Executive Council Conference Call
February 9, 2009
5 p.m. EST

Attendees: Tony Stillman, Jim Rice, Dave Mathewson, Doug Holland, Andy Argenio, Gary Fitch, Charlie Bauer, Jim Wallen, Jim Giffin, Bill Teague, Jonathan Gaffney, Bob Brown, Bill Oberdieck 

Guest: Paul Brensen 

Staff: Jim Cherry, Joyce Hager, Ilona Maine, Lisa Johnson

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Mathewson. The first order of business was a request from a site owner, a mining company in Ohio, for the club to provide it with liability insurance in excess of our standard coverage. Our normal coverage from Westchester is $2.5 million, which is the standard certificate. This type of request has to be brought before the Executive Council for its approval. Bob Brown asked what additional cost this would be to the Academy and the response from Ilona was there was not any. There would also be no additional exposure involvement to the Academy per Paul Bretsen. This umbrella coverage currently in place covers AMA, members, clubs, and by extension, site owners. There is an additional processing fee of $250 for requests in excess of the $2.5 million insurance.

It was suggested that we inform all clubs that this umbrella coverage exists. Tony Stillman suggested that we put something in the renewal form that states “It is possible to increase coverage. Contact AMA for additional information.” Paul suggested that the wording be “Higher limits may be available. Please contact AMA.” Dave Mathewson asked Ilona to take this issue back to the Insurance Committee so it could come up with the wording of the policy to be reviewed at the April Executive Council meeting. Dave also asked Ilona to ask the committee to come up with procedures for insurance requests above the $2.5 million.
Motion I: Moved by Bob Brown (III) and seconded by Charlie Bauer (VI) that the Flyin-Props Nuts, AMA #4407, be granted a site insurance certificate for 2009 to satisfy the needs of the property owner (Mid Ohio Resources, Darryl Lanker) of Bellville West Mine. This would consist of the standard coverage available to the club and an additional certificate covering the remaining amount. The Flyin-Prop Nuts shall pay an additional processing fee of $250 in addition to the standard fee of $60 for the regular wording or $80 for special wording certificates.

Motion passed unanimously. (VP for District XI and EVP were not present.)

Paul Bretsen asked if the Council would be interested in an insurance overview at the next Executive Council meeting for the new members of the council. Dave Mathewson suggested that we plan this for the April 2009 Executive Council meeting.

The next item of discussion was the Nationwide Membership Drive presented by Jim Cherry. This program would run from April 1, 2009, to September 15, 2009. The results will be presented at the October 2009 Executive Council meeting. One dollar youth memberships will not be included. A monthly report will be distributed to the EC members with the progress of this program. The total numbers in each district on April 1, 2009, will be the baseline for the districts’ starting points. The initial funding for this program will come from the Marketing budget. Bob Brown stated that he was concerned about whether the VPs were allowed to collect money for a membership. Joyce indicated that she thought VPs had the right to sign up new members. She will research the motions to verify this information. Bob Brown stated that he was concerned with the $1,000 in the district-to-district portion of the program. It was decided to leave in the district-to-district portion of the program and delete item five. Dave Mathewson inquired as to whether the member-to-member part was parallel with the Ambassador Program. Jim reported that all current programs are still in place and will be honored accordingly. Jim reported that there would have to be some updates on the Web, etc., to ensure clubs would get the proper recognition for their portion of the membership program. It was suggested to use a three-year average as a benchmark for the club-to-club portion of the program instead of the April 1, 2009, baseline. Bliss suggested adding support material to the package to generate new members in the club-to-club portion of the program. VPs, AVPs, and clubs will be included on the mailing for the AMA Nationwide Membership Drive Program. Dave Mathewson asked that all comments be reviewed before implementing the Membership Drive.

Motion II: Moved by Charlie Bauer (VI) and seconded by Andy Argenio (I) to adopt the AMA Nationwide Membership Drive Program as outlined in the document with the exception of removing under Division 1, item 5, extra $1,000 added to District VP expense account for 2010, and changing the date from October 2 to September 15.

Motion passed: 10-Yes; 1-No (VII). (VP for District XI and EVP were not present.)