Executive Council Meeting

October 15-16, 2005
Muncie IN


NAA Representative David Ivey was not in attendance.
The President called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

In Attendance
President's Report
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
Committee Reports
New Business
Old Business

Motions:I To approve the 2006 Operating Budget as presented.
II To approve the amount of $410,850.00 in Capital and Contingency…
III To approve the Safety Committee recommendations relative to…
IV That AMA establish a Disaster Relief Fund with $20,000.00 of AMA...
V Be it resolved that by mutual agreement Don Koranda will…
VI To appoint Joyce Hager as Staff Director.
VII To accept the 2006 Air Show America event as presented by the…
VIII To accept the Membership Development Committee’s recommended…

The following
were moved, seconded and approved by acclamation:

  • To approve the July 9, 2005 Executive Council minutes.

  • To read into the minutes the results of the August 12, 2005 mail vote.

  • That the Executive Council agrees with the Nats Management ...

  • That the Executive Council recognizes and approves the name…

  • That following Museum Steering Committee report, Executive…

  • To approve the 2006 Nats as a 5A event; dates are…

  • To approve the Report and Recommendations of the Nats ...

  • To approve the F3D Pylon World Championships be held June…

  • That pictures of the candidate will not be allowed in the campaign…

  • That the dates for the 2006 Executive Council meetings are…

  • That Headquarters proceed with Version #1 of Fellow Award as…

  • That AMA member (name withheld) that his renewal membership…

President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II-Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Bliss Teague, Hickory, NC; V-Tony Stillman, Pensacola, FL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX-Mark T. Smith, Shawnee, KS; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Executive Director Don Koranda and Joe Gelwicks, Legal Counsel.

Attending from AMA Headquarter staff was Vicki Barkdull, Lonnie Estep, Steve Kaluf, Rob Kurek, Carl P. Maroney, Jay Mealy, Colleen Pierce, Tom Schwyn, and Michael Smith.

Others in attendance were Wes DeCou, FSAC; Joe Beshar, FSAC; Larry Johnson, Harry Koch Co.; Bob Underwood, Safety Committee; Travis McGinnis, Finance Committee/Dist. IX AVP; Ginger Mathewson and Shirley Teague.

A moment of silence was observed for John Patton and Carolyn Crispin.

The President requested any additions to the agenda; the matter of Historical Landmarks will be discussed during the Museum Steering Committee report; and the Finance Committee report will be the first committee report presented.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to approve the July 9, 2005 Executive Council minutes.
It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to read into the minutes the results of the August 12, 2005 mail vote.

At this point Larry Johnson presented an award to the AMA/Carl Maroney in appreciation of the business partnership.


  • During the Nats Management Committee meeting a question came up regarding the cost of and need for having an EMS person on site for the duration of the Nats. Since there is an EMS station located on the corner of AMA’s property, could AMA eliminate the expense of having an EMS person on site? The President noted the individual on site during the Nats handles more than ‘911 type’ emergencies; he is AMA’s first response to anything on site for the duration of the Nats. Joe Gelwicks will investigate the liability of not having EMS personnel on site and the possibility of training AMA employees in First Response.

  • A Control Line Stunt group within the PAMPA organization has proposed that a PAMPA competition committee (one member from each PAMPA district) run control line stunt at the Nats. The proposal was scrutinized by various people including the Nats Management Committee and the AMA President. It was agreed that administration of the Nats must be retained by the Nats Management Committee and to that end the following action was taken.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation that the Executive Council agrees with the Nats Management Committee position, that the proposed CL Stunt Committee is not acceptable.

  • The President advised Council on a situation with contest boards and a 3-D aerobatic event. Following consideration the President assigned the event to a combination of the helicopter and scale aerobatics boards. (This is not a newly assigned board but a combination of two; therefore does not require EC approval.)


  • The EVP briefly reported on the September financial statement. Investments were up and cash was down. The working capital money was down due to lack of membership and a change in expenses since last year. He does not see any working capital problem out of the shortfall of money because of the way AMA is budgeted and actually functioning.



