Executive Council Meeting

Muncie, Indiana
October 27, 2007
8:00 a.m.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

1. Opening Business  
  Opening Business
Introduction of guests
Additions to Agenda

All items on the Consent Agenda will be voted on at one time. Any EC member may request a Consent Item to be pulled and added to the regular Agenda.

Consent Agenda 

  a. Approval of August 2007 Minutes*  

President's Report

  a. 2008 EC Meeting Schedule*
b. 2008 Committees
c. 2008 Annual Membership Meeting*

Executive Vice President's Report

  a. 2008 Budget* Travis McGinnis

Executive Director's Report

  a. da Vinci Vision – 5-year strategic plan  
5. NAA Report Jonathan Gaffney
  Executive Session  
7. Committee Reports  
  a.  Safety B. Underwood
  b.  Nats Planning Meeting*

1. Rescind Motion IX moved by Charlie Bauer (VI), and seconded by M. Smith (IX) that the 2009 NATS will be run in two week segments spread over eight weeks during the summer of 2009; no Nats events will be run on Mondays. Approval of 2008 Nats dates.
C. Bauer
  c.  Nats Review T. Stillman
  d. Membership Growth D. Mathewson
  e.  Scholarship Endowment B. Underwood
  f.   Insurance D. Mathewson
  g. Bylaws Argenio/Gora




Old Business

  a.  Building Update J. Cherry
  b.  Camping Policy J. Cherry
9. New Business  
  a. Advertising Consultant Study R. Kurek
  b. Standing rules/candidates acceptance B. Teague


  *Requires EC Vote