Executive Council Meeting

April 26, 2003
Muncie IN


Note: All minutes are unofficial until approved at the following Executive Council meeting (July 12-13, 2003).

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation, to accept the minutes ...
The phone vote of March 24, 2003 regarding liability insurance for 2003-2004 ...
I to authorize funding for Crisis Management Training. Cost is approximately ...
II that AMA establish the voluntary position of AMA Chaplain. This position ...
III that AMA proceed with the Trial Membership introductory program as presented ...
IV to accept the World Miniature Warbird Association as an AMA Special Interest ...
V to negate Council mail vote of EC-05-01 and EC-05-02 and reintroduce these ...

The following were approved by acclamation/consensus:
to accept the report of the Flying Site Grant Committee.
to approve recognition of Torrey Pines as a Model Aviation Historical Landmark.
to add George Perryman’s name to the Dawn Unlimited Rubber event (rule book …
to name a Control Line circle that is to be constructed, The Columbia “Willie ...

President's Report
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report
Committee Reports:
New Business
Action Items

The President called the meeting to order at 8:06 a.m. District IX VP Russ Miller and NAA Representative Don Koranda were not in attendance.


President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Don Krafft, Duxbury, MA; II-Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Bliss Teague, Hickory, NC; V-Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Executive Director Joyce Hager; and General Counsel Felix Gora.

Attending from HQ Staff were Vicki Barkdull, Tom Schwyn, Jay Mealy, Carl Maroney, Rob Kurek, and Michael Smith.

Other guests included Larry Johnson, FirstLine Insurance; Bob Reynolds, AVP Dist. X; Don Gulihur, AVP Dist. X; Don Goeschl, AVP Dist. X; Douglas Barry, District IV; and Shirley Teague.



    It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation, to accept the minutes of the February 8, 2003 Executive Council Meeting, with change.
    (In Safety Committee Report Appendix, document titled SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR FIXED/ROTARY WING MODEL AIRCRAFT GAS TURBINES, page 3, item 18 A.- change to read: For fixed wing aircraft: Self-signed declaration that he or she has completed a minimum of 50 flights of high performance control line model (preferable ducted fan) designed to fly 150 mph or faster.)
  • The President has been talking with Mike McRaney, Brig. Gen. U.S.A.F. (Retired). His job in the military was public relations; briefing and preparing the various commanders to deal with the press. There is a significant concern that it is possible AMA will have to deal with the media in the instance of a disaster. The President noted the recent incident in New Hampshire involving a person throwing model planes from a car saying they could be used in destructive ways. AMA needs to be prepared to deal with the media quickly. Training costs would include General’s fees plus facility rental fees. The President named those who will receive the training as himself, Jay Mealy, and Wes DeCou. Other individuals to receive the training may be named at a later time.

MOTION I: Moved and seconded to authorize funding for Crisis Management Training. Cost is approximately $20,000. MOTION passed unanimously.

  • The definition of a model airplane (as discussed at the last meeting) should be considered a work in progress. It may need to be modified due to the structure of the new insurance policy. The Insurance Committee should make recommendations to Council.
  • There was a brief discussion on paid instructors teaching people to fly model airplanes and whether they were covered under the insurance policy. All Council members will receive a copy of the new policy when available.
  • Model Aviation magazine has used its editorial policy as its mission statement. It is recommended that the Publications Committee and magazine staff develop a mission statement that will be submitted to Council for approval. This should be presented at the July Council meeting.
  • The President has received a proposal re operational fundraising. It was determined that the Executive Director and T. Schwyn will investigate this proposal as well as other organizations offering the service.
  • Council received an outline of the plans service proposal, and a decision needs to be made whether to continue to pursue an in-house operation or go outside. Discussion included the equipment needed and costs involved; the need for a marketing plan; additional employee(s) cost; the possibility to lease equipment; and the need to review the plans price structure. The consensus was to have it as an in-house operation; the Executive Director will pursue this and have hard figures for review at the budget meeting with the direction of implementation the first of the year (2004).
  • The President received a proposal to establish the position of AMA Chaplain, from a gentleman involved with the Fellowship of Christian Modelers. There have been instances where this position could be effective. This position could be utilized in memorial situations, opening ceremonies for various events, etc. This would be for the AMA site only, and is not a traveling position.

MOTION II: Moved and seconded that AMA establish the voluntary position of AMA Chaplain. This position is appointed by the AMA President. MOTION passed unanimously.

