AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

July 2, 2004
Muncie, Indiana


The following were moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation.

The following were approved by acclamation:

  • To accept the Minutes of the April 24, 2004 Executive Council meeting as amended.
  • (Amendments: in MOTION III add the words “except while landing” following the words “touch the ground.” In the EVP report the first bulleted item, delete the words “and there were none in 2003”.)
  • To accept the report of the Nominations Committee.
    Names placed on the ballot for 2004 are:
    Dave Brown
    Dave Mathewson
    Bill Oberdieck

    District I Vice President
    Don Krafft
    Andy Argenio

    District V Vice President
    Tony Stillman
    Judi Dunlap
    Manny Sousa

    District IX Vice President
    Mark Smith
  • To accept the report of the Scholarship Committee.
Motion I: Moved and seconded that a unanimous decision of the Executive Council approved the appointment of Judy Dunlap as interim District V Vice President. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion II: Moved and seconded to allow the Executive Director the discretion to extend the definition and scope of a mall show as she sees fit. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion III: Moved and seconded that beginning in 2005 increase the allocation for scholarship amounts to 30 cents per open paid member. Motion passed unanimously.