Executive Council Meeting

April 29-30, 2006
Muncie IN


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President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II-Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Bliss Teague, Hickory, NC; V-Tony Stillman, Pensacola, FL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX-Mark T. Smith, Shawnee, KS; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; NAA Representative David Ivey, Acting Executive Director Joyce Hager and AMA Legal Counsel Joe Gelwicks.

Attending from Headquarters were Steve Kaluf, Rob Kurek, Tom Schwyn, Vicki Barkdull, Jay Mealy and Carl Maroney.

Others in attendance were Larry Johnson and Paul Bretsen from Harry A. Koch Co.; Bob Reynolds from Brady Ware; Randy Elliott District IV AVP; Ginger Mathewson and Shirley Teague.

Additions to the Agenda: The President added an item regarding GPS coordinates for flying sites.

Approval of January 2006 Minutes

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to accept the Minutes of the January 28-29, 2006 Executive Council meeting.


  • The previous Executive Director had drafted a procedures document pertaining to individual member discipline; AMA’s legal counsel worked with headquarters to come up with a Standing Rule Council could adopt which allows and defines the process.

MOTION I: Moved and seconded to add to the Standing Rules the following: MEMBER DISCIPLINE: Pursuant to the authority of the Executive Council as set forth in Article V, Section 5 of the Bylaws, the Executive Council has the authority to provide for and to impose disciplinary action for any violation of any of the terms of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules of the AMA, or which is detrimental to the AMA or model aviation. The Executive Council therefore may at its discretion promulgate policies and procedures relating to discipline of members which do not justify expulsion from membership. The Executive Council has the authority to discipline members in accordance with such policies and procedures as duly adopted and ratified by the Executive Council. Said policies and procedures are independent of any Bylaw dealing with a member-to-member complaint or complaints regarding contest directors, which investigation and disciplinary procedures may also be subject to the Standing Rules.
passed unanimously.

  • The U.S. had put in a bid to host the 2007 F3C World Championships but they were awarded to another country. During the CIAM meeting the President put forth a tentative bid to host the 2009 F3C World Championships. Before the President can submit a firm bid for 2009 he must have Council approval.

MOTION II: Moved and seconded to present a firm bid for the United States to host the F3C World Championships in 2009.
MOTION passed unanimously.

  • The United States will host the 2007 F3D World Championships in Muncie. During the Plenary session the CIAM adopted a number of new safety rules regarding pylon racing; the CIAM President indicated those rules will not take effect until January 1, 2007 and therefore would not be applicable to the 2007 WC. President Brown stated that the new safety rules will be enforced as local rules for the F3D championships in Muncie in 2007. (He received permission from the FAI.) It has not yet been determined whether the F3D World Championships will be held prior to or after the Nats Pylon events. Running the WC first would allow for more practice time for the international competitors and may encourage more of them to participate in the Nationals.
  • The President reported the CIAM meeting went well and he was proud of the U.S. representatives. AMA will host the next CIAM Bureau meeting at headquarters December 1-2, 2006; it will be a closed meeting, with any spectators attending only at the discretion of President Pimenoff. In general, D. Brown feels there would be no problem with a limited number of spectators dependent upon the amount of room.
  • The President indicated that recent discussions with NAR (National Association of Rocketry) resulted in AMA working out an agreement with the NAR for them to take over entirely the FAI international spacemodeling in the U.S. Right now, the most likely scenario is that they will be working through the AMA (NAR does paperwork, funding, NAR will reimburse AMA for all the costs that AMA has that are directly attributable to spacemodeling, including the portion of NAA dues AMA pays that is directly attributable to spacemodeling activity.) This is expected to save around 3-4 thousand dollars every other year.
  • The President reported on a proposal headquarters received where someone wanted to donate property to AMA and then AMA would in turn lease it back to the club that has a flying field there. The property was described to AMA as a non toxic landfill. J. Hager reported that this is not the first time the issue of land donation has come up. Following discussion with the attorneys and input from Council members it was agreed that headquarters would offer the assistance of AMA’s legal advice to the club in pursuit of the club taking over the property as flying site.


  • Bob Reynolds of Brady Ware presented the audit report. He did offer specific comments for management to consider relative to separation of duties between the purchasing and receiving functions; service vehicles/logging of commuting mileage; and having written documentation for salary adjustments.