  • The President is in receipt of a letter from someone who cuts vinyl graphics that has an order for items which include the AMA logo. He was requesting permission to use the logo. The logo is trademarked and AMA needs to control its use. Currently, a form is included with club charter kits that instruct the club on use of the AMA logo; a short license agreement must be signed and returned to headquarters. A general release that grants permission to use the logo needs to be developed for entities other than clubs. This agreement should stipulate restrictions for the logo’s use. C. Maroney indicated that an agreement has already been prepared, to be used for commercial operations. A letter granting permission to use the logo for one year will be developed and sent to the aforementioned individual, as well as any future requests.

The President presented Bill Oberdieck with the Exemplary Service Award for three years of service as Vice President.
C. Bauer read from a letter from the Vintage RC Society Hall of Fame Committee and then presented Dave Brown with the Vintage RC Society Hall of Fame Award; he is now a life member of the VRCS.

At this time, an ad-on to the agenda under New Business was noted.

  • Headquarters has received a proposal from a chartered club re involvement in national charity programs. Discussion included: this would be positive visibility of model aviation within communities; look at offering free visible advertising of an event in a specific area of the magazine for those events that donate proceeds to charities; and possibly dedicating a page once a year for those events which sponsor charities. Need to determine how many events this would encompass; design a method for clubs to inform AMA they hold this type of event. The Publications Committee was charged with investigating this idea and providing direction.
  • The President noted the contingents’ attendance at the FAI meeting in March. He indicated there is still some confusion over the new process by which only half of the technical meetings are held in a given year. This new process has reduced AMA’s expenses.

Break 10:00 – 10:15 a.m.


  • The auditor was unable to attend this meeting to present his report.
  • There was a drop in net assets in 2002 as a result of depreciation and market decline.
  • Cash flow operation very satisfactory, increased cash on hand from beginning to end of year.
  • Operating expenses increased last year. (Salaries and membership insurance).
  • In the auditor report addressing operating indicators, they noted among other items, a decrease in interest. However, anticipation for the current year of the budget is alright as the membership dues increase is adequate to handle anticipated costs. The EVP reported that had there not been a dues increase, AMA would lose approximately one million dollars a year.


  • Due to where Nats merchandise is reflected in the audit report, it shows the Nationals had a loss last year. This is not actually true, as there was over a four thousand dollar profit in Nats merchandise.
  • Nats entries are down this year, compared to same time last year. Concern that there are only 30 entries for Indoor at this time.
  • The ED has a sample press kit. Still finalizing it. Media kit availability/distribution: VPs and AVPs should have a few on hand. Time-sensitive press releases should go out via email to VPs, AVPs and chartered clubs. HQ will develop a list of email addresses for instant media needs.
  • Membership is at about 96-98% of last year.
  • Processed 2,163 chartered clubs as of April 25th. Will do push email to those clubs that AMA has email addresses for, reminding them they have not re-chartered.
  • Senior Citizens not taking the discount of $10 resulted in $6,630 so far this year.
  • On-line membership renewals very high; over 21thousand renewals, over 10 thousand new memberships. Have received over 11 thousand telephone renewals.
  • Phone vote of March 24, 2003:

    Council voted to spend up to $850,000 to renew the liability insurance for 2003-2004.
  • The ED conveyed Bob Underwood’s surprise and appreciation for the Hall of Fame award presented to him at the Frequency Committee meeting (Toledo).
  • The property on the other side of the bypass has been sold ($2,000/acre.)
  • It was requested to have a list of the Nats entries per event (to date) posted in the competition section of the AMA Web site.


No report: NAA representative not in attendance.




Club Bylaws

Discussion included: the committee was to look at the “recommended bylaws” as posted on the website and refine that list to what is actually necessary; address concern that there may be a problem that AMA’s template recommendations do not meet state requirements for incorporated clubs (state mandates/guidelines, etc. for incorporation vary by state); bylaws need to adequately protect their officers and AMA; potential club members need to be aware of how a club operates before joining; possibly requiring potential club members read/sign club bylaws prior to joining.

At least 95% of the clubs have submitted bylaws. Thirty charters are pending awaiting their bylaws submission. The committee would like to review some of the bylaws that have been received at headquarters.

FAI Review (Appendix I)

The committee was tasked with figuring ways to increase participation in FAI events. The committee chair presented their recommendations. Discussion included: one of the recommendations that could have the biggest effect would be somehow rewarding a club for adding an FAI event to their AMA numbered sanctioned event (may want to offer free or reduced fee sanction-the ED will discuss with Kaluf on feasibility and determine how many have FAI events now); some disciplines (including Free Flight, Pattern, CL Combat, Helicopter) already run FAI events at their competitions, AMA needs to encourage this in the other disciplines; AMA should encourage “competitive meets” as we are not just lacking FAI, but competitions in general.
Discussion followed on FAI in general and included: most air sport organizations use only the FAI Rule Book for their events; the President noted that a previous motion that FAI events must be run at the Nationals, had been rescinded; costs for NAA and overall cost for FAI were reviewed; and possibly establishing a formula for funding FAI teams which is based on participation as well as success.