  • T. McGinnis introduced the members of the committee and read the mission statement (adopted in 1997.) He thanked the committee and staff for their considerable work in the budgets’ preparation. A column will be added to the budget titled 2005 Budget (this is in addition to the 2005 Forecast column). The ED explained that the amount budgeted for various items indicate an expression of intent to go in a certain direction. The committee answered questions relative to various line items including trial memberships, magazine subscriptions, advertising expenses, and Nats income/trophies/staff travel, PADCOM, club assistance program (formula based), and district budgets (formula based). Other discussion included budgeting per the strategic plan, maintaining balance with established goals and objectives, FAI expenses (FAI Executive Committee will meet and determine how to reduce expenses and incorporate changes into the team programs) and the AMA Air Show Teams potential for increasing membership.

MOTION I: Moved and seconded to approve the 2006 Operating Budget as presented.
MOTION passed 8 yes, 2 no (VI, VIII)

  • In discussing the capital budget it was stated that approving the budget does not constitute approval of individual items/projects within that budget. As the amount for web site redesign was a substantial portion of the budget, the ED explained that this amount was an estimate from one company after talking with headquarters managers. HQ will solicit estimates from additional companies. Council members expressed their desires as to what the system should provide.
    The President explained the reasoning behind the expense for a frequency board system.

MOTION II: Moved and seconded to approve the amount of $410,850.00 in Capital and Contingency Budget for 2006. This does not approve any expenditure of funds. Any projects to be expended from this budgeted amount must be approved by Executive Council.
MOTION passed 11 yes, 1 no (VIII)

  • The Executive Director will investigate the policy on approving Capital fund expenditures. It is thought this policy is a three tier approval process. The ED may present specific projects for EC approval at the January 2006 meeting.

Safety (Appendix)

  • B. Underwood explained that the proposed changes have nothing to do with the safety code, but are confined to the turbine document/turbine renewal procedures and experimental aircraft program. As clarification Underwood stated this proposal moves ‘turbines to 75 lbs.’ to the experimental aircraft class, where they are divided into two classes depending on such things as speed and pilot qualifications. This provides an additional layer of requirements for the person who wants to fly an over 55 lb. turbine in a scale event. There was a brief discussion on D. Lowe’s comments made at the July 2005 EC meeting relative to technological advancements and possibly sun-setting the turbine program and melding it into the other modeling activity. The President noted that if the [turbine] community is going to continue to demand higher weight, higher performance, etc., the only way AMA can have any semblance of maintaining a safe scenario is to not back off on some of the safety rules.

MOTION III: Moved and seconded to approve the Safety Committee recommendations relative to turbine power model class and experimental aircraft class.
MOTION passed unanimously

Membership Development (Appendix)

  • The chairman indicated that some market sensitive data that was shared with the committee will be discussed during executive session. The numbers indicate that total membership is going down; however when this number is broken down renewed memberships increased in 2005. The committee is of the opinion that two different marketing plans are needed; one for renewals and one for new members. (New members are those that have never been in the database before.)
  • The Axiom study indicated that 60% of members consider the number one priority is flying sites. Suggestions from the committee include moving the monthly flying site assistance columns toward the front of the magazine; possibly include a flying site assistance helpful hint section; ease the renewal process; and as the Axiom study shows 93% of readership is RC related consider balancing this in the magazine. Programs being looked at directed toward new members include a new pilot program (similar to the ‘Be a Pilot’ program); revise the advertisement for the $19.95 introductory program; and create a buddy-box program. Data was provided to show the size of the non-member market.
  • The committee feels the primary focus should be on electrics and described an e-field program they would like to make available to clubs. Discussion included possibly offering a reduced dues structure for electrics; having purely electric fields; look at electrics as probably the best possible source of future membership going right now; and the committee is investigating distributing AMA information via small CDs being included by suppliers at the point of manufacture or point of sale.
  • Suggestions for improving AMA’s image included creating an ad campaign to attract new members and remind current members why they should belong to AMA; develop an event that would be held in Muncie; and the use of a new slogan Bringing Modelers Together. Suggested markets that could be tapped included AARP and Parents Without Partners.

Museum Steering/Historic Landmark Update

  • At the meeting held July 19, 2005 the committee looked at ongoing projects, long term projects, exhibits, and strategic plans.
  • Heating and cooling systems are being replaced which will aid in preservation. A section of the gallery is currently closed while installation is done. Other projects include installing dropped ceilings and new light fixtures/switches (turning off lights over storage areas protects the artifacts); and relocating doors and offices which will increase security and allow better employee traffic flow. The strategic plan includes increasing number of visitors and increasing the visibility of the collection.
  • The committee recognized various problems in the Historic Landmark Program. As a result of their discussion modifications were suggested and are being presented to Council. Michael Smith explained the concept behind the modifications. The new program is titled National Aeromodeling Heritage Program. This is a funded program but does not necessarily preclude having sponsors in the future. Nomination forms will be placed on the AMA Web site.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation that the Executive Council recognizes and approves the name change from National Aeromodeling Historic Landmark Program to National Aeromodeling Heritage Program.
It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation that following the Museum Steering Committee report, Executive Council accepts the modifications to the program.

Nats Planning (Appendix)

  • C. Bauer prefaced the report by stating there will be several motions to be addressed. The Nats Management Committee agreed without hesitation to increase the basic entry fee. They were very pleased with how L. Estep handled himself under sometimes trying circumstances; and wanted to express their thanks to the maintenance crew.
  • Estep reported that the dates presented for the 2007 Nats are tentative, however the dates for the F3D World Championships (June 30-July 4, 2007) are solid.
  • The committee recognized that it has been a number of years since the AMA has adjusted the basic registration fee and in attempt to have the Nats break even or slightly make money they recommend increasing the basic registration fee for each contestant by $10. The SIG’s represented at the Nats Planning meeting were all in favor of this recommendation. It was also agreed to charge $50 per protest. (If it is proven there are no grounds for the protest AMA keeps the $50 as Nats income; if the protest is upheld the $50 will be refunded in full.) Previously during the Nats fees were charged for protests, so this is just a reinstatement of past policy.
  • Other recommendations by the committee included enforcing some type of crowd control at Site 4 during the Nats; allotment of awards will be based on number of pre-registered contestants (pre-registered meaning those that have entered an event before it’s published cut-off date); and unofficial events will be entered into the AMA database system as ‘999’ in an effort to track the number of unofficial events/participants.
  • There was a brief discussion on the policy regarding holding the Nats at Muncie. A suggestion was made that if a group offers a proposal to host a specific Nats event at a venue other than Muncie and they were able to come up with a suitable site, workers etc. to run the event, Council should consider the offer. S. Kaluf will research the established policy on holding the Nats at Muncie and develop verbiage that would encourage the Nats Management Committee to develop such a program. A report is to be given at the January 2006 Council meeting.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to approve the 2006 Nats as a 5A event; dates are Indoor May 30-June 4, Outdoor July 3-August 6.
It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to approve the Report and Recommendations of the Nats Management Committee.
It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation to approve the F3D Pylon World Championships be held June 30-July 4, 2007; the F3D Pylon World Championships will be preceded by the AMA Pylon Nats.

Break for lunch 12:25 p.m. This will be a working lunch, with the Executive Director giving his report during this time.


Katrina Efforts/Requests (Appendix)

  • Council was provided an outline of what HQ did in the Katrina effort. Koranda reported it was determined that HQ would provide member-to-member assistance. This included creating web site text and push email urging members to donate; creating forms for those interested in donating help and forms for requesting assistance; and setting up a phone bank using the 800 number to contact AMA. Headquarters took approx. 130 calls offering assistance and around 34 calls requesting assistance. Koranda reported that one gentleman offering assistance drove to places Headquarters informed him needed help with cutting trees, cleaning yards, etc. After he was finished at one place, he contacted AMA and asked who else needed help and he went there. Another effort made which was extremely important and gave Headquarters a good feeling within the community was they made approximately 1,600 calls to identified AMA members in the affected areas to see if they were alright.
    Council should determine what AMA should do as an organization on a continuing basis; where should the focus be to help members. Suggestions included providing immediate assistance (cash) for clean up and removal of debris; move affected clubs to the front of the line on AMA grant programs; low cost loan programs; and a campaign to collect funds for distribution to clubs located in a designated federal disaster area. Headquarters is requesting guidance from the Council as to how the staff should proceed. Various VPs and the President agree that the portions of the program relating to individuals (calling members to see if they were alright and matching members needing assistance with those will to provide it) are a good idea and creates tremendous good will. It has become evident through this ordeal that the biggest problem with clubs is clean-up. Headquarters identified approximately 40 clubs that were directly affected by the two hurricanes. The President suggested a disaster relief program that could initially be funded by AMA but would encourage donations that would provide assistance in future disasters. Those requesting assistance would have to provide documentation/photos etc. as proof of need. It was suggested that either VPs or AVPs visit the site for verification of need.

MOTION IV: Moved and seconded AMA establish a Disaster Relief Fund with $20,000.00 of AMA funding to assist the victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and future disasters in clean up efforts, with a limit of $500.00 for any one club.
MOTION passed unanimously.

Headquarters staff should provide parameters for a federal disaster relief program. (Using the program developed by Doug ‘Chief’ Powell and committee two/three meetings ago as a gauge.) The program should also solicit donations from members. The program will be presented to Council for approval.

Election Procedures

  • This item is brought before Council as a result of a picture appearing in the campaign statements in the magazine. There is nothing in the bylaws or standing rules which prohibits pictures in those statements. Minor changes made to the document resulted in two different procedure documents being received by candidates. The ED requested direction from Council.

It was the consensus of Council that pictures of the candidate will not be allowed in the campaign statements and that all statements will be published “word for word” as provided by the candidate. The policy and procedure document should reflect this. Changes to the policy and procedure document will be approved by the Executive Council. Note: it was suggested that the magazine print disclaimer for statements noting they are word for word as provided by the candidate.


  • Total membership (YTD) as of 9/16/05 is down approximately 2,000 over last year. Memberships processed for the third quarter (start July 1) is down 995 over 2004. A breakdown of membership was provided showing new members versus renewals versus rejoins. (Rejoins are members who renewed after March 31; this is the first time HQ has started tracking rejoins.) The number of clubs in 2005 is up 17, Chapters up 1 and the number of air show teams remained the same. The ED explained that the reason a number count is used when tracking memberships instead of dollar amount is that AMA is trying to drive itself to the 200k member goal that was established in the strategic plan.
  • The Web site renewal page was explained. The wording on the renewal form under dues stating “make changes” will be revised to say “other options”. Much work is being done by the IS department and it is hoped that eventually changes made by members on the (Web) renewal form will automatically update the database; right now update are run each night.
  • An update was given on the piece being worked on by J. Hager with input from the departments. This is the communication piece to be used by VPs, AVPs, HQs staff etc. that shows an overview of who we are and what AMA does. The ED explained this is designed to be a front end program to show Headquarters' main goals and objectives, issues, hot topics, etc. Any changes or ideas that would enhance the presentation should be given to Headquarters. Overhead transparencies of this presentation will be made available.


  • A total of five (5) renewal mailing efforts have taken place; the last one on 8/18/05. In the renewal overview of 2005 versus 2004 the Affiliate number was down in 2005 (this is due to the CLWC that were held in 2004); Intro Members was up dramatically by 44%; the net gain/loss of renewals is +1,285. However, new members were down 2,296. (There was a decrease in all categories except Intro Members.)
  • T. Schwyn reviewed the following programs: “2006 Come Fly With Us” Sweepstakes, Introductory Membership, AMA Scouting (forecast 3500 attendees and is expected to generate revenue), Air Show Team (have received 6,000 legitimate leads although it’s not expected to result in 6,000 members); and the EAA Membership Program (the long term potential is there and have had two meeting so far; they have been more open than in the past but this is not expected to bring in a significant number of members, possibly 200).
  • Non-due revenue programs: TN DVD is on track for almost 45k they owe AMA for the first three volumes; and Dental/Vision Insurance-would like to launch this is last quarter of 2005/first quarter of 2006 (information on this program will be sent to Council), advertising of this offer will be on the Web site.

Convention Planning (Appendix)

  • Based on the annual surveys, debriefs and other input AMA will be incorporating changes to the convention for 2006. These include a change in the floor plan to create an AMA village in the center of the floor (took out four booths and these four will now occupy the booth space previously held by AMA functions); AMA supply and service sales will be highly modified to include only select items, the bigger sellers; improved signage; seminars to include Safety by B. Underwood, Insurance by C. Maroney, LiPo batteries by F. Marks and Spread Spectrum by J. Adams of Horizon; the AMA President will present a State of the Organization address on Saturday morning. Dates for the AMA Convention are January 13-15, 2006; for 2007 January 12-14.
  • Enhanced the advertisement in the magazines to include more color, increased mailing of this ad to hobby shops and clubs within a 300 mile radius of Ontario; 51% of booths sold so far; have partnered with the city of Ontario to put up directional signs the week prior to the show; better utilization of convention marquee; and J. Mealy played an enhanced radio ad that will air on K Frog Radio, this idea was pushed by Erin Dobbs (who works with Jay) and credit was given to her. Mealy is shooting for an attendance of 8,000 for 2006.
  • There will be a special event Saturday night. Burt Rutan was elected to the Model Aviation Hall of Fame this year and there will be a reserved, sit down served dinner for 150 people that evening. Tickets for the dinner are $45.00 each, although B. Rutan requested children 12 and under accompanied by an adult be admitted free; B. Rutan will be giving a talk during the dinner event. Tickets will be first come, first served. It was suggested to make this event by invitation; Mealy asked Council to email him the names of those people deemed by the VP to be invitation candidates by October 26, Mealy will send invitations. If the event does not fill up by invitation, can make tickets available on site. This will be a great publicity event for the Academy. J. Mealy will investigate videotaping and doing a web cast of the dinner, however being able to do this is not guaranteed.
  • Mealy informed Council on the background of the draft document re use of federally funded airports for model aircraft events. This is prompted by the cancellation of numerous large events as a result of an incident that took place in Sullivan Missouri. Mealy has been working with sponsors of such events and has been successful in getting approval for an event in Florida. The documents associated with this approval are being saved to make sure the FAA is following what they say and to see if there are any discrepancies in their decision making. In Mealy’s opinion and strategy, this document highlights the procedures AMA gives to people, very definite information and criteria that the FAA is looking for at this time on whether you can or cannot have an event at a single runway, federally operated airport. AMA needs to develop a procedure for recognition for our activity to allow us to do this; it benefits the airport, it benefits the airport users, not only from a public relations standpoint but from a financial standpoint.


  • R. Kurek presented an overview of activities. The redesign was first seen in the Sept. 2005 issue, they are trying to draw people into the material. HQ has received about 30 comments from members concerning the redesign; Kurek will wait another issue before forming an opinion and gathering statistical data.
  • Model Aviation went out to bid in July 2005; it is recommended to sign a new three-year contract agreement with Banta.
  • There have been significant changes to AMA Insider which include a wider distribution that includes all club officers, new writers, and is now bi-monthly.
  • Sport Aviator site visitation up 75% over last year and the average length of time a person looks at the site is 14 minutes.
  • Since there was no specific Nats issue of Model Aviation, a souvenir type CD of the Nats was created; this will be sent at no cost to all Nats participants and Council members. It will be made available for purchase by anyone else interested in receiving a copy or if Nats participants want additional copies (cost $4.95 plus S&H).