  • It has been a very busy three months with the Nats coming on and people taking on new responsibilities. One contract laborer has been hired and more are expected to be added as the weather gets better. J. Hager is at this time handling the site scheduling and is already receiving requests for 2007; also considering revamping the Nats application.
  • J. Mealy reported he is still receiving positive comments on the convention. The bottom line for the convention shows $14,209.21 on the plus side; a copy of expenses/income will be provided to Council. He is currently investigating the possibility of having Frank Gorman as the guest speaker at the convention for 2007 however nothing is concrete at this time.
  • Mealy reported that on March 29 he was part of a five-person panel from the private sector (which followed a five-person panel from the governmental sector) that testified before a congressional subcommittee on aviation; the topic was unmanned aerial vehicles and the national air space system. Mealy is of the opinion that AMA has achieved a status it has not had before; being at a table with the people who are major players in the system in which we have to operate. He will be in Houston in June representing the Academy at a meeting with the group that sets the standards for UAVs. Mealy’s testimony was then played for the Council; this testimony may be found on the Web site.
  • It was reported that the EAA contacted headquarters regarding a cooperative effort between EAA and AMA; possibly incorporating an AMA membership into the Young Eagles package.
  • A contract has been signed with L. Zellers for the strategic planning meeting.


  • During 2005 NAA increased its membership by just over 1,000 members; ended with 3,000 members. In 2006 NAA will strive to increase its individual membership along with adding corporate memberships.
  • Ivey reported that an air sport organization is pushing hard for a couple substantial changes but Ivey stated those changes will not happen. He indicated that an organization feels since AMA is a larger air sport organization than the others that it should pay a larger amount of dues to the NAA; Ivey notes that AMA currently pays 40% of the dues and stated that is enough. 74 cents of every NAA dues dollar goes directly back to the FAI.
  • The Collier winner this year is Eclipse Aviation; the awards dinner is May 15.


  • Publications: The chairman reported that currently there are two pages dedicated to color pictures of the District VPs; following discussion with R. Kurek it was decided to return to black-and-white pictures of the VPs on their respective district pages. This will save the AMA 20k/year.
  • Frequency (Appendix): Frequency Committee meeting was held in conjunction with E-Fest in Champaign, IL; toured Hobbico and Horizon Hobbies. The committee unanimously voted to change the name to Electronic Technology Committee (ETC) with the mission being “To support the Academy by monitoring, maintaining and developing electronic technology areas of modeling through liaison with government, industry and membership groups.” The relationship between AMA and RCMA was reaffirmed and one item that arose out of that discussion was the creation of some standards re testing and labeling. During the RCMA meeting in CA there was more in-depth discussion on standards. Other items discussed included frequency identification systems, frequency chart and membership manual updates, DSS frequency pins and a series of articles on ‘How Stuff Works’.

    Kaluf and D. Williams attended RCMA meeting in CA on behalf of AMA. Items addressed during this meeting included RCMA reaffirmed it was an RF related only organization, servo test standards, and standards for DSS were agreed to by manufacturers.

    The AMA President approved the formation of a subcommittee of the ETC to investigate the product standards issue; these standards would be voluntary. AMA would only establish the method by which a product should be tested. This program would have many benefits to the end user and AMA could capitalize on it from a marketing standpoint by affixing labels indicating the product is labeled in accordance with the AMA guidelines.

    In closing Kaluf reported that over the last several months AMA has cemented an excellent relationship with some large manufacturers, including two of the biggest distributors.
  • Executive Director Search Update: The chairman reported the deadline for submitting resumes has passed. Of the 59 responses of interest in the position, 38 are AMA members. The committee met in Toledo and nailed down the first phase of the selection process (resume review and ranking). They will meet again during the Joe Nall event; the committee is well within the established timeline. The Fall executive council meeting is the target for making the ED job offering to the final candidate.
  • Insurance: The chairman reported the committee decided to defer most of their report to allow time for a review of the Westchester Insurance policy since there seemed to be some confusion following the last council meeting. This review is the last item under New Business.

    Mathewson reported that as Council is aware, the Air Show America has been cancelled; the primary reason was the inability to obtain the insurance coverage at a reasonable fee that was necessary to make AMA comfortable with holding the event on the site. The committee is investigating an annual type policy for events of this nature (a commercial type overtone/for-profit events). Maroney reported that a special letter goes out with every sanction and club charter addressing for-profit operation and he is confident that everyone is fully aware that operation for profit is not covered under the policy.

