Executive Council Meeting

October 27, 2001
Muncie, IN


President's Report
Approval of Minutes
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report
Committee Reports:
New Business
Next Meeting

Mail Vote: To approve the revised wording in the Safety…
I: Bylaws for clubs will be mandatory for new…
II: To accept the 2002 Operating/Capital budget…
III: That the AMA Royal General Liability Policy…
IV: To accept the document Proposed Method…
V: That a five member Flying Site Development…
VI: To approve "Designation Status" by Executive…
VII: When the President is elected or re-elected, at…
VIII: To add #6 to Criteria for Special Interest Groups…
IX: When a person leaves the EC either by election…
X: Beginning in 2002, to subdivide the existing…
XI: Beginning in 2002, the Executive Council…

The President, who chaired the meeting, called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.


President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Don Krafft, Duxbury, MA; II-Dave Mathewson, Camillus, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Chuck Foreman, Kill Devil Hills, NC; V-Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX-Russ Miller, Carrington, ND; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; NAA Representative Don Koranda; Executive Director Joyce Hager; General Counsel Joe Gelwicks and Recording Secretary JoAnne Brown. 

Present from AMA HQ Staff were Steve Kaluf, Michael Smith, Mary Lou Vojslavek, Jay Mealy, Mary Hurn, Colleen Pierce, Vicki Barkdull, Shawn Grubbs, Greg Minch, Carl Maroney, and Rob Kurek. 

Also in attendance were Bill Lee, Dist. VIII AVP; Gary Fitch, Dist. II AVP; Larry Brannan, Dist. VII AVP; Michael Harrington, Show Team Advisory Committee, Dist. IX; George Steiner, Frequency Committee; and Bill Hershberger, Frequency Committee.


• The President commended all those involved from headquarters with the Helicopter WC, on their actions in securing the site and ensuring the safety of everyone after the events of September 11. At the request of the countries participating, the flags were lowered to half-staff.

• He has attended three world championships since the July council meeting; RC Aerobatics in Ireland, Helicopter in Muncie, and Free Flight in California. All the U.S. teams did well.

• There has been some recent concern involving trademarks, which could have a significant impact on AMA. One involves a kit manufacturer's use of the name Lockheed Martin. The information has been given to AMA s general counsel for review. There is a similar situation regarding a trademark on a web site. The AMA should seriously look at trade marking district patch logos.

• There is an ongoing conflict involving two clubs using the same name. C. Maroney is working with the groups involved. This discussion brought about the fact that AMA does not require clubs to have a working set of bylaws.

MOTION I: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), Bylaws for clubs will be mandatory for new clubs in 2002 and for all clubs in 2003 and beyond. Headquarters will create samples of bylaws and minimum requirements for such bylaws. MOTION passed unanimously.

• The Executive Director noted a sample set of bylaws is available on the AMA web site.

• There was a brief discussion on whether AMA should do some form of organization donation for the WTC crisis. Consensus was that donations are being made directly to relief efforts of individual communities, and no action is necessary.

• The President stated that the U.S.A. would make a firm bid at the November CIAM meeting, to host the 2004 Control Line World Championships in Muncie. Council received a status report from the organizer, Bill Lee. Documents received by the President and PADCOM chairman showed site improvements requested for the championships. These site modifications would be beneficial to the Nationals. The primary need is for two additional circles for team race. Any improvements should be done in 2003, for use in 2004.

• Following conversations with competitors of the Nats and FAI communities, as well as others who feel AMA has lost a lot of exposure as a result of moving the Nationals to the Muncie site, the President offered the following as food for thought. To change the entire scheduling and concept that we have of our Nats. To run the combined Nats as we now know it, every other year and in the off year run a pure FAI event. The President offered the following example: In even years in Muncie, we would run scale, pylon, control line and electric Nats; but in that year traveling somewhere else would be helicopter, pattern, and free flight Nats. (Indoor would be at Johnson City that same year.) In that particular year we would run as pure FAI events in Muncie helicopter, pattern and free flight. The idea being in years opposite the world championships, we would have the pure FAI events in Muncie. This would get the Nationals back on the road and generate more exposure and hopefully create more activity and interest in FAI events. The President appointed an ad hoc committee to look at this concept. The committee consists of Chairman Charlie Bauer, Sandy Frank, Bob Brown and Steve Kaluf. A report will be made at the next meeting.

