Executive Council Meeting
April 19, 2008
Muncie IN


President's Report
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report
Committee Reports
Old Business
New Business

1. Opening Business

Introductions: Introductions: President Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; EVP Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II-Gary Fitch, Franklinville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Bliss Teague, Hickory, NC; V-Tony Stillman, Brunswick, GA; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Jim Rice, Universal City, TX; IX-Mark T. Smith, Shawnee, KS; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Executive Director Jim Cherry; NAA Representative Art Greenfield and AMA legal counsel Felix Gora.

HQ staff in attendance were Diana Garza; Sheila Tweedy; Ilona Maine; and Jack Frost. Others in attendance were Dave Brown, FAI Executive Committee; Bob Reynolds, Brady Ware; Travis McGinnis, Finance and Scholarship Committees; Paul Bretsen, Harry A. Koch; Gary Bussell, AVP Dist. VI; Charlie Spencer, AVP Dist. VII; Shirley Teague and Clay, Debbie and Breanna Sherrow.

Additions to the Agenda: Museum discussion; E-mail discussion; withdraw of item 9d; and consideration of expanding the Intro Pilot program outside of AMA chartered clubs. 

2. Consent Agenda

It was approved by unanimous acclamation to approve the items in the consent agenda. (Approval of January 26, 2008 Executive Council meeting minutes; E-mail EC poll of Park Pilot Program Legal Aircraft Logo Program.)

3. President’s Report

a. Proposed concept for IAC Youth Fly In Weekend/2009: This is being held in conjunction with Horizon and expects between 100-200 children for a camping weekend; AMA provides the site and logistical assistance but has no out-of-pocket costs. 

b. Model Aviation Hall of Fame: Jerry Neuberger has accepted the chair of this committee to relook at the entire process; a report is expected later this summer. 

c. Long Range Planning status: Council was polled to prioritize their goals and objectives for the ongoing strategic plan process. Based on the results, what is presented is in prioritized order of Councils preference; the top four or five will be focused on in the near future. 

d. Committee assignments: HQ has received around 170 responses to the Membership Dynamic; committee chairman will get copies of the returned form for those relative to their committee; responses may still be sent to HQ via the Web site until the end of April. A more defined process needs to be in place where if a chairman declines a person’s first choice of committee, the application is then directed to the chairman of the individual’s second choice, etc. Chairmen may contact an individual directly if additional information is needed. It may be beneficial to use some of these individuals in an advisory role, even if they are not directly involved with the committee process per se. A cursory thank you letter (penned by J. Rice/D. Mathewson) will be sent to those individuals who returned an application; the letters will be signed by the relative District VP. (The letters will be reviewed by the VP before being sent.) 

e. FAI Bureau/Plenary Meeting 3/27-29/2008: The CIAM has adopted, effectively the same rules as AMA has in regards to the separation between UAV’s and model airplanes, and will no longer recognize autonomous flight records. A scholarship (2,000 Euros) was established and will be awarded one per year. Three new classes of competition were created: world championship RC HL Gliders for Juniors, world championship RC HL Gliders for Seniors and an RC Scale class (this is equivalent to AMA’s Fun Scale.) A registry is being established of everyone in the world that holds an FAI Sporting License; AMA will have to work more with NAA on licensing, and NAA will have to report the names to the FAI. This is being done so a contest organizer can access this database to verify an individual holds a valid sporting license. Aeromodeling did not adopt the Organizer’s Agreement. The tentative bid to host the 2009 F5 (Glider, Pylon) World Championships was withdrawn by the U.S.; the group that talked about moving on this, did not. The new CIAM President is Bob Skinner (South Africa). A new Jet working group was established and tasked with trying to integrate turbine models into the FAI structure. NSRCA has put forth a proposal to run the F3A World Championships in Muncie in 2011; a tentative bid was put in during the CIAM meeting and will be voted on next year. A firm bid can not be put in without Council approval. Council must approve a budget and based on past experience should be confident that this WC should be a financial success. There are new requirements for submitting bids for hosting world championships, D. Brown will forward those to L. Johnson. 