    Mathewson reiterated that the committee is not letting this issue go and they have addressed it the best they could at this particular moment. They are considering other alternatives however at the moment the issue is covered by the additional letter and additional wording on the document. The Academy does not pass judgment on whether an event is for profit or not; the onus is put back onto the promoter of the event.
  • Flying Site Grant: The committee received 32 applications and 19 received grants. The information will be placed on the Web site and letters to the recipients and those who did not receive a grant will be sent Monday May 1. Changes to the application will be done in the coming weeks and input from council is appreciated.

MOTION III: Moved and seconded to accept the report of the Flying Site Grant Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously.

The District X VP explained to Council that a District X member had donated stock to the AMA and requested that AMA hold onto the stock and asked that the dividends generated by this stock assist the flying sites in District X. Hanson reported there were three clubs in Utah with financial need and the dividends accumulated on this stock was $1,000. The three clubs will receive $330 each.

  • Safety (Appendix): The special interest group for Giant Scale Racing, USARA, would like to make some changes to the existing rules. As the previous rules were approved by Council, the changes are being submitted for approval. These boilerplate changes do not change anything materially and were approved by the Safety Committee.

    Maroney pointed out that there should be a provision of some kind where when there are issues to a document to be changed as long as there is nothing of substance that changes (for example grammatical changes) the committee chair should be able to go to the President and along with the Executive Director give the approval to make those changes. The President recommended that if Council approves, such changes could be approved by the Council via E-mail vote, not subject to the mail vote restrictions.

MOTION IV: Moved and seconded to accept the amended Required Safety Standards for Giant Scale Racing as presented at the April 29-30, 2006 Executive Council meeting.
MOTION passed unanimously.


  • Club Outreach Program Update (Appendix): A finalized version of the Club Outreach Program was distributed to Council. At the last meeting Council approved the creation of this program and was of the opinion that ultimately it should be combined with the Intro Pilot Program. Combining those two programs now serves both programs best. Mathewson gave an overview on how the program will be implemented. The program will be launched on May 1, 2006 and will be promoted via an article in the magazine, and article in AMA Insider, an announcement on front page of Web site and through a push E-mail to charter club contacts.
    Suggestions included developing a patch or reward for those instructors who have brought in “X” amount of new members; possibly adding this program into the requirements for the Leader Club program, factor program into the flying site grant application, and special recognition to club that has the most activity in this program. AMA needs to stress to clubs it is important to welcome new blood into the hobby.

    Mathewson and Stillman thanked J. Mealy, C. Maroney, E. Dobbs, S. Weaver, S. Tweedy, G. Minch and S. Tuttle for their assistance.

    The concept of developing a guide to aeromodeling on DVD was introduced; Mathewson explained it is in the initial stage at this point. No one on Council was opposed to the committee moving forward with the concept.


  • Special Recognition for Donations-Discussion Only: It was suggested that when a donation (of a predetermined amount) is made to the Academy it should be recognized in a public permanent display. Mealy informed Council that AMA has a program called The Legion of Champions which recognizes donations in the form of a plaque displayed in the reception area of headquarters.

    The President requested that when a donation is received which qualifies for the above mentioned plaque, Council should be informed of said donation.
  • Safety Nut Requirements for Exposed Crankshaft Prop Thread-Discussion Only: The District VII VP indicated that Control Line is making resurgence in his area and there have been concerns about an unprotected threaded part of the engine. The President indicated that there has never been a general requirement for a device which has become known as an AMA safety prop nut. However there are a couple competition classes which require a rounded prop nut. The VP stated that the clubs in his area are asking that this be a requirement in the AMA Safety Code. Council members who expressed opinions feel that the clubs concerned with this issue should make the requirement a part of their local club rules.
  • GPS Coordinates for Flying Sites: Council was informed of an individual who has offered a program to AMA of club flying site coordinates; AMA would only have to supply the GPS coordinates to him. The ED informed Council that AMA has the ability to do this and when they originally collected the coordinates they were for internal use. It was thought that eventually headquarters may want to publish some type of listing of these coordinates, however some clubs do not want this information published and HQ agreed not to make it public.

    Discussion included: having a check-off box on the charter application for publish GPS coordinates/do not publish coordinates and carried through with a listing on the AMA Web site of clubs coordinates; the President is concerned with AMA charters clubs that are not willing to further the goals of the association and perhaps we should instruct the clubs that we will publish the flying sites coordinates however, if they do not want them published then a fee must be paid.

MOTION V: Moved and seconded that AMA Headquarters develop a club flying site (GPS) location program to be enacted prior to March 2007.
MOTION passed unanimously.

The program should include GPS coordinates, and such things as any restrictions (e.g. no flying on specific days; gated community; no spectators, etc.).

Lunch 12:08 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

  • Membership Development Committee Report (Appendix): At a meeting on March 10, 2006, the committee addressed the concerns expressed by Council during the January 2006 meeting. A revised E-field Membership Development Program (dated March 20, 2006) was presented for approval. The discussion that followed revealed there was still some trepidation with offering a reduced rate to a particular group of modelers and it was determined that the e-sites need to be established and available before the reduced rate is offered to those potential members.

    Council understands and appreciates the work put into the proposal by the committee. The President requested that the committee address the issue of e-site generation as a precursor to the discounted e-membership. It was recommended that the committee develop guidelines (DVD and book) addressing park fliers and the acquisition/development of e-sites (how to organize, where is the site likely to be, how to approach getting permission to fly there, etc.). It was pointed out that it is financially in the best interest of dealers and hobby shops to aid in getting these sites established. The guidelines should assist individuals as well as clubs, hobby shops, dealers, etc. in developing these sites. May want to consider offering incentives to clubs that develop and maintain an e-site (possibly waiving charter fees as long as site is maintained and opened to any AMA member that wants to fly there.) Additionally, the idea of a separate magazine dedicated to e-fliers was generally accepted however the specifics regarding printing (in-house or outsourcing, on Web site) should be decided by headquarters. Kurek noted that over the past 12 months there has been a high percentage of content relating to electric in the magazine and he notes these articles, etc. could be flowed into a new magazine (whether in print or on-line).
  • Corporate Membership Development Report: On April 8 at the Toledo Show a good cross-section of industry members met with M. Smith, T. Schwyn, D. Mathewson, D. Brown and J. Hager. The purpose of the meeting was to investigate the interest level in initializing a corporate membership for AMA. The majority of the time was spent talking about park fliers and their importance in the market. Unfortunately they did not get to discuss product/service reciprocity agreements. They are expecting to meet again at the IHobby Expo in October 2006.

Break 3:20 -3:30 p.m.
Executive Session 3:30-5:45 p.m.

Following Executive Session Council recessed and will reconvene Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Sunday April 30, 2006
The District X VP was not in attendance Sunday morning.

  • Term Limits (Appendix): Comments on the proposal included: there is concern that the organization is becoming less of a membership organization; people are not stepping forward willing to take on the officers positions; the natural progression is from representing the district to doing what is in the best interest of the organization; some members vote based on name recognition instead of the ability of the individual; invoking term limits could enhance the members' perception of the organization as well as enhance participation in the organization; term limits for district representatives are already being determined by the district members by the way they vote; and term limits for the position of EVP could be detrimental to the membership/organization. Council needs to move ahead with the concern relative to the EVP position paper/standing rules. The EVP will name 1 person preferably 2 to be named as replacement(s). In further discussion on the bylaws, it is recommended that the committee needs to act on the statement that an individual continues as a member until he is in arrears 30 days in terms of his membership dues.

MOTION VI: Moved and seconded to approve the attached proposal to be presented to the AMA Leader Members for ratification to amend the AMA Bylaws to add term limits for elected officers of the Academy.
MOTION failed. 4 yes; 6 no; 2 abstain.

Awards were moved, seconded and approved by acclamation.

Larry Johnson introduced Paul Bretsen; Paul reviewed his background with The Harry A. Koch Co. He has been with them for 5 years (previously at Hartford Insurance) and his specialty is large account marketing and management, carrier relationships, etc.

L. Johnson reviewed the AMA insurance plan (liability portion) from Westchester Surplus Line Insurance Co. for members, clubs, site owners and the AMA. Items requiring action include: the Electronic Technology Committee should address obsolete vs. illegal radio equipment and make recommendations; contracts between AMA and certain contractors should include a clause re ‘hold harmless and indemnify’ and Johnson will review those contracts and offer thoughts/suggestions if Hager desires; and it was suggested that Johnson talk with underwriters regarding including the safety code in the exclusions.

Johnson reported that the total reduction in premiums this year for AMA was about 77k; they continue to work hard to keep the costs down as best they can however as AMA knows the price depends largely on claims experience.

Prior to adjournment the following awards were presented: Fellow Award presented to Doug Holland for 9 years of service on the Council; Dave Brown received a much belated Distinguished Service Award.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


Strategic Planning – July 14-15, 2006 (Friday-Saturday)
Executive Council – July 16-17, 2006 (Sunday-Monday)