Executive Council Meeting

Muncie, Indiana
July 18, 2015

Nominating Committee Meeting 8 a.m.  Executive Council meeting to start immediately afterward.

1. Opening Business  

• Introduction of guests
• Additions to agenda
• Recognition of those who have taken the final flight


2. Consent Agenda


All items on the Consent Agenda will be voted on at one time. Any EC member may request a Consent Item to be pulled and added to the regular Agenda.

a. Approval of May 16, 2015 Executive Council Meeting*
b. Read into the minutes the following:
     Mail Vote: May 17, 2015 Park Pilot Increase
     Mail Vote: June 8, 2015 Award of Excellence Richardson RC Club
     Mail Vote: June 18, 2015 Hall of Fame Recipients

3. President’s Report

Bob Brown

4. Executive Vice President’s Report Gary Fitch
5. Chief Financial Officer’s Report Keith Sessions
a. Audit results/revue
b. 2016 EC meetings discussion
6. Executive Director’s Report Dave Mathewson
7. NAA Report Jonathan Gaffney
a. NAA overview  
8. Committee Reports  
a. Nomination report M. Radcliff
b. Museum Committee E. Williams
c. Safety Committee I. Maine
Executive Session  
9. Old Business   
a.  Discussion on Documents 550 and 560-A A. Argenio
b. Flying Site Grants procedures R. Cameron
10. New Business  
a. Intro Pilot Program J. Marsh
b. Contest Board changes T. Stillman
11. Awards  
12. Adjournment  
*Requires EC Vote