AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

April 26, 2003
Muncie, Indiana


District IX VP Russ Miller and NAA Representative Don Koranda were not in attendance.
It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation, to accept the minutes of the February 8, 2003 Executive Council Meeting, with changes.

The phone vote of March 24, 2003 regarding liability insurance for 2003-2004 was read into the minutes.

MOTION I: Moved and seconded to authorize funding for Crisis Management Training. Cost is approximately $20,000.  Motion passed unanimously.
MOTION II: Moved and seconded that AMA establish the voluntary position of AMA Chaplain. This position is appointed by the AMA President. Motion passed unanimously.
MOTION III: Moved and seconded that AMA proceed with the Trial Membership introductory program as presented for implementation in 2004. All Trial Membership will be for a 90 day period with the expiration date to coincide with the end of a month. Motion passed unanimously.
MOTION IV: Moved and seconded to accept the World Miniature Warbird Association as an AMA Special Interest Group, as recommended by the SIG Committee. Motion passed unanimously.
MOTION V: Moved and seconded to negate Council mail vote of EC-05-01 and EC-05-02 and reintroduce these at the July Executive Council meeting.
Note-this vote was taken at the meeting on Sunday April 27; VPs from Districts I, IX, X, the EVP, and NAA Rep. were not present
Motion passed unanimously.
The following motions were approved by acclamation/consensus:
It was moved and seconded, to accept the report of the Flying Site Grant Committee.  
It was moved and seconded, to approve recognition of Torrey Pines as a Model Aviation Historical Landmark.
It was moved and seconded, to add George Perryman’s name to the Dawn Unlimited Rubber event (rule book event number 122) award at the AMA Nationals.
It was moved and seconded, to name a control line circle that is to be constructed, The Columbia “Willie McCool” Circle.