Executive Council Meeting
October 25, 2008
Muncie IN


President's Report
Executive Vice President's Report
Executive Director's Report
NAA Report
Committee Reports
Old Business
New Business

The meeting was called to order at 8:04 a.m. by the President.

1. Opening Business


President Dave Mathewson, Baldwinsville, NY; EVP Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II-Gary Fitch, Franklinville, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Bliss Teague, Hickory, NC; V-Tony Stillman, Brunswick, GA; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate, MI; VIII-Jim Rice, Universal City, TX; IX-Mark T. Smith, Shawnee, KS; X-Jim Giffin, Redding, CA via telephone; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Executive Director Jim Cherry; NAA Representative Jonathan Gaffney and AMA legal Counsel Felix Gora, Rendigs Fry Kiely & Dennis. Representing District X at the table was AVP Mike Brown.

HQ staff in attendance was Ilona Maine; Joyce Hager; Sheila Tweedy; Shawn Grubbs; Michael Smith; Lisa Johnson; Jack Frost; Craig Schroeder; Jeff Nance; Greg Hahn; Greg Minch; Rob Kurek and John Hawley.

Others in attendance were Bob Underwood, Safety Committee/Dist. VI AVP; Sandy Frank, member; Eric Williams, Dist. II AVP; Lora Knowlton, AMA Expo; Paul Bretson, Koch Insurance; Bill Butler, JP Morgan; John A. Cianciolo, member; Jim Cianciolo, Dist. VI AVP; Bob Walker, Dist. VI AVP; John Lockwood, Dist. X AVP; Bob Reynolds, Brady Ware; Randy Cameron, Dist. VI AVP; Rich Hanson, AMA GRA; Keith Sievers, Insurance Committee Chairman; Linda Rice, Dist. VIII; Rae Underwood, Dist. VI and Shirley Teague, Dist. IV.

Introduction of new staff: Craig Schroeder, AMA Comptroller and Jeff Nance, AMA Director of Marketing & Programs were introduced and gave brief synopsis on their background and experience.

Additions to the agenda: There were no additions to the agenda.

The President reported that an AVP sitting in for a VP has the right to participate in the meeting, but does not have the right to vote on issues. The question arose as to whether Dist. X VP Jim Giffin, sitting in by phone, has the right to vote. AMA’s legal counsel was asked to review the Bylaws and reported that to cast a vote during the meeting, the VP must be physically present; the Dist. X VP disagreed with this definition but would abide by the decision. 

2. Consent Agenda:

The Publications Committee chairman requested a change to the Committee Reports item e. Publications re Landis article.

It was approved by acclamation to amend the Publications Committee report of the July 26, 2008 Executive Council meeting minutes. The last sentence of the Landis Article item will now read: It is the consensus of Council to proceed with running the article in the Park Pilot Magazine.

It was approved by acclamation to accept the minutes of the July 26, 2008 Executive Council meeting as amended.

3. President’s Report

a. 2009 EC Meeting Dates Since the Expo is an AMA venture it was recommended that all Council members should be in attendance; the January EC meeting could be held while all are there. 

MOTION I: Moved by M. Smith (IX) and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to hold the January Executive Council meeting on Sunday January 11, 2009 in Ontario California during the AMA Expo.
MOTION passed: 9-Y; 3-N (EVP, IV, VI)

It was approved by acclamation to approve the dates of April 25/26; July 25/26 and October 24/25 as the dates of the 2009 Executive Council meetings.

NOTE: subsequent to the meeting, the October 2009 EC meeting date was changed to Oct 31/Nov 1, 2009. The change was approved by consensus.

b. 2009 Finance Committee Meeting

It was approved by acclamation to approve October 2, 2009 as the date for the 2009 Finance Committee meeting.

c. 2009 General Membership Meeting

It was approved by acclamation to hold the 2009 Annual Membership Meeting on the evening of Thursday May 14 during the Joe Nall event, pending approval by the event directors.

MOTION II: Moved by B. Brown (III) and seconded by A. Argenio (I) that funding for the District Vice Presidents to attend the Annual Membership meeting is taken from the National budget, not the District budgets.
MOTION passed unanimously

d. AMA/Goldberg Vital People Award – Appendix I

The President is proposing bringing back an award program that was implemented about 20 years ago. It was implemented and funded by the Carl Goldberg Foundation. Due to financial difficulties the award went by the wayside. The award is intended to recognize those members who make substantial contributions to model aviation at the local level. Recognition will be an award plaque and a $200 check. The award is limited to five (5) AMA members per year. Amendments to be incorporated in the application: inform C. Goldberg’s daughter of the award; of the five recipients each year there will only be one from any single district; and the applicants will be ranked, with 1 being the highest.

