Executive Council Meeting
August 12, 2007
Muncie IN


President's Report
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report
Committee Reports
Old Business
New Business

The Nominating Committee met from 8:00 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by the President.


Introductions: President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; EVP Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II-Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Bliss Teague, Hickory, NC; V-Tony Stillman, Brunswick, GA; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Jim Rice, Universal City, TX; IX-Mark T. Smith, Shawnee, KS; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Executive Director Jim Cherry; and NAA Representative Jonathan Gaffney.

Others in attendance: AMA legal counsel Felix Gora; Paul Bretsen, Harry A. Koch; Bob Underwood, Safety and Scholarship Committees; Jack Frost, AMA staff; Jay Mealy, AMA staff; Tom Schwyn, AMA staff; Sandy Frank, AMA member; Horrace Cain, AMA member; Walt DeFrees, AMA Host/Hostess Program; Ginger Mathewson and Shirley Teague.

Additions to the Agenda: Personnel issue (Executive Session); NATS 2009 and membership renewals (New Business).

2. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of April 2007 Executive Council meeting minutes
b. Education Committee – Scholarship Awards
c. Conference Call June 12, 2007 re Park Flyer Program Minutes
d. E-mail Votes: (1) Purchase of Z Trac (2) Distinguished Service Award-Warren Tiahrt (3) Distinguished Service Award-Bob “Finless” White

MOTION I: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), and seconded by B. Brown (III) to approve all of the items in the Consent Agenda.
MOTION passed unanimously 


  • Very little to report as things have been going smoothly.
  • IRCHA event on site; as of Saturday night there were 712 registered pilots. The group was very well organized and prepared for running the event.


  • Bank is working closely with D. Garza; bank reps recently met with Garza, Cherry and Holland. 
  • Payroll taxes now being deposited on the due date, allowing AMA to realize additional interest income. 
  • AMA has ceased to collect sales tax on the sale of plans. 
  • The ED has implemented a reward policy for employees who discover ways to save AMA money. 
  • There was an improvement in bank deposits resulting in a savings of 2k-3k a year in bank charges.


  • 20 Year Draft Plan: The ED reviewed Council’s comments/suggestions.

    MOTION II: Moved by M. Smith (IX), and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to approve Headquarters staff move forward and develop a 3-5 year strategic plan; this is the next step in the previously introduced 20-year plan.
    MOTION passed: 11-Y; 2-N (III, VI)

    The 3-5 year strategic plan will be sent to Council for their review prior to it being presented at the October EC meeting. 
  • Mae Edison Estate: Executive Session
  • Reserved camping sites for large on-site events: The ED requested implementation of a policy that would allow advance reservations for camping if the event brings in 200 or more pilots. Comments included – how far in advance would reservations be allowed; there are two different situations-individual reservations and large event reservation requests (such as IRCHA); policy should reference the various sites, separately; policy needs to address the issue of a group or individual ‘subletting’ advanced reserved spaces. This item was tabled and Council requested a written policy for their review. 
  • Garage repair: The garage at the white house has been repaired; expect to park AMA equipment in it. The remaining amount from the claim will be used for a new roof. 
  • The ED presented a prototype of an 8’ x 4’ sign to be placed by the entryway to the site (by the guard shack) showing the various sites and the type of flying designated for each site. Comments included - disclaimers should be used where sites are used for more than one discipline; change the ‘path’ demarcation’ at site 6 to a dotted line. Cost is $800 for the metal frame; the rest will be done in-house. 


  • Working toward establishing an NAA that is self sustaining financially and has a clear mission.
  • The air sport organizations are very important to the NAA. As there had been a lack of NAA representation at AMA Council meetings in the past, Gaffney assured those present that he will attend all Council meetings.

Executive Session


  • a. Nominations (Appendix I)

    MOTION III: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), and seconded by D. Holland (EVP) to accept the Nominating Committee Report. Nominees on the ballot will be as follows: District I – Andy Argenio, incumbent; District V – Tony Stillman, incumbent; District IX – Mark T. Smith, incumbent; President – Rich Hanson, Dave Mathewson, and Bill Oberdieck.
    MOTION passed unanimously
  • b. Insurance
    • Keith Seivers and Joan Liska have been added to the committee; they both are modelers and have strong backgrounds in the insurance business. 
    • Update from April EC meeting: Coverage for AMA SIG’s (similar to that provided to AMA clubs) – wording has been worked out and added to the policy; provide primary coverage for club officers for vicarious acts of others – Westchester has accepted language drafted by P. Bretson and is expected to be included in the policy within the next few weeks. The additional coverage’s were included at no additional premium. A policy to address requests for certificates of insurance over 2.5mil (for flying sites or sanctioned events) is expected to be complete by the October EC meeting. 
    • On October 26, 2007 the Insurance Committee will meet in Muncie for a complete re-evaluation of the insurance program. The morning part of this meeting will consist of a complete overview of AMA’s insurance package by L. Johnson and P. Bretson; an invitation to attend was extended to Council members. 
  • c. Safety (Appendix II)
    • The safety regulations for gas turbines were simplified; no longer require seals, notarizations, etc. and there is no longer a renewal process. A system of suspension and/or removal of waiver privileges were added. 
      Discussion included – revising the CD report to reflect if a person was disqualified and the reason for disqualification; sending list of the latest safety, etc. items with each sanction package; and during the ‘Train the Trainer’ seminar at the Ontario Show, include a discussion of latest safety items for contest directors.