It was moved, and approved by acclamation, to accept the minutes of the July 9, 2001 Executive Council meeting.


• On-line renewal is very popular and AMA is working toward automating this process more.

August 16, 2001 Mail Vote:

To approve the revised wording in the Safety Code for Organized RC Racing events.

7)c. Distance from the pylon to the nearest spectators (line) will be in accordance with the current Competition Regulations under the RC Pylon Racing section for the specific event pending two or three pylon course layout.

MOTION passed.

A second mail vote regarding Contest Directors was referred back to committee.

• Report on flying sites. Joe Beshar and Wes DeCou continue to report on a monthly basis. Wes was personally involved with the frequency testing at Fort Ord. Joe Beshar has been asked back to Atlanta to address the waste management council on the use of landfills as flying sites. Council received a chart showing information accumulated during the 2001 club renewal period addressing site loss. Out of 2,568 clubs, 103 lost a site in the last two years and only 3 did not replace that site. We need to determine what geographic area(s) are losing sites. Interest was expressed in determining how many clubs disbanded due to the loss of their flying site. Council will receive from the Membership Department the number of clubs that are new, and how many are renewed. Council agreed to let headquarters contact clubs and ask why they did not re-charter. The information gleaned will be passed on to the respective vice president.

Many people are under the assumption that the FAA has closed airports to model aircraft activity. This is not true, however, the use of those airports is at the discretion of the airport administrators. Therefore, we must abide by the rules set forth by those administers. It was reported that members were calling various FAA officers asking whether the FAA grounding of aircraft included model aircraft. It is imperative that we let the members know they should contact the AMA, and AMA will interface with the government on their behalf.


• The NAA received much support from the international community after the events of September 11, including a call from the FAI Secretary General, Max Bishop. The NAA was also involved in contacting the FAA to dispense the rumors regarding the grounding of model aircraft.

• Koranda has just returned from the General Conference meeting. A major item they are addressing is how to base the subscription system in the future. They voted on the principle of basing the fees on the number of air sports persons in each country. In the proposal, sixty countries would see a decrease and thirty (of which NAA is one), an increase. This idea was successfully redirected to the executive director group for further review.

• The principle of the World Air Games was agreed upon, however, they are looking at a more structured, controlled event that could possibly be invitational.

• Key issue for the FAI as an organization, is focusing on the loss of airspace, and the environment.

• Sporting Competition-There has been a renewed interest on the part of the air sport group to take a hard look at their competitions; structuring them so there is consistency among them.


Even though the budget shows a deficit for 2002, based on past performance AMA has never ended a year with a deficit. The income for 2002 includes a modest increase in membership numbers. (3% growth prorated to age categories.) AMA is facing a significant increase in insurance premiums and postage costs. The President pointed out that due to the events of September 11, further increases in insurance could be expected.

MOTION II: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by S. Frank (VIII), To accept the 2002 Operating/Capital Budget as presented. MOTION passed unanimously.

Nats Report
Nats Committee met at headquarters on October 20. Ron Morgan took ill, so the Technical Director chaired the meeting. Had a little over 1300 competitors at the 2001 Nats. The Committee felt the Nats went very well, due in large part to the support of the SIGs. RC Combat will be an official event for the 2002 Nationals.  Scale Aerobatics will have a sound limitation of 100 dBA at 3 meters in place. A big issue that was addressed was Scale over fly of the CL facilities. The scheduled has been reworked, so that Scale will be the only event on the site for the three days it runs (two that they fly). Those that over fly will be given one warning; a second infraction will result in a zero score. Per previous EC action, the diagonal runway will remain closed during scale.

It was moved, and approved by acclamation, to award 5A status to the 2002 Nationals. Dates will be Indoor May 29-June 2 in Johnson City; Outdoor July 5-August 9 in Muncie.