MOTION III: Moved by G. Fitch (II) and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to implement the new award titled The Academy of Model Aeronautics Carl Goldberg Vital People Award as amended.
MOTION passed unanimously 

e. TSC Appointments

Following the President's discussion with some of the Team Selection Chairmen and the FAI Executive Committee, it was decided to put together a group to review the process. The issue in question was regarding multiple persons from a single district serving on one committee. The President noted that in some cases because of a lack of participants in the program itself, it might be advantageous to have more than one person in a district on a committee. That would be a limited number and the concept right now is to do that on a provisional basis, and give the FAI Executive Committee the latitude to make that decision each period based on the program and the committee. This issue is expected to be resolved by the January 2009 Council meeting.

f. Strategic Long-Range Plan

The process will continue Sunday morning; E. Williams outlined the plans for the meeting.

g. 2010 F5 World Championships

A proposal for the U.S. to host the 2010 F5 World Championships was submitted by Wayne Walker. The FAI Executive Committees concerns with the proposal and budget were addressed by Mr. Walker; it is expected that AMA will not lose money in hosting this championships. Due to the time constraints, the President suggested that if Council is inclined to entertain the notion of hosting the 2010 F5 WC in the U.S., they should pass a motion to approve the concept provisionally until they can review the proposal, budget and additional documents; a vote will be taken within the next two weeks to formally approve hosting the championships. 

MOTION IV: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by M. Smith (IX) to approve the concept, conditionally, of hosting the 2010 F5 World Championships in Muncie.
MOTION passed unanimously.

h. Awards Presentation 

Tony Stillman, Mark Smith and Andy Argenio each received an Exemplary Service Award for three years of service on the Executive Council; the President presented the awards. 

4. Executive Vice President’s Report

a. Brady Ware Presentation

AMA auditor Bob Reynolds reported on revisions to Form 990 (tax return AMA files), noting that the IRS is looking for full disclosure and complete transparency. Reynolds stated AMA must have a policy/process in place for the following:

• Group/committee that will conduct review of tax return prior to filing
• Expense accounts (VPs, key employees)/compensation
• Executive Director compensation
• Conflicts of Interest
• Whistleblower
• Code of Ethics
• Document retention/destruction
• Joint venture arrangements

Expense forms should be revised to show [the current per diem as] meal allowance.

b. Investments Update

AMA’s investment counselor Bill Butler with JP Morgan Chase was introduced and reported on the general market situation. He emphasized that they work with the Academy on a long term objective and analyze the portfolio in consultation with the EVP and ED to achieve the maximum results in the market.

5. Executive Director’s Report

a. VP Orientation Index – Appendix II

Council received hard copy and a CD containing the complete VP orientation information; the AVP training program will be revised and placed on CD also.

b. League of Cities/National Parks and Recreation – Appendix III

• Florida League of Cities – of the 258 municipalities registered, 58 “qualified” and were given the flying site DVD and other materials. The term qualified above referred to those municipalities who engaged in meaningful discussion relative to flying sites. A follow up letter will be sent to the 700 plus attendees.
• National Parks and Recreation – received 126 solid leads from park directors across country. Also obtained leads from park directors at military bases who are looking for morale and recreation activities for military families. Presented the Park Pilot program to Nat’l Parks and Recreation Association staff; will be co-authoring an article with them on the Park Pilot Program in their national publication.

c. Flying Site Coordinators Reports – Appendix IV

In the agenda folders 

d. Building Repairs

Concrete had been removed from the outside landings and observation decks for leakage repair; the leaking and tile failure on Friday is a result of the contractor doing the repairs. After repairs are complete, AMA will approach the architect and contractor re: recovery costs. Headquarters should involve the consultant AMA hired to oversee the building of the new headquarters building (Hunton).

The Maintenance barns and ‘white whale’ have been painted; MOW (Meals On Wheels) vehicle built that meets Health Dept. requirements; much improvement in a short period of time. It was asked that J. Hawley thank his staff on behalf of Council.

e. Mail Votes

The following telephone/email votes were read into the minutes:

• August 21, 2008 re: Ballots – approved by consensus
• September 4, 2008 re: HQ building repair – approved unanimously
• October 10, 2008 re: Buso donation refund – approved unanimously

f. Flash Report

• Headquarters was approached by the Hoosier Dawn Patrol relative to holding a full-scale WWI type fly-in on the site. The ED has talked with P. Bretson regarding insurance liabilities; Bretson reported the group must provide the AMA with coverage. The flying would be done off of Site 4 after the Nationals in August. Headquarters should be cognizant of creating ill-will with the Air Force/Wright Patterson AFB. The ED had tacit approval for further investigation.
• The Draft 2009 Program of Work is the map for the Academy staff for next year.
• Council was provided a CD containing all the information in the agenda folder. This will be provided at each EC meeting; upon request by the VP it will be sent prior to each meeting for their review. A copy will also be sent to all AVPs prior to a meeting.

g. Total Resource Program

This was generated as a result of the ED Performance Evaluation from May. Proposals were reviewed on six items:

• Dues
• Affinity programs
• Sponsorships
• Advertising sales
• Products/services
• Grants

Council member should review this tonight and tomorrow be prepared to identify their choice of three items to adopt and approve; the remaining

6. NAA Report 

• Gaffney reported on FAI dues as they relate to the AMA.
• The President asked Gaffney to investigate how much of the money AMA pays to FAI directly benefits the aero modeling commission.
• NAA has reduced its staff, reduced its leasing cost and cut expenses 40%.
• Completely redid the corporate dues structure.
• There will be an Air Sport Conference hosted by NAA the first week of November.

7. Committee Reports

a. Insurance

Items the committee addressed included: 

• Expanding liability program to include providing liability program, for purchase, to various hobby vendors/manufacturers. Council to consider for possible inclusion in future agenda.
• Ensure that the business pursuit exclusion is adequately communicated.
• P. Bretson and I. Maine working on survey results re foreign coverage for casual flying overseas.
• Will not pursue the concept of offering an affinