Executive Council Meeting

April 23, 2005
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
Muncie, Indiana

Executive Council Meeting will start at 8:00 a.m.

1. President's Report  
  • Introduction of guests
  • Status of Committee Assignments
  • Approval of January Minutes
  Executive Vice President's Report
  • YTD Financials for March and Quarter
  • Presentation of Audit Results
  Executive Director's Report  
  • Membership Report – Joyce Hage
  • Marketing Report – Tom Schwyn
  • Insurance Report – Carl Maroney
  • Publications Report – Rob Kurek
  • Status of Cost Accounting – Don Koranda
  NAA Report  
  Executive Session  
2. Committee Reports  

(Reports limited to 15 minutes - 5 to 10 minute question and answer)


Ad Hoc Committee—Safety Video

  b. Ad Hoc Committee—Disaster Relief  
  c. Frequency Committee Report  


Old Business

4. New Business  
  a. Administrative Procedures M. Smith
  b. Weight Restrictions on Model Aircraft M. Smith
  c. AMA Membership List—Permissible Use D. Mathewson
5. Awards