explain the complaint and request a response in writing.

The VP will review the complaint and the LM’s response and take whatever course of action is appropriate to resolve the problem, whether it is a warning or a revocation of the LM license. If there is a reprimand given, it should be in writing, and request the matter be reviewed by the Executive Council. The Executive Council could uphold the action taken by the VP, overturn it, or refuse to hear it.
Motion passed unanimously.
NOTE: The following motion occurred on Sunday February 8, 2004. VPs from Districts I, V, IX, and the NAA representative were not in attendance.
MOTION VIII: It was moved that on a three-year cycle coinciding with the presidential term Council will have a strategic planning meeting between the first and second Executive Council meetings of the year. If there is a newly elected president, the outgoing president will attend this meeting. Additionally, annually at the last Executive Council meeting of the year there will be a review of the progress relative to goals and objectives. Motion passed unanimously.