4. Executive Vice President’s Report

a. Provide name of replacement: If needed, Doug Barry will fill the position on a temporary basis. 

b. 2007 Audit report: Bob Reynolds of Brady Ware presented the audit report to Council. Due to IRS changes, he recommended HQ implement an annual conflict of interest policy.

MOTION I: Moved by D. Holland (EVP) and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to accept the auditors report.
MOTION passed unanimously. 

5. Executive Director’s Report

a. Flying Site Coordinator Reports: Contracts have been renegotiated with both Flying Site Coordinators. There is concern with how much territory can be covered by these two individuals; Cherry was asked to provide factual information regarding the coordinators being overwhelmed. 

b. AMA Staff holiday: The ED requested a floating holiday be granted to the staff, bringing the total number of holidays to 11 (eleven).

MOTION II: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by J. Rice (VIII) to increase the number of recognized holidays for AMA staff to 11 (eleven).
MOTION passed: 9-Y; 4-N (EVP, II, III, IV)

c. Convention Review: The final report is in the agenda; it should be noted however that staff salary was not included in the expenditures. 

d. AMA roadway signs: Michael Smith’s work with the city has resulted in AMA getting wayfarer signs placed around the city; once these signs are up, AMA will qualify to have an attraction sign on the interstate. There is a new sign as you enter the property, depicting each of the sites; the schedule of events will now be shown on the trailing electronic sign. J. Frost was commended for his work. 

e. National League of Cities: AMA will attend the National League of Cities convention where 4,000 elected officials from across the U.S. will meet, and the National Recreation and Parks Association meeting. This is an effort to introduce local officials to the AMA prior to clubs appearing before city and park boards, city councils, etc. requesting assistance in finding flying sites.

6. NAA Report

At the last meeting Gaffney shared the Board approved plan to restructure the NAA; the office is being relocated to National Airport this week. NAA has experienced some administrative issues with AMA relative to contests and world records; Art Greenfield will attend the April meeting to clarify those issues. Pierre Portman (FAI President) and Max Bishop (FAI Secretary General) will be coming to NAA for a day-long session of meetings and discussions. Representatives from air sports groups will also be in attendance; Dave Brown will represent AMA at these meetings.

7. Committee Reports

a. Insurance: The President reported that Keith Sievers will chair this committee. Paul Bretson reported on the insurance renewal process: Corporate package—the premium was reduced significantly from what was proposed in the budget; renewed Ace/Westchester-Park Pilot Program is a part of the Westchester policy; the member/club policy premium with Ace/Westchester was 7% under what was budgeted; the foreign coverage is now provided by Ace. The Insurance Committee is tasked with investigating the costs involved with offering coverage which would allow AMA members to fly in foreign countries while visiting/vacationing. The FAI Executive Committee is tasked with creating a mechanism where a member can find out how to join a foreign national aero club.

b. Election Process: When asked why a member didn’t vote, a common response was that they did not have enough information on the candidate; they are not reading the latter pages of the magazine where the campaign information is placed currently. It was suggested that placing the election/campaign information in a more strategic section of the magazine may increase voter participation; the ED will investigate moving the information to the front of the magazine. The committee will continue to investigate ways to increase/improve the election process.

c. Bylaws: The committee presented the following for approval:

MOTION III: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Nelson (XI) that Council adopt the new Standing Rule relating to Article III Club Officer Coverage.
MOTION passed unanimously. 

“Club Officers who are designated on the AMA Club Charter form application, or any proper amendment thereto, are provided primary insurance coverage under the AMA General Liability Policy while performing their duties as Club Officers for their AMA Charter Club.”

MOTION IV: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Nelson (XI) to submit the changes to AMA Bylaws Article III Membership, Section 2(a) to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously. 

