AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

October 15-16, 2005
Muncie, Indiana

Not in attendance at the meeting was NAA Representative David Ivey.

Motions approved by acclamation/consensus (12 items):

  • To approve the July 9, 2005 Executive Council meeting minutes.
  • To read into the minutes the results of the August 12, 2005 mail vote.
  • The Executive Council agrees with the Nats Management Committee position, that the proposed CL Stunt Committee is not acceptable.
  • That the Executive Council recognizes and approves the name change from National Aeromodeling Historic Landmark Program to National Aeromodeling Heritage Program.
  • That following the Museum Steering Committee report Executive Council accepts the modifications to the program.
  • To approve the 2006 Nats as a 5A event; dates are Indoor May 30-June 4, Outdoor July 3-August 6.
  • To approve the report and recommendations of the Nats Management Committee.
  • To approve the F3D Pylon World Championships be held June 30-July 4, 2007; the F3D Pylon World Championships will be preceded by the AMA Pylon Nats.
  • It is the consensus of Council that pictures of the candidate will not be allowed in the campaign statements and that all campaign statements will be published “word for word” as provided by the candidate. Changes to the policy and procedure document re campaign statements must be approved by the Executive Council.
  • Dates for the 2006 Executive Council meetings are January 28/29; April 29/30; July 15/16; October 21/22. The Finance Committee meeting is September 29.
  • Headquarters to proceed with Version #1 of Fellow award as presented in October 15, 2005 agenda.
  • That AMA member (name withheld) that his renewal membership shall be withheld for the year 2006.
Motion I: It was moved and seconded to approve the 2006 Operating Budget as presented. Motion passed. 8 yes, 2 no.
Motion II: It was moved and seconded to approve the amount of $410,850.00 in Capital and Contingency Budget for 2006. This does not approve any expenditure of funds. Any projects to be expended from this budgeted amount must be approved by Executive Council. Motion passed. 11 yes, 1 no.  
Motion III: It was moved and seconded to approve the Safety Committee recommendations relative to turbine power model class and experimental aircraft class. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion IV: It was moved and seconded that AMA establish a Disaster Relief Fund with $20,000 of AMA funding to assist the victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and future disasters in clean up efforts, with a limit of $500 for any one club. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion V: It was moved and seconded be it resolved that by mutual agreement Don Koranda will step down from the Executive Director position. Motion passed by secret ballot.
Motion VI: It was moved and seconded to appoint Joyce Hager as Staff Director.
Motion passed unanimously.
Motion VII: It was moved and seconded to accept the 2006 Air Show America event as presented by the Membership Development Committee.
Motion passed unanimously.
Motion VIII: It was moved and seconded to accept the Membership Development Committee’s recommended Buddy Box program.
Motion passed unanimously.