The Technical Director indicated that the general time frames have been set for the Outdoor 2003 and 2004 Nationals. They are July 5-August 8, 2003 and July 10-August 13, 2004. (The 2004 dates may be changed depending upon the world championships.) Indoor dates have not been established yet.

Council then went in to Executive Session.

Frequency Committee
At the RCHTA show earlier this year, the question was raised regarding site separation. The manufacturers asked whether AMA would conduct tests to determine if three miles separation was actually needed. Four members of the frequency committee (Bill Hershberger, George Steiner, Warren Plohr and Bob Underwood) will be testing at the AMA site, October 29-November 1. The manufacturers have supplied equipment for the tests. The AMA site will be closed on those days.

Publications Committee
Model Aviation
has signed a new three-year contract with Banta Publications. AMA will receive a $95,000 signing bonus as soon as the contract is executed, as well as a 6-month price freeze on the cost of paper. The AMA is out sourcing its web site to include design and development. Features will include an on-line store, an e-mail push system and eventually an automated renewal capability. The company that handles the Model Aviation Archives database approached AMA. They have not realized the profits they expected and offered to sell the database to AMA. AMA will take possession of that database, and the same company that is hosting the web site will host it. Advertising rates for the magazine have been adjusted; the first time since 1986. An increase of 5% will be effective January 1, 2002. It is felt that these rates are still competitive with other modeling publications.

The following motion is a result of discussion in Executive Session.

MOTION III: Moved by D. Krafft (I), seconded by B. Nelson (XI), That the AMA Royal General Liability Policy be amended to exclude coverage for libel, slander or defamation of character claims or suits between or among members and clubs. This exclusion will not apply to bodily injury or property damage claims or suits. MOTION passed unanimously.

Camp Jeep
Camp Jeep was scheduled for three days. The site was closed down for one day due to severe weather. The total number of students who went through the flight school and were flown was 847. Flight simulator school had 1,132 participants. There were 405 families registered and each family was sent a foam airplane along with information about the Academy.

Nominating Procedures
The committee met at headquarters on October 26. The chairman will provide a revised copy of the procedures to all council members prior to the next council meeting. Any questions should be sent to the chairman prior to the meeting.

The problem of scale over flight has been addressed and recommendation given to the Nats Steering Committee. PADCOM will consider the recommended site improvements for the upcoming CL WC. Also looking at the museum, education and indoor flying site.

CD (Ad hoc)
Discussion on the proposal resulted in changes to the original motion. The motion addresses the manner for handling a complaint against a contest director during the running of an event. All complaints will be housed at headquarters.

MOTION IV: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), To accept the document Proposed Method of Handling Complaints re: CD’s. (Below)

Complaints regarding a Contest Director (CD) while acting in their official capacity as a representative of the Academy of Model Aeronautics should be made in writing to AMA Headquarters, who in turn will forward to the VP of the District where the complaint originated or where the infraction occurred.

The VP would review the written complaints and contact the complainant if additional information or clarification is required.

The VP would then contact the CD, explain the complaint and request a response in writing.

The VP will review the complaint and the CD’s response, and take whatever course of action is appropriate to resolve the problem, whether it is a warning or a revocation of the CD license. If there is a reprimand given, it should be in writing. The CD may appeal any action taken by the VP, in writing, and request the matter be reviewed by the Executive Council. The Executive Council could uphold the action taken by the VP, overturn it, or refuse to hear it.

Any elected officer of the Academy of Model Aeronautics shall have the same rights as a VP for purposes of the document.
MOTION passed: 
8 yes; 
4 no (II, IV, VII, VIII); 
1 abstain (NAA).

Show Team Advisory (Appendix V)
Mike Harrington, Show Team Advisory Committee Chairman, presented an overview of the show team program and what it has planned for the future. Guidelines to regulate model aviation at full-scale air shows at ICAS events are being developed. The chairman indicated that a letter was sent on behalf of the advisory committee stating they would give their input, but had not received a formal request to comment on the guidelines. The President may send a follow up letter asking if they would like AMA’s input.

The Distinguished Service Award was then presented to Mike Harrington by the President, for his service as a District X AVP and Chairman of the Show Team Advisory Committee.


Establish Flying Site Development/Improvement Grant Committee (Appendix VI).
This committee would receive requests, rank them (much like the scholarship committee does), and disperse the available funds. The VP must approve/disapprove the grant application. The reserve for legal assistance is not included in the amount to be dispersed.

MOTION V: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), That a five member Flying Site Development/Improvement Grant Committee be established. (Members of the committee to be appointed by the President.) MOTION passed: 12 yes; 1 no (VIII).

Applications should be made available on the AMA web site.

Create a Standing Committee for the continuation and improvement of flying sites. Withdrawn.

Award Life membership to the 200,000 person to join AMA. It was moved, and approved by acclamation, A new member who causes our membership to reach 200,000 will be awarded Life membership.

Approve "Designation Status" for the District VIII Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference. Council members received a CD showing 2,400-2,500 attendees. The conference sold all of their 127 booths available. Would like to recognize the dozen people that worked four days by awarding earned memberships.

MOTION VI: Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by J. McNeill (V), To approve "Designation Status" by Executive Council for the District VIII Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference retroactively to May 2001. This retrospective approval being limited to twelve (12) earned memberships. MOTION passed: 7 yes; 5 no (I, II IV, IX, EVP); 1 abstain (NAA).

Every three years, the new or re-elected president will remove current committee chairmen, then re-appoint chairpersons. During a brief discussion, the following ideas were presented for consideration. Reach outside Council for technical expertise and experience in areas that could be helpful (the Education Committee was sited as one where this has worked well). A chairperson need not be a Council member, but a Council member should be appointed as liaison. Possibly appoint a committee coordinator in place of a chairperson (such as on the Frequency Committee).

MOTION VII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), When the President is elected or re-elected, at the first meeting of the Executive Council all committee chairpersons appointed by the President are removed as chairs. The President can then re-appoint the chairpersons or appoint new persons. MOTION passed unanimously.

Addition of an item #6 to Criteria for SIGs. This item will be applicable for all new and renewing SIGs.

MOTION VIII: Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by R. Hanson (X), To add #6 to Criteria for Special Interest Groups. (#6- I attest that my Special Interest Group has an open membership regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, or disability.) MOTION passed unanimously.

A person leaving the EC by election or personal choice will be removed from all committees. Re-appointment under the rules for committee appointment is allowed.

MOTION IX: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV), When a person leaves the EC either by election or personal choice, that person is automatically removed from all committees. Re-appointment to a committee under the rules for committee appointment is allowed. MOTION passed unanimously.

Create new Contest Boards for R/C Combat and subdivide existing C/L Contest Boards. 
It was noted that R/C Combat will be an official rulebook category starting January 1, 2002 and therefore, should have a board dedicated to its interests. Control line has developed such specialization that it needs separate boards specifically addressing each of the various disciplines; those who fly the event should make the rules. Headquarters will notify the special interest groups that they are to supply names of individuals they recommend as board members.

MOTION X: Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), Beginning in 2002, to subdivide the existing Control Line Contest Board into five (5) freestanding boards. Those boards are designated as: C/L Combat; C/L Racing; C/L Precision Aerobatics; C/L Speed, and C/L Carrier. MOTION passed unanimously.
MOTION XI: Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), Beginning in 2002, the Executive Council shall create a new, separate and freestanding Contest Board for R/C Combat. MOTION passed unanimously.

Dates for 2002 Executive Council meetings.
February 9, 2002
April 27, 2002
July 15, 2002 (Monday)
October 26, 2002


It was suggested that a place be designated on the AMA Walk of Fame for bricks purchased by the current AMA Executive Council members. Also suggested was the development of a plaque recognizing the Building Committee members and the Council members that made the new facility possible. (Included on this plaque should be the date, year, and names.)

Will meet Sunday to discuss bylaws – 9:00 a.m.

The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.