Executive Council Meeting

April 28, 2001
Muncie, IN


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by the President, who chaired the meeting.

President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Don Krafft, Duxbury, MA; II-Dave Mathewson, Camillus, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Chuck Foreman, Kill Devil Hills, NC; V-Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX-Russ Miller, Carrington, ND; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; NAA Representative Don Koranda; Executive Director Joyce Hager; recording secretary JoAnne Brown; General Counsel Joe Gelwicks.  

Present from AMA Headquarters were Jay Mealy, Vicki Barkdull, and Steve Kaluf; and from Brady, Ware & Schoenfeld, Bob Reynolds and Lori Lucas.


  • The AMA President was elected as 2nd Vice President of the CIAM. The U.S. now has two votes on the Bureau. He is also the current Chairman of the FAI Education Committee. Dr. Gordon Schimmel (AMA Education Committee) will attend the next CIAM meeting to outline to CIAM some of the programs AMA is currently running.
  • The AMA General Membership meeting was held in Perry, GA.
  • The President will present the Hall of Fame award to Bob Rich's widow at the NRHSA convention in Las Vegas.  Will coordinate with Rich Hanson.


It was moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), to approve the minutes of the February 10, 2001 Executive Council meeting. Approved by acclamation.


  • The budget for the building and AMA's cash position are fine; there are purchases still to be made and funds are available.
  • The current building (previous HQ's) does not fit the requirement for what we need in a museum. The EVP is looking into sources of funding for development of a museum building.
  • Proceeding with the RV dump station, and currently looking at an irrigation system for the 600 x 600 site.
  • Audit Report-As of December 31, 2000, the cash position was down due to the investment for the new building. The cash was replaced by the bond agreement with Bank One. Once the building is reassessed, they will file for tax exemption. AMA is receiving excellent service from the banks with regard to investments.
  • Consider awarding free memberships (including magazine service) to the regional winners of the Science Olympiad events. AMA would gain recognition within the school systems if this is done. Do same for model aviation portion of the T.S.A. The idea will be pursued by the Education Committee, with a report to be given at the next Council meeting.


The following mail vote of March 6, 2001 was read into the minutes:

  To award Bob McKay a Superior Service Award. MOTION passed. 8 yes, 5 no response (NAA, 1, 7, 9, 10) Note: non-response is considered an affirmative vote.
  • Membership is 3% ahead of last year.
  • Two best programs currently going are the hobby shop program and the on-line renewal. On-line renewal has brought in over 4,000 new members and over 2,000 renewals.
  • There are 358 clubs that have not re-chartered. The VP's received a list of those clubs.
  • Position papers for the office of President, EVP, District VP and District AVP were distributed. The Executive Director requested Council review and make any comments or suggestions.
  • The ED reported prices on rings for Fellow Award recipients; still investigating the display case.
  • Ambassador Program-as of April 20, 2001 the program has generated 577 new members and 19 renewals.
  • Flying Site Program (J. Beshar/W. DeCou)-Wes is currently involved in three situations: Sepulveda Basin, El Toro military base, and Fort Ord. One of Joe's assignments was to investigate land fill companies (at that time, they were BFI, Waste Management and Allied Waste.) On April 2, he was invited to their conference in Chicago and made a presentation on the benefits of using those sites as flying sites.
  • A line will be added to the membership report showing percentage of renewed and new members.


  • Don Koranda emphasized the need for having a representative at the CIAM meetings.
  • At the latest FAI Executive Board meeting, 70% of the time was spent on the subject of a program which aero modeling is not directly involved in - that being the World Air Games. This is an attempt by the FAI to promote air sport activity and media coverage it.
  • NAA recently held a major awards program at the Air and Space Museum.
  • NAA has an initiative named The Brewer Initiative (associated with the Brewer Award for Aero Space Education.) It was noted that there is no national direction or policy for aero space education. NAA is giving consideration to hosting a special meeting to discuss a national policy/direction for aero space education.
  • NAA Web Site-ongoing major initiative to place records on web site with name and date the record was made. Hope to have by year end.
  • The Collier Award (given for greatest aeronautical achievement over the previous year), will be given to Global Hawk (UAV) on May 8th.
  • NAA has just signed on its' 23rd corporate member.
  • AMA President Dave Brown mentioned the need for an AMA representative (lobbyist) in the Washington, D.C. area. NAA has offered a small office/conference room in their new building that AMA could have the use of, on occasion. The concept of having an AMA lobbyist in the D.C. area is made more feasible by this offer.