      MOTION IV: Moved by M. Smith (IX), and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to accept the Safety Committee’s revised SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR MODEL AIRCRAFT POWERED BY GAS TURBINES document, as amended.
      MOTION passed unanimously

      Amendment: For continuity, on page 4 of 5 item number 23) change the first sentence of paragraph 5 to read – The turbine waiver holder who has had his waiver permanently suspended may appeal the suspension within thirty (30) days of receipt of the suspension. 
  • d. Scholarship
    • As has happened often in the past, the top candidates were ranked among the top four by all members of the committee.
    • The SIG Scholarship fund will be depleted next year.
    • There was concern with keeping a portion of the scholarship award funds for the creation of an endowment fund.
    • The committee was tasked with establishing a more definitive endowment program, to include a baseline in the rankings that would allow money for the endowment fund. The Finance Committee should be involved in the development of this program. 
    • Council approved the committee’s concept of establishing levels of recognition for donations to an endowment fund.

      MOTION V: Moved by R. Hanson (X), and seconded by B. Teague (IV) that two additional recipients be added to the Charles H. Grant Scholarship winners, to expend the funds of the scholarship award.
      MOTION passed unanimously  
  • e. Membership Growth
    • Current programs review:
      • Buddy Box Program – have received manufacturers’ offers for 2008 program and expect to have stock prior to launch.
      • PR incentive for clubs – will launch at IHOBBY Expo in October; will utilize push email to club contacts, announce in Model Aviation and on the AMA Web site.
      • Expanded Hobby Shop Program – will expand the program to include shops that are not NRHSA members; tentatively plan to announce at IHOBBY Expo.
      • HMA Partnership – tentatively made commitment to partner in some valid programs.
      • TAG (Take-off And Grow) Program – must have information re program on front page of Web site. Next year the program will ask clubs to submit a proposal/budget and the program will provide funding in lieu of equipment.  
    • Update on current projects:
      • Web site – Phase I launched June 1, moving on to Phase II; should include on the front page of Web site something that will get people to the Muncie Site Schedule.
      • Newcomers Guide – handout to be used at mall shows, give to scouting groups, etc.; this answers most of the elementary questions potential new modelers may have. This will be customized so club names and contacts can be included.
      • Quick Start Guide – second phase will include a lead in DVD, the original Aberle guide (dedicated to small electric models), the Granelli guide from Sport Aviator (covers more traditional models such as 40 size trainers), and an on site video.
      • Membership Guide – suggest changing name to Guide to Member Services; is a member resource as well as a sales tool. Committee would like this item to go to every new member beginning in 2008 and moving forward; if Council feels piece is credible enough, it should go to every member. The cost is around 20k for 160,000 pieces, not including postage; however, it could possibly be sent in lieu of other pieces that are automatically sent to members. 
    •  Nearly completed projects: Park Flying with AMA DVD - first run to retail hobby shops, approx. 1,500 pieces. The series of projects meshed together directed to those looking for flying sites in more urban areas include the Guide to Acquiring Park Flyer Sites (book) – This is a reference piece aimed at how to work with park superintendents and land owners to set up a park flyer field; and an Introduction to Park Flyers DVD – to be left with land owners, park superintendents, etc. explaining the small light-weight electric models. The President expressed concern with the references of ‘typically under 2 lbs’ and ’60 mph’; the committee will address these concerns.  
  • f. XFC/Summer Heat Report
    • A major benefit of partnering with Summer Heat was their ability to provide considerable local advertising promoting the event; the amount of that advertising (either in kind or actual dollar expenditures) reached $120,000 for this year.
    • The XFC presented cash awards totaling $27,500; the top ten in both fixed wing and helicopter received awards.
    • Attendance to the site for XFC/Summer Heat was just shy of 7,000.
    • AMA’s cost for hosting the combined event and the cost to XFC were reviewed; AMA’s net cost was just over $17,000. HQ is still waiting on numbers from Summer Heat before a total recap can be done. 
    • Were a bit disappointed at the amount of money AMA ended up investing in the event, as a larger number of attendees was anticipated at each of the events. However, the cost of $2.67/person to bring 7,000 people to the site and make them aware of model aviation, the AMA and the International Aeromodeling Center was considered worth the expense. Summer Heat provided some permanent site improvements (including relocating a water line.) 
    • Several areas have been identified where it may be possible to generate more income. 
    • AMA is open to hosting the XFC in 2008, but whether it is held here, and combined with Summer Heat, is up to the two entities.