Flying Site Grants

The results for this year were presented and these results should be confidential until they are announced on or about May 1st.
The form to be used for next year's awards was handed out. Changes have been made to the application and the committee expects the number of applications they receive will grow. The committee chair noted that each committee member uses their own individual criteria to rank the requests. Kudos was given to the committee for developing a way to distribute grant money.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to accept the report of the Flying Site Grant Committee.

Insurance (ad hoc)

Assisting clubs with legal issues that do no fall under AMA insurance. No report.

Insurance (Appendix II)

A summary of the Insurance Committee meeting of April 25, 2003 was received. Discussion included: whether combat robots are covered under the insurance policy; acknowledged the fact that there are currently no weight limits for model cars and model boats, and the lack of guidance for their operation; whether UAVs are permitted to fly at AMA insured sites; what is the definition of a model airplane, and what is the difference between a model airplane, an RPV and a UAV. Also discussed was AMA insurance as related to paid instructors and the possibility of a tiered level system for flight proficiency.

The President appointed the following ad hoc committees:
Chairman Dave Mathewson, Horrace Cain and Carl Maroney – tasked with developing a training program which can be expanded to allow for commercial flight instruction.

Chairman Bill Oberdieck, Jack Frost and Doug Barry – tasked with developing a tier-level for flight level achievement program, to work with the SIGs. (S. Frank may make a recommendation to the President for an additional person to the committee who is from his area.)

Chairman Dave Brown, Jay Mealy, Felix Gora and Larry Johnson – this committee will investigate methods to enforce reasonable safety practice on part of members. Include in consideration, guidelines on a way to define a review process regarding suspension of AMA members for violation of the safety code; a way to discipline for continual violation-possible suspension of license.

Discussion of insurance coverage for club directors and officers included: club directors and officers could be subject to lawsuits or actions against them because of procedural or managerial issues that don’t fall within the liability coverage we have now; an insurance company AMA is currently working with has agreed to offer directors and officers coverage to clubs, this coverage would be strictly optional and would have no AMA participation with regard to funding or anything else, other than advertising that it is available. We currently have a quote for coverage, but Maroney will do comparison shopping locally and investigate a group policy.

Lunch 12:35 – 1:10 p.m.

Park Flyers (Appendix III)

At a previous meeting, Council approved funding for promoting to the park flyer market. Ad’s have been put together and will be appearing in the market and magazines. Discussion of the proposed trial membership introductory program included: cost would be $19.95 (noting that it means one trial membership per new member); the major task involved for the program would be upgrades to the information systems-this would require less than $1,000; if program is approved will promote on selected websites and magazines; prior to launching the program, we must clearly communicate the program to clubs; the trial membership card will be distinctly different from the full membership card; a list of trial members will be made available to clubs; trial membership is for 90 days with its’ expiration date to coincide with the end of a month; potential problems for clubs having to check every persons membership card every day at the club field (this will be where clear communication of the trial program to clubs is vital); concern that this program would undermine the new member program through hobby shops-the two could possibly be integrated; need to clarify the wording under “Benefits”, so it does not imply a guarantee that the club will allow the person to join the club to fly; how many of these trial memberships will be converted to full memberships; and possibly doing a regional test market of the program.

Moved and seconded that AMA proceed with the Trial Membership introductory program as presented for implementation in 2004. All Trial Memberships will be for a 90 day period with the expiration date to coincide with the end of a month. MOTION passed unanimously.


The committee was to investigate dedicated space in the magazine for recognition of deceased members. It is the recommendation of the Publications Committee that AMA does not recognize deceased members in any special way, other than what is currently being done.
The committee chairman requested feedback from every Council member on the AMA web site-what is liked/not liked. HQ will provide a weekly summary of input received at HQ to the chairman. The web site had 97,000 hits on April 25th, with 4,300 visits and almost 3,000 unique visitors; looking at these statistics, we are up 80% in traffic. This has obviously increased the work load.

Special Interest Groups

The committee reviewed the application for the World Miniature Warbird Association, and found all qualifications for recognition in order.

