Executive Council Meeting

July 9, 2005
National Aeromodeling Center Headquarters
Muncie, Indiana

Nominating Committee Meeting 8:00 a.m.

Executive Council Meeting

(To begin at 9:00 a.m. or 15 minutes after the conclusion of the Nominating Committee Meeting)

1. President's Report  
  • Introduction of guests
  • Approval of April Minutes
  • Status of Committee Assignments
  Executive Vice President's Report  
  Executive Director's Report  
  • Membership Report—J. Hager
  • Marketing Report—Tom Schwyn
  • Status of Convention/Programs—Jay Mealy
  • Flying Site/NATS Status—L. Estep
  • Strategic Plan—D. Koranda
  • FAA Visit—D. Koranda
  NAA Report—D. Ivey  
  Executive Session
  • Status of Legal/Administrative Actions—F. Gora
2. Committee Reports  

(Reports limited to 15 minutes - 5 to 10 minute question and answer)

  Annual Scholarship Report B. Underwood
  ADCOM R. Hanson
  Safety D. Lowe
  Insurance D. Mathewson
  Membership Development M. Smith


Old Business

  Officer/District VP Funds D. Koranda
  Waiver Program--Report D. Koranda
  Upgrade the Fellow Award J. Hager
  Historical Site Program Michael Smith
4. New Business  
  Trademarks and Licensing D. Brown
  Enforcement/Administrative Procedures D. Koranda
5. Awards