Executive Council Meeting

April 21, 2007
Muncie, Indiana
Executive Council Meeting

Saturday, April 21, 2007

1. Opening Business  
  Introduction of guests
Additions to Agenda
Approval of January 2007 Minutes
2. President's Report  
  a. Approve new Finance Committee Member
b. Update from CIAM meeting
3. Executive Vice President's Report  
  a. Audit Report  
4. Executive Director's Report  
  a. Staff 20-year Plan
b. Membership Survey
c. Leader Club Exemption
5. NAA Report K. Maynard
6. Committee Reports  
  a. Insurance
   1. Amend Liability Policy to extend coverage to SIGs
D. Mathewson
  b.  Electronic Technology S. Kaluf
  c. Safety B. Underwood
  d. Membership Growth D. Mathewson
  e. Bylaws A. Argenio
  f. Flying Site Grant Program C. Bauer
  g. Nats Review T. Stillman




Executive Session



Old Business


New Business

  a. Disaster Relief Program T. Stillman
  b. New look at Show Teams Jeff Phillips
  c. Discussion – Safety ramifications of seemingly escalating; “Extreme” modeling mindset and activity R. Hanson
  d. Discussion – Re-evaluation of past and current AMA Experimental  Aircraft Inspection procedures.
Referring to Giant Scale ARF and ARC aircraft.
B. Oberdieck