Council was in Executive Session from 9:15 a.m. until 11:05 a.m. The Council resumed it's regular session at 11:15 a.m.

The President then began discussion on the World Championship Team Procedures document. It was pointed out that an individual can no longer purchase an FAI stamp only. To acquire the stamp you must purchase an NAA sporting license. The question arose as to whether all those involved in the team selection program should be required to have an FAI stamp (as is stated in the above named document.) The President will work with the NAA Representative and the FAI Executive Committee to resolve the issue. A decision will be made prior to the event to be held on July 8th. A short discussion then followed on how to nominate and remove members of the team selection committees. There seems to be some confusion at headquarters over the nomination procedures for contest boards and team selection committees. The FAI Committee is charged with review and update of the World Championship Team Procedures document.

Lunch 12:05 p.m.-12:55 p.m.


Camp Jeep - C. Foreman
The committee recently met at headquarters and discussion resulted in additional ideas for this years program. It was noted that a major expense for this year would be the increased motel cost. (The motel from last year is no longer available.) Over 2,500 families have already registered for Camp Jeep. It was decided that everyone who goes through the flight line will complete a form requesting name, address, age, phone number, and a block to check if they would like to receive more information about model aviation and the Academy of Model Aeronautics. The information they would receive would include AMA literature, the name of an AMA club closest to their town, with contact name and phone number and a small airplane. The resulting budget for Camp Jeep 2001 is $13,045. C. Foreman contacted RCHTA and they have donated $5,000 for this year's event.


MOTION I: Moved by C. Foreman (IV), seconded by J. McNeill (V), To fund up to $2,500 additional, for a Camp Jeep mail promotion. (The EVP to determine from which account.) MOTION passed unanimously.


New HQ Building-C. Foreman
Construction went well; had less problems than expected. Still need to complete the blacktop and landscaping. Council received copy of a design for a new sign to be made of the same material as the building. A ballpark price for the sign, which was felt to be high, was $27,000. Proposed enhancements to the property in front of the building include a brick walkway and a sandstone planter. The chairman mentioned ideas for both that could possibly generate income.


MOTION II Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by B. Nelson (XI), To give the New HQ Building Committee the authority to go ahead with the proposed sign, and buy-a-brick plan. MOTION withdrawn.  

After further discussion on the committees' budget, the motion was withdrawn. The Executive Director will need to apply for a variance for the sign. The President pointed out that almost all aviation museums have an airplane on a pedestal in front of the building. Council was asked to consider this idea in future development.

Safety Committee-Lowe
No report.


CD (ad hoc)-McNeill
The initial question to the committee was what a district vice president could do, if a Contest Director was negligent or lax in his responsibilities and obligations. It was decided that a section dedicated to Contest Directors, be included in the Standing Rules. Items for inclusion will be the ability for the VP to suspend a CD license for up to seven days pending consultation with the President, and if needed, a review by Council. The CD will have the right to address Council at the next meeting, either in person or in writing. A description of CD responsibilities/obligations will be included in the Standing Rules. The committee will come up with wording and present at July meeting.


Provisions for Frequency Coordinators-Mathewson

MOTION III Moved by D. Mathewson (II), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), To provide up to 2 (two) District Frequency Coordinators with the same tools (business cards, stationary, embroidery of shirts, etc.) we provide other district appointed officers such as AVP's, Contest Coordinators, Contest Board members, etc. (Funding to be taken from other officer’s services) MOTION passed unanimously.

The Executive Director will review which budget these expenses are charged against.