Insurance (Appendix)

  • Council received an update on action items pending through the committee.
  • L. Johnson approached the company writing AMA’s auto coverage relative to uninsured/underinsured coverage for owned and non-owned vehicles and questioned whether it could be extended to rental vehicles. The company has declined to offer this. Five years ago attempted to try to put together a new package of club benefits both Directors and Officers coverage along with Property coverage; about 20% of clubs showed interest. It was difficult to get an underwriter interested especially with some of the remote locations of our clubs. This item was not included in the budget for 2006 but if the AMA and Council find they are in the position to reinvestigate the opportunity, the committee will present it in more detail. It should be noted that it will take about $100k to initiate. AMA would have to initially fund the Directors and Officers and Property coverage; then it would be promoted to the clubs and they will buy in and purchase it. As with any program, it will take a few years to get it self-supporting. Another topic of discussion was Non-owned Aircraft Coverage; following discussion with the Finance Committee it was taken out of the budget and is not expected to be purchased the first of the year. AMA had Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage with AIG but experienced many problems with them; subsequently got quote with Chubb and negotiated a year and a half contract with them which goes through 2006.
    The committee’s charter was presented to Council for consideration. A summary of claims will be sent to Council at the end of each month; this data is confidential and should not be shared outside Council. The chairman did indicate however that using data in the generic sense when addressing clubs about insurance issues is beneficial, e.g. a trend of claims for fingers in props; this can be used as a loss prevention type activity.
    Language changes to the policy were submitted to Westchester and the committee is awaiting acceptance of these changes. These changes were presented to Council and include: not requiring a written contract between the club and the site owner for coverage to be in place; a change to the frequency interference exclusion so that only model to model damage is excluded. Additionally change the limitation covering an impound area to apply at any event involving exclusively AMA members as long as there is an operating impound area. Kaluf created a document that describes an effective radio impound and this document will eventually be included with the club charter package; creating consistency in the policy language relative to model airplanes/aircraft and created definitions for hot air balloons and boats; exclude coverage for UAVs (although AMA will allow exceptions for educational institutions if they meet stringent safety and insurance requirements); change language relative to coverage for event sponsors and organizers (remove the requirement for a contractual obligation between sponsors and/or the club and individual). The committee wanted to make clear that while we insure organizers and sponsors under certain situations, we are not insuring any commercial activity. It is difficult to determine whether an event is operated commercially for profit; L. Johnson will review the literature AMA puts out and reinforce the language that the AMA coverage that is provided does not give any commercial venture protection.
    It was stated that the rate of accident incidents seems to be growing and the AMA as an organization should try to determine what they can do to improve our loss control.

A ten minute break was called (at 4:30 .m.) and immediately following, the Council went into Executive Session. Council recessed for the night at 7:30 p.m. and will reconvene in Executive Session Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Sunday October 16, 2005
Executive Session 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

The following motions were presented as a result of Executive Session:

MOTION V: Moved and seconded: be it resolved that by mutual agreement Don Koranda will step down from the Executive Director position.
MOTION passed by secret ballot

MOTION VI: Moved and seconded to appoint Joyce Hager as Staff Director.
MOTION passed unanimously

  • Mark Smith discussed the details of the Buddy Box program and the Air Show America event. The following are recaps of that discussion.
    AMA Buddy Box Program: Recently, the industry introduced several “Ready to fly” trainers which include the plane, radio and engine for around $300-$400, but the key that is missing is a buddy box. The AMA Buddy Box Program addresses this problem by making the buddy box available to the new AMA member along with the management of the customer list.
    Air Show America: On September 9, 2006, under the direction of a professional promoter, AMA will hold its first ever event targeted to put Muncie on the map for the average modelers. The event will be a one day R/C air show with 20-30 premiere performances running all day long. We will also offer the public a chance to fly both R/C and Control Line models. The following activities are planned:

    • Non-stop R/C air show for spectators to view in the comfort of bleachers located at the L-pad
    • Numerous R/C trainers plus a couple of control line circles with instructors will be available for the public to try their hand at flying
    • Guided tours of HQ and the museum

    This is the first step in a 3-year program leading to an “Oshkosh” type event wherein modelers from all over the world will be encouraged to travel to Muncie to participate and enjoy a week long modeling experience.

MOTION VII: Moved and seconded to accept the 2006 Air Show America event as presented by the Membership Development Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously

MOTION VIII: Moved and seconded to accept the Membership Development Committee’s recommended Buddy Box program.
MOTION passed unanimously

  • The President then asked Council to consider the proposed dates for the 2006 Executive Council meetings.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation that the dates for the 2006 Executive Council meetings are January 28/29; April 29/30; July 15/16 and October 21/22. The Finance Committee will on September 29.


Strategic Planning

  • The President appointed Bliss Teague with the responsibility of getting the strategic planning meeting documents from HQ and determine where we stand in the process; he is also to keep Council apprised of progress or lack thereof.

Fellow Award

  • Council reviewed three options of this award.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation that Headquarters proceed with Version #1 of Fellow Award as presented in October 15, 2005 agenda.


U.S. Team Eligibility

  • It is being requested that AMA instate a policy requiring U.S. citizenship for any member trying out for a U.S. team. A decision on this request is under the purview of the FAI Executive Committee. The President indicated that AMA follows the FAI policy which does not require citizenship but does require residency of the country an individual wishes to represent. He also noted that a proposal is set to go before the FAI General Conference requesting the residency requirement be reduced from three years to one year. The NAA polled the U.S. air sports organizations on their view of this proposal; the AMA President offered a resounding no. Depending on the outcome of this issue it may be necessary for the AMA to write their own policy on residency requirements. It would be extremely difficult to require proof of citizenship, as percentage wise not many people have U.S. passports.

Indoor FF 3-View Drawings

  • There is a requirement that when a person applies for an AMA record you must send in a 3-view plan of the model that is used. AMA has approximately 1,000 of these 3-view drawings on file at HQ. There are individuals who want to access the drawings, place the list on the web site or request AMA supply them with the drawings. On the record application forms we do not have a release for the right to publish these drawings. To provide the publication (scan, etc.) as is being request would take about 160 man hours. The headquarters staff is asking for direction by Council. It was decided that if a person wants access to these drawings they need to secure written permission/a signed release form from the person whose drawing they want and submit it to headquarters. There will be a nominal fee charged for this service. For the future a check box for release/do not release drawings will be added to the record application. Headquarters will solicit input from legal counsel on what to do in the event the record applicant is deceased. Headquarters will not scan all drawings but will do so per request.

Other Business

  • J. Beshar revisited his idea for soliciting non-dues revenue, and use portions of this revenue as compensation for club leaders who develop a detailed approach on searching for and acquiring flying sites. Beshar feels offering compensation as an incentive would encourage people to go out and work hard at finding flying sites. He noted that Council had previously not accepted this proposal.
  • They (Beshar and W. DeCou) continue to provide support and encouragement in finding flying sites by telephone/email support and providing support material and advice. Beshar notes they are continuing with the Superfund projects and are currently working on a Brownsfield program. He will be attending the annual meeting of the Superfund people on October 25.
  • It is being suggested that the Publications Committee consider the idea of moving the flying site articles in Model Aviation toward the front since this is a paramount concern for clubs and the hobby overall; it would not have to appear there all the time but when the information is deemed relevant and helpful. It was suggested that the magazine also include success stories and an article on how to acquire sites.
  • W. DeCou reported that a presentation is expected to be given at the January 2006 EC meeting relative to the timeline for the e-flying site production. It was suggested that consideration be given to determining a way to classify sites by size and entice manufacturers of park flyers to code models appropriate to fly in a specific site. DeCou indicated that they have addressed the issue of classifying certain size planes to certain flying sites but have not approached manufacturers as of yet. This could be difficult as the site size really depends on pilot ability. C. Bauer is running for a radio control board member position in the hobby manufacturers association; this could be extremely beneficial for AMA.
  • It is agreed that electric flying venues will be the salvation in the highly urbanized areas however we should not abandon the focus on other sites. DeCou stated he is working actively on flying sites in southern California.