Change the first sentence to read: “The Charter provides the local organized group with added insurance protection for the Club, the Club Officers related to their duties as officers, and flying site owners.”

MOTION V: Moved by T. Stillman (V) and seconded by M. Smith (IX) to submit the changes to AMA Bylaws Article VIII Meetings, Section 2 to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously. 

Change the first sentence to read: “Special Executive Council Meetings may be called by the President, Executive Vice President, any five (5) EC members or upon written request of 5% of voting members of the Academy.”

MOTION VI: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Nelson (XI) to submit the changes to AMA Bylaws Article IX Nominations and Elections, Section 3 to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously. 

Change the first sentence to read: “To be eligible to discharge the duties of AMA President or Executive Vice President, a nominee must be a Leader Member of the AMA and must previously have served as a member of the Executive Council or Associate Vice President or as a Contest Board Member for at least 1 year.”

MOTION VII: Moved by M. Smith (IX) and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to submit the changes to AMA Bylaws Article X Officers, Section 2 to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously.
Change the first paragraph to read: “In the event of a vacancy in the position of AMA President during a regular term due to death, incapacity, inactivity, resignation, impeachment or removal from office, the Executive Vice President shall assume the duties of President of the AMA until a special election can be held for a new President so that the newly-elected President would fill out the remaining position time of the Presidency until the next regularly scheduled election.”

It was approved by unanimous acclamation to accept changing the word position to duties in the approved changes to Article X Officers, Section 2 of the Bylaws (MOTION VII).

MOTION VIII: Moved by B. Nelson (XI) and seconded by M. Smith (IX) to submit the changes to AMA Bylaws Article X Officers, Section 4 to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously.
Section 4 to read: “The Executive Vice President is an Officer of the AMA, and will perform such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Council of the AMA. The Executive Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event a vacancy as described in Section 2, until such vacancy is filled and when so acting shall have all the powers of, and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President.”

MOTION IX: Moved by T. Stillman (V) and seconded by M. Smith (IX) to submit the re-write of AMA Bylaws Article X Officers, Section 1 to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously. 

Section 1 to read: “The Officers of the AMA shall be a President, an Executive Vice President, a Chief Financial Officer and a Vice President to represent each of the AMA Districts. Terms of Office for the President, Executive Vice President and Vice Presidents representing each of the AMA Districts shall be 3 calendar years or until their successors are elected. All terms of office shall begin January 1. The Chief Financial Officer shall be appointed by ¾ affirmative vote of the Executive Council to a three-year term. In addition, there shall be an Executive Director who shall be selected by a ¾ affirmative vote of the Executive Council, and who shall serve in accordance with a contract approved by the Executive Council.”

MOTION X: Moved by G. Fitch (II) and seconded by B. Nelson (XI) to submit the new AMA Bylaws Article X Officers, Section 8 to the Leader Members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously.
New Section 8: “The Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer of the AMA shall be an Officer of the AMA and a non-voting ex-officio member of the Executive Council. The Chief Financial Officer shall be appointed by a ¾ affirmative vote of the Executive Council at the first Executive Council meeting after the election of the even-numbered District Vice Presidents for a 3-year term. The Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer position is a voluntary Executive Council Board position. The Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer shall serve in accordance with the position description of functions and be subject to minimum qualifications and experience as adopted by the Executive Council.”

MOTION XI: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Brown (III) to submit the changes to AMA Bylaws Article XI Executive Council, Section 2 to the Leader members for ratification.
MOTION passed unanimously.

Section 2 to read: “The Executive Council shall be composed of the President, the eleven District Vice Presidents, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer and an ex-officio member who shall be an Officer of the National Aeronautic Association designated by the NAA. The NAA designee is an ex-officio member who has the right to vote, but shall not be counted in determining if a quorum is present at a meeting. The Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer is a non-voting ex-officio member of the Executive Council. The AMA President shall act as Chairperson of the Executive Council.”