      MOTION VI: Moved by T. Stillman (V), and seconded by B. Brown (III) that AMA host the 2008 XFC (Extreme Flight Championships) and provide funding of $10,000, contingent upon negotiations with the XFC Committee and AMA Headquarters staff.
      MOTION passed unanimously

      President Brown noted that the committee that was involved in the 2007 negotiations (D. Mathewson, chairman and B. Brown) will be involved in the negotiation process for the 2008 XFC event; once the process is ‘ironed-out’ it could be turned over to AMA staff.


  • a. F3D Pylon World Championships
    • Council viewed a video on the F3D WC that was done by AMA’s student intern.
    • Special thanks were given to J. Allen; W. Yeager; H. Kauffmann; Stu McAffee Foundation, Paul Herman and AMA HQ for making the event successful. 
    • The F3D World Championships produced $6,486.26 excess revenue over expenses. 
    • The NAA and A. Greenfield in particular, provided significant help with problems encountered during the organization of this event.  
  • b. Building Roof Update (Appendix III)
    • Contractor has been making repairs (replacing ceiling tiles.) The problem was found to be with thresholds over various doors. The contractor believes the architect should share in the expense of making repairs. Expect to have the repairs done in 3-4 months.  
  • c. Host/Hostess Program
    • Sites are almost ready; have water, sewer and electricity run out there, but do not have the gravel around them yet. Rhonda and Daryl Cady were first Host/Hostess; Virginia and Walt DeFrees current Host/Hostess; next will be Vicki and Gene Weeks. Currently have a number of people signed up for this program. 
    • The ED thanked the Maintenance staff for doing a great job during the numerous events that have been held on site so far this year. 
  • d. Air Show Teams (Appendix IV)
    • A written proposal (as Council requested) was submitted; they have done their utmost to take Council’s desires into consideration for a valid proposal. 
    • Concern was expressed with AMA picking up the cost for chartering and sanctions fees for the air show teams but not doing same for clubs that are providing similar services.
    • This new show team program proposal is restricted to the six teams noted in the proposal (unless they decide to add teams in future). 
    • Headquarters must make a commitment for action with the leads the show teams provide; could possibly merge them with those that go through the manufacturers.
    • Council should use the commitments stated in the proposal as a basis for evaluation; what they expect to accomplish in year one.
    • The value AMA gets from this program is not just the number of leads or new members we get, but in the exposure AMA gets as an organization.

      MOTION VII: Moved by R. Hanson (X), and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to accept the new Air Show Team Program proposal as amended by the Executive Council, and allow the program to run through 2008 with approved funding of $15,280. The program will be re-evaluated by Council at the end of 2008. Funding is contingent upon the Air Show Team committee accepting the amendment.
      MOTION passed: 9-Y; 4-N (III, V, IX, XI)  
  • e. Bylaws
    • The document that Council received includes changes from the past Bylaws Committee, the current committee and comments from L. Johnson, P. Bretson and F. Gora. 
    • Council should consider what the right organizational structure is for the Academy in the year 2007 and beyond; possibly bring in a consultant. 
    • B. Underwood to have copies of 1995 document he has relating to changes, sent to Council. 
    • F. Gora stated they can get the document cleaned up (for ambiguities, clarity, omissions, etc.) but questioned whether Council wants to address that before dealing with the policy and structure aspect of the bylaws; Council should consider the cost effective standpoint and the number of times they want to go to the leader members for votes.
    • Legal counsel should pay close attention to the position of EVP; elected or appointed.

      MOTION VIII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), and seconded by A. Argenio (I) that the bylaws revision be turned over to AMA’s legal counsel for review.
      MOTION passed unanimously 

      Under Management Structure, change appointed by the Executive Council to read approved by Executive Council.


  • a. NATS 2009
    • The NATS Committee will meet on Sept. 29, 2007 to determine the 2009 NATS schedule. 
    • In an effort to showcase the International Aeromodeling Center and bring large events to the site during the best flying season at Muncie (last two weeks of June, full month of July and the first two weeks of August), Council is asked to consider changing the NATS schedule for 2009 (the 2008 schedule has already been set). Would like to set aside two of those eight weeks for events such as IRCHA, XFC, Summer Heat, etc.
    • It is also recommended that no NATS events be run on Monday; this would have the NATS run in 36 (thirty-six) days; they currently run in 38 (thirty-eight).
    • The NATS events should take full advantage of the long daylight hours.
    • A straw poll of Council revealed major support for the recommended changes.

      MOTION IX: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), and seconded by M. Smith (IX) that the 2009 NATS will be run in two week segments spread over eight weeks during the summer of 2009; no NATS events will be run on Mondays.
      MOTION passed unanimously 
  • b. Membership Renewal
    • There was a brief discussion on the consideration of changes for the 2009 renewal period

AWARDS Awards were unanimously approved by acclamation.

M. Smith showed Council an award that E. Dobbs drafted for recognition of a club that is celebrating 50 years as a chartered club; other VP’s may want to consider using this award.

NEXT MEETINGOctober 27-28, 2007