Moved and seconded to accept the World Miniature Warbird Association as an AMA Special Interest Group, as recommended by the SIG Committee. MOTION passed unanimously.


The committee was to investigate the possibility of purchasing a large tent or building a permanent structure that could be used at various events, including the 2004 CLWC. Cost for the tent and supporting materials would be approximately 175K-200K; a building/parking area approximately 300K-500K. The chairman stated the idea of a permanent building should be addressed in the master plan and does not see a need for purchasing a tent. It was recommended that AMA should approach the city of Muncie for use of the Convention Center (with regard to the WC banquet).

Executive Session

To accommodate an individual who had to leave, the President addressed a NEW BUSINESS item at this time.


AMA Recognition – Model Aviation Historical Landmarks

Background was given on the Torrey Pines Gliderport. It was reported that the site has been designated a national historical site, and as such is listed in a national registry. It has been requested that AMA investigate a similar recognition program which would recognize AMA designated historical aero modeling sites. The Museum Steering Committee is charged with developing criteria and creating a mechanism for giving this award, and presenting their recommendations to Council. (The committee will recommend type of plaque to be awarded.) All Model Aviation Historical Landmark awards will be voted on. Nominations should be sent to the AMA Museum Steering Committee.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation, to approve recognition of Torrey Pines Gliderport as a Model Aviation Historical Landmark.


EVP Position Paper

The basic concept is to better define the expected qualifications of the EVP position. A draft will be sent to Council for their review, and it will be discussed at the July meeting. When finalized, the description will be added to the standing rules.

Earned Memberships

Lacking action by this body, the 50% credit for earned memberships that was introduced last year will go into effect in 2004. Discussion included: this will affect Contest Boards, CDs, VPs, AVPs, among others; each EC member was polled as to their stance on this issue – there was no clear consensus; abuse of the system was noted; may want to develop activity standards for the different categories; the amount of earned memberships granted has stayed about constant over the last 30 years.
Headquarters will create an email list of Leader Members. An email survey will be developed at headquarters and sent, soliciting their opinion/input on earned memberships. Council will review the results.

Membership Look-up File


It was recommended that the membership information CD Council now receives be created in a format other than dbase (excel and comma delineated).

The District X VP had to leave the meeting at this time – 4:25 p.m.

WC Travel/Model Boxes-update

No report/pending


George Perryman Tribute
A brief list of George’s achievements was read; including the fact he sat on Council in the 1950s, he was noted most recently for his rubber-powered flying, but he was also a power flier and a CL FAI team member – he was a world class modeler for over 55 years. At the request of the NFFS, with the acceptance of his home club and his family the following action is requested:

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to add George Perryman’s name to the Dawn Unlimited rubber event (rule book event number 122) award at the AMA Nationals.

Willie McCool
The President and the District VIII VP have had correspondence with Willie McCool’s father. Willie (Columbia pilot) was a Control Line and Radio Control flier in Lubbock TX prior to moving to the Houston manned spacecraft area. It is requested that some form of recognition be given in memory of him.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to name a control line circle that is to be constructed, the Columbia “Willie McCool” Circle.

A possibility would be to create a plaque and have it placed in the asphalt. The President suggested a dedication ceremony and press release when complete. Arrange for the dedication to take place at the opening ceremony of the 2004 CL WC.

All awards were approved by acclamation.

The meeting adjourned at 4:51 p.m.

Sunday’s meeting of the Executive Council produced the following motion:

MOTION V: Moved and seconded to negate Council mail vote of EC-05-01 and EC-05-02 and reintroduce these at the July Executive Council meeting. MOTION passed unanimously. (VP’s from Districts I, IX, X, the EVP and NAA Rep. were not present.)

The next meeting of the Executive Council is July 12 and 13, 2003.

Respectfully submitted by JoAnne Brown, Recording Secretary for the February April 26, 2003 Executive Council Meeting

Action items from the April 26, 2003 Executive Council meeting:

1. Insurance Committee recommendations re definition of model airplane.

2. Publication Committee/magazine staff develop mission statement. (Present at July EC meeting)

3. ED to have hard figures re in-house plans service for budget meeting.

4. Publication Committee to investigate possibly listing/advertising of “charity” events in magazine. Need to determine approximately how many events this would encompass, and a method for clubs to inform AMA they hold this type event.

5. A list of Nats entries to date will be posted in the competition section of AMA Web site.

6. Distribute a sampling of bylaws received at HQ, to the Club Bylaws Committee, for review.

7. C. Maroney to do comparison shopping re D & O coverage/group policy.

8. HQ will create email list of Leader Members; develop and send survey re input on earned memberships.