Review 3 mile separation guidelines for RC fields-Mathewson
Council was advised of an incident where a club was issued a sanction for an event, that was later withdrawn due to the close proximity (within 3 miles) of another site. It was noted that in certain areas, club members at separate fields are able to fly under the 3 mile recommendation without radio interference (due to the terrain). This issue was brought to the Frequency Committee and it was determined that there are two issues to be considered. The first being, with the new technology in radios, it is possible to fly without interference within the three mile separation; the second is to address the wording of the frequency sharing agreement in the membership manual. The opinion of the Frequency Committee (as relayed by D. Mathewson and D. Brown who attended the meeting) was that the three mile separation should not be reduced at the present time, in part because there is still a substantial amount of older equipment being used. It was noted that there had been a change in the wording of the frequency sharing agreement in the membership manual. Mathewson asking for a rewording of the membership manual to indicate a frequency sharing agreement to include letters signed by both parties that they have tested and there is no problem.He indicated that procedures need to be developed to ensure uniform testing. AMA needs to reaffirm their stance on the three mile separation guidelines. The E.D. will research the old wording for changes in the 2002 edition of the membership manual.Changes may be necessary in the Safety Code (#5 under radio control.) The President recommended use of the phrase AFrequency Management.@

Allow Delaware County EMS to build facility on leased AMA Property-Headquarters
There was discussion on the value of the property; the possibility of raised taxes, zoning of the property, and a possible buy back agreement.

MOTION IV: Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by D. Mathewson (II), That the President and Executive Director proceed on the matter of setting up a lease for the EMS services. MOTION passed unanimously.

Negotiations should include trying to get the entire piece of property zoned as commercial, having a 30 year renewable lease, and the inclusion of water and sewer lines to the property.

Discussion on R/C frequency encroachments-Hanson
There was concern over frequency encroachments by park flyers and the increased interest in surface radio controlled robot use. The Frequency Committee has begun addressing the robot problem. On advice from AMA's FCC counsel, it was decide to approach the issue with the FCC. The problem is that most of the 75 MHZ equipment made for surface use is 2 and 3 channel radios, and the 5, 6, 7, 8 and above channel radios are almost entirely aircraft radios. Since the robots frequently use more than three channels, the problem is when the dealer, unbeknownst to him, sells a higher channel number radio to someone who is employing it for surface use. The radio manufacturers are aware of the problem and have agreed to work on a resolution, but there is a need to educate the radio dealers.

Park Flyers-There is no technical solution to the problem. The desire is to educate the park flyer on radio interference with established flying sites. This is being addressed by the possible development of an industry web site that can educate those purchasing the item of the potential dangers and the issue of frequency control. AMA clubs need to understand that they should open their doors to the park flyers in an effort to curb radio interference and possibly gain club members. Sundays meeting will be devoted to putting together a program outline to present at the NRHSA meeting.

Consider allowing foreign competitors to enter events without having to pay AMA's Affiliate membership fee-Headquarters
It was determined that the $28 fee is not unreasonable. Consensus is to leave as is.

Distribution of Membership Information-Headquarters
This item was withdrawn.

HQ Historian Volunteer Position-Frank
After the proposal was read, it was determined that the position of historian currently exists and it is Executive Councils intent to perpetuate the commission of the existing position. The current historian is Norm Rosenstock.

World Record Attempt by Maynard Hill
The President informed Council of Maynard Hills development of a program to fly across the Atlantic Ocean (from Newfoundland to Ireland), with an FAI legal model airplane. He is trying to convince Maynard that an alternative landing site that could generate more press coverage, may be more appropriate. To date, this program has been funded by Maynard and contributions/donations. Press coverage of this attempt could be extremely beneficial for model aviation and the Academy.


MOTION V: Moved by C. Foreman (IV), seconded by B. Nelson (XI), To contribute $2,500 to Maynard Hill's record attempt. MOTION withdrawn.

 It was decided that the President will donate an amount from his budget. The Executive Director will ensure coverage (starting now) throughout the event by Model Aviation magazine.


Superior Service - William Bodziak (C. Bauer VI)
Distinguished Service - Tom Sanders (D. Brown Pres.)
Fellowship - Raymond Kowalski (D. Brown Pres.)
Fellowship - Gary Bussell (D. Brown Pres.)

The above awards were approved by acclamation.


 July 9, 2001 (Monday after the start of the Nationals) - AMA Headquarters

 The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.