Once the ballot is finalized Council will receive a copy for final approval prior to it being sent to Leader Members. The cover letter should note Council unanimously approved all the changes/additions. An announcement of the upcoming Bylaws vote will be made in the magazine. Counting of the ballots will be done in-house.

d. Flying Site Grant (Appendix IV): The information contained in the report is confidential until the recipients have been notified and the information is placed on the Web site.

MOTION XII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by J. Rice (VIII) to accept the report of the Flying Site Grant Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously.

e. Scholarship (Appendix V): The committee has been investigating an endowment concept. This would be a permanently restricted fund and any awards distributed from the fund will result from interest accrued by the principle amount. The method of announcing this fund is still under consideration.

It was reiterated that the ‘cents-per-open paid-member’ formula for the C.H. Grant Scholarship remains the same; it should be noted that Park Pilot Program members are not included in this formula as they are not full paying Open members.

MOTION XIII: Moved by J. Rice (VIII) and seconded by B. Brown (III) to accept the Scholarship Endowment Fund program as presented April 19, 2008 by the Scholarship Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously.

f. PADCOM (Appendix VI): G. Buso was approached with several options on how the remainder of his donation could be used; it was decided that a pavilion would be built on the AMA site and dedicated to Buso. It was originally planned for Site 4 however due to time constraints and major modifications that would need to be done to accommodate it on that site, it was determined that a better placement would be near the Nats Headquarters building. Other possibilities offered by Council included building an amphitheater, and updating the Nats Headquarters building.

MOTION XIV: Moved by B. Brown (III) and seconded by C. Bauer (VI) that AMA builds a pavilion in close proximity to Nats Headquarters with a financial constraint of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000); the pavilion will be named The Buso Pavilion.
MOTION passed: 12-Y; 1-Abstain (NAA)

The committee will review and update the Master Plan; it was suggested that future donations could facilitate some of those plans.

g. Marketing: The EC members will be placed on a permanent mailing list to receive the quarterly issues of Park Pilot magazine. There are currently just over 500 Park Pilot members; it is expected that this number will grow with continued promotion. Sixty thousand E-mails were sent to Open, Senior Citizen and Leader Members concerning the Park Pilot Partner program. This mailing asked for volunteers willing to help out the newcomer; 385 positive responses to date. A letter will be sent to all AVPs stressing the importance of the Park Pilot/Park Pilot Partner programs and asking for assistance in developing Park Pilot flying sites. The first designated Park Pilot field will be visited by the AMA President; it was chartered by the Vegas Aces in District X. Work continues with the OEMs and the Park Pilot logo.

An update was given on the AMA All Star Team. Two members (Stacy and Maxwell) did demonstrations on the simulator during the Toledo show. It was a positive experience however there is room for improvement and fine tuning; any sponsor conflicts must be worked out prior to an All Star members’ appearance.

Marketing promotion of AMA and model aviation was indicated as a primary objective by the Council during strategic planning. To that end a public relations proposal by J Walcher Communications was presented to Council for their review. The cost for a 12-month contract is $64k; there may be the need to reallocate some of the marketing budget. This firm has the ability to get AMA’s foot in the door with various entities, through their contacts.

MOTION XV: Moved by M. Smith (IX) and seconded by G. Fitch (II) that Council engage the services of J Walcher Communications for a period of 12 months beginning in 2008.
MOTION passed unanimously.

h. Safety (Appendix VII): Changes to the turbine and experimental aircraft program will be submitted for the July agenda; Council will receive copies prior to the meeting for their review.

The committee would like to establish an on-line incident report; this would be placed in the Member’s Only section and the clubs Safety Officer would be responsible for filing this form. This would allow AMA to evaluate what is happening at flying sites, identify trends and take a pro-active approach in regard to overall safety; the incident form will be very generic in make up.

It was approved by unanimous acclamation to move forward with the on-line incident report form.

The committee was approached on whether exceptions could be made to the three mile field separation/frequency sharing agreement requirement when 2.4 GHz is used exclusively. The committee suggests that exceptions could be made on a provisional basis so if interference is detected a certificate can be pulled; clubs should also post signage at the field stating only 2.4GHz may be used at that site.

MOTION XVI: Moved by J. Rice (VIII) and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to accept the report of the Safety Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION XVII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by R. Hanson (X) to accept the Safety Committee's recommendation to waive – on a provisional basis – the Frequency Sharing Agreement requirements as listed under item 6 in the RC section of the current AMA Safety Code for club(s) operating exclusively on 2.4 GHz. The club(s) must obtain a special wording Certificate of Insurance for each site operating exclusively on 2.4 GHz if a Certificate of Insurance is required by the site owner.
MOTION passed: 12-Y; 1-Abstain (NAA) 

i. Electronic Technology (Appendix VIII): Peter Young is the new chairman of this committee; the meeting during the Toledo Show was to reestablish the tasks and work duties. The committee is made up of three subcommittees: an ETC Standing Committee, ETC Emeritus Advisors and ETC Industry Advisors. The current tasks include lab and field testing on 2.4 GHz; and a Spread Spectrum radio system overview article in Model Aviation.

Guidelines are being developed for an attempt at a Guinness World Record for the most number of model planes flying simultaneously. This event provides the opportunity to monitor and gather latency data; Stillman and C. Orr will be in attendance.

j. Electronic Media: This committee is newly established. All 8 members of the committee are staff members; there is also an advisory group of 22 individuals that use the AMA Web site who will routinely communicate with the chairman any concerns regarding usage of the site. One of first items to be addressed will be making the information more easily searched and sorted, e.g. club searches by zip code, or type of club; and events searched/sorted by state and/or category.

Comments have been received that the museums virtual tour is just a series of pictures; Michael Smith is working on adding voice over to the power point in short two minutes segments. The concept of a virtual trade show is being investigated.

k. Education (Appendix IX): Update in folders; Schimmel will present a report at the July EC meeting. 

l. Publications (Appendix X): The committee currently consists of four people and the chairman continues to look for additional members from outside of Council and staff that can provide new ideas. A Mission Statement was developed and a subcommittee was formed to specifically address updating the history of AMA.

m. Museum (Appendix XI): The committee voted unanimously to keep M. Hill’s airplane (TAM 5) on display at the AMA National Model Aviation Museum. Michael Smith will write a letter to M. Hill explaining the reasons for wanting to keep in at AMA.

The committee addressed the issue of a plane that has been on loan for a number of years to B. Werwage for repair; numerous requests have been made to have the plane returned, with no result. A registered letter will be sent to Mr. Werwage indicating a deadline for return of the airplane. If there is no response to the aforementioned letter and deadline, the matter will be turned over to AMA’s attorneys for action.

It is expected that the committee will submit a proposal for increased museum tour pricing at the next Council meeting.

n. ED Evaluation.

MOTION XVIII: Moved by B. Teague (IV) and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to accept the Executive Director Evaluation Committee's report for the Executive Director evaluation for the period December 4, 2006 to December 31, 2007, to include the recommended adjustments in salary.
MOTION passed: 12-Y; 1-Abstain (NAA) 

8. Old Business

a. Update on AVP coverage for districts: item withdrawn; any VP that has made changes to their AVP list should inform the appropriate headquarters personnel.

9. New Business

a. Ryan Sherrow Memorial Scholarship Fund: As an introduction to this agenda item, Breanna Sherrow, a past recipient of the C.H. Grant Scholarship shared with Council what receiving the scholarship has meant for her personally.

This item requests Council establish an additional scholarship category (Ryan Sherrow Memorial Scholarship Fund) focusing on aeromodeling aptitude, excellence and overall involvement in the hobby. It was suggested that a challenge go out to clubs to put on events in Ryan’s name and use the proceeds from these events to help seed the fund; the scholarship committee would select a threshold at which they allow the funds to build to a meaningful level and then award those funds. The concept of the Ryan Sherrow Memorial Scholarship Fund was sent to the Scholarship Committee for further consideration.

b. Air Show Team Special Dues: This is a continuation of the January 2008 agenda item which required further investigation in consult with the Membership Committee, staff and the insurance people. The proposal is now tied in to the 90-day introductory membership; and does not require additional overhead on the part of headquarters staff. Hanson and Smith agree that a benchmark for this is a better than 30% conversion rate to full open memberships. This would be a test program for the 2008 air show season. 

MOTION XIX: Moved by R. Hanson (X) and seconded by B. Teague (IV) that Council approve a one year membership pilot program for the 2008 air show season by which the AMA Air Show Teams offer a ten dollar ($10) 90-day AMA Introductory Membership as an Air Show (at the show only) “Special.” To be evaluated for continuation in subsequent air show seasons.
MOTION passed unanimously.

c. Membership discount/benefit for disabled AMA members: This issue comes up routinely and Council would like to do something for disadvantaged members, however it is hard to define what constitutes a disability and there is always the potential for abuse.

MOTION XX: Moved by R. Hanson (X) and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to send the disabled membership dues concept to the Membership Committee for further review.
MOTION passed unanimously.

d. Victor Valley RC Flyers Performance Bond: withdrawn

e. FAA-Aviation Rule Making Committee (ARC) on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): AMA was invited to sit in on a meeting of the FAA UAV rule making committee; R. Hanson will represent the AMA. Cherry will go to Washington, D.C. and meet the FAA staff person and start building a rapport with him. The AMA President will visit D.C. with the intent of meeting the staff people who oversee the Senate and House Committees on FAA; building those relationships could be helpful down the road.

f. Expand the Introductory Pilot Program outside of clubs: This item was referred to the Insurance Committee to consider modifying the program to allow those activities to take place away from chartered club fields.

g. There was a brief discussion on Council's receipt of E-mail items from HQ; some items are extremely large and difficult for some systems to handle. For those EC members that don’t prefer a hard copy of agenda item back-up material, this information will be placed in the EC section of the Members Only section on the Web site. EC members who prefer a hard copy of agenda item documentation and back-up material are: C. Bauer, B. Teague, B. Brown, A. Argenio, and D. Holland. 

10. Awards 

The meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Next Meeting

Next meeting: July 26-27, 2008 Muncie, IN

Action items from the April 19, 2008 Executive Council Meeting

1. J. Gaffney to present cost analysis of how AMA’s dues and fees are determined and where they go after submitted to NAA. Ref: NAA Report

2. Insurance Committee tasked with investigating costs involved with offering coverage that would allow AMA members to fly in foreign countries while visiting/vacationing/temporarily living abroad. Ref: Insurance Committee Report.
3. FAI Executive Committee tasked with creating a mechanism where a member can find out how to join a foreign national aero club. Ref: Insurance Committee Report.
4. ED to investigate moving campaign/election information to front of magazine. Ref: Election Process Committee Report. 

5. Finalized bylaws ballot to Council for final review; HQ to announce the upcoming Bylaws vote in the magazine. Ref: Bylaws Committee Report.
6. Scholarship Committee to investigate the concept of the Ryan Sherrow Memorial Scholarship Fund. Ref: New Business, item a. 

7. Membership Committee to investigate a disabled membership dues concept. Ref: New Business, item c. 

8. Insurance Committee to consider modifying intro pilot program to allow those activities to take place away from chartered club fields. Ref: New Business, item f. 

9. Headquarters will place council meeting agenda item back-up material in the EC section of Member’s Only section on the Web site. Hard copies of council meeting agenda item back up material will be sent in a timely fashion to C. Bauer, B. Teague, B. Brown, A. Argenio and D. Holland. Ref: New Business, item g.