The following was overlooked directly following Executive Session and is being presented now.

It was moved, seconded and approved by acclamation that AMA member (name withheld) that his renewal membership shall be withheld for the year 2006.


January 28/29, 2006
The meeting adjourned Sunday at 12:03 p.m.

Action items as a result of the October 15/16, 2005 EC meeting:

  1. J. Gelwicks/legal counsel to investigate liability of not having EMS personnel on site; also look into employees being trained in First Response. Ref: Presidents Report
  2. The budget should have a column added titled 2005 Budget. (This is in addition to the 2005 Forecast column.) Ref: Finance Comm. Report
  3. FAI Executive Committee to investigate ways of reducing FAI competition costs that can eventually be written into the team programs. Ref: Finance Comm. Report
  4. The ED to investigate policy on approving Capital Fund expenditures. It is thought that this is possibly a three tier approval process. Ref: Finance Comm. Report
  5. Museum Steering Committee will put application forms for the National Aeromodeling Heritage Program on the web site. Ref: Museum Steering Comm. Report
  6. S. Kaluf to research policy on Nats being held in Muncie. Report to Council at January 2006 EC meeting. Ref: Nats Planning Comm. Report
  7. HQ staff should provide parameters for a federal disaster relief program. (Using the program developed and presented by Doug ‘Chief’ Powell and committee two or three meetings ago as a gauge.) Ref: Katrina Efforts Report
  8. It is the consensus of Council that pictures of the candidate will not be allowed in the campaign statements and that all statements will be published “word for word” as provided by the candidate. The policy and procedure document should reflect this. Changes to the policy and procedure document will be approved by the Executive Council. Note: it was suggested that the magazine print disclaimer for statements noting they are word for word as provided by the candidate. Ref: Election Procedures Report
  9. C. Pierce to change wording on Web site renewal form under Dues, from “make changes” to “other options”. Ref: Membership Dept. Report
  10. Regarding the communication piece developed by J. Hager for presentation to clubs, etc – Council should review and offer any changes. This tool will also be provided as overhead transparencies when requested. Ref: Marketing Dept. Report
  11. J. Mealy to investigate the possibility of taping the talk given by B. Rutan at 2006 AMA Convention, (for eventual offer to members); possibly doing live web cast of talk. If the dinner is to be done by invitation only, Council should provide Mealy with names of those they recommend be invited by October 26, 2006. Ref: Convention Planning Report
  12. R. Kurek to see that Council is provided copies of souvenir CD from 2005 Nats. Ref: Publication Dept. Report
  13. Radio impound document created by S. Kaluf will eventually be included with club charter packages. Ref: Insurance Dept. Report
  14. B. Teague will get strategic planning meeting documents from HQ and determine progress; he is also to keep Council apprised of progress or lack thereof. Ref: Strategic Plan Report
  15. HQ to proceed with Version #1 of Fellow Award as presented in October 15, 2005 agenda.
  16. Right now if a person requests access to these drawings they should secure written permission/a signed release form from the person whose drawing they want. This should be submitted to headquarters; a nominal fee will be charged. In the future a check box for release/do no release drawings will be included on the record application. Ref: Indoor FF 3-View Drawings Report
  17. B. Brown to discuss with Publications Committee moving Beshar/DeCou columns in magazine closer to the front. Ref: Other Business