AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

July 12, 2003
Muncie, Indiana


NOTE: District XI Vice President (VP) Bruce Nelson and NAA Representative Don Koranda were not in attendance at the July 12, 2003, Executive Council meeting.
The following were approved by acclamation:

It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the April 26, 2003, Executive Council meeting as presented.

It was moved and seconded to accept the report of the Nominating Committee as amended by mail vote. (The following names will be appear on the 2003 ballot: District II, Dave Mathewson; District IV, Bliss Teague; District VI, Charlie Bauer; District VIII, Sandy Frank, Horrace Cain, Mike Moss; District X, Rich Hanson).

It was moved and seconded to approve the report of the ad hoc Committee for Chartered Club Bylaws with changes as noted. Headquarters will make the changes to the document located on the Web site and mailed out to clubs for reference. (HQ note: sample bylaws and outline of bylaws should contain the same information, in the same order. Dollar amounts should be left blank in the sample document so not to suggest they use the same amounts.)

Following is the result of the E-mail vote of June 16, 2003, re: the proposal EC-05-02.
Vote was 7 no; 2 yes; two districts did not vote, and there was one abstention.
Motion I: Moved and seconded to accept the definition of model aircraft and its operation, as revised. This will replace the current definition in the Official AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code, General section, item 7. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion II: Moved and seconded to add as the first sentence in Safety Code, Radio Control item 5, “I will not knowingly operate my model within three miles of any pre-existing flying site except in accordance with the frequency-sharing agreement listed below in this paragraph.” Motion passed unanimously.
Motion III: Moved and seconded to announce that the General Membership Meetings for 2004 will be held at the AMA Show in Ontario, California; the WRAM Show in New York; AMA Homecoming in Muncie, Indiana; the Weak Signals’ Show in Toledo, Ohio; and Chicago, Illinois. The meetings in Toledo and Chicago are dependent on venue availability. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion IV: Moved and seconded to accept the recommendations of the Scholarship Committee for its 2003 awards. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion V: Moved and seconded to receive a site insurance certificate in those situations where there are multiple clubs using the same site. There are two options: the first being each club shall submit an application for a certificate of insurance; the second option is the clubs shall choose to form a Chapter and submit an application for a single certificate of insurance in the name of the Chapter. Motion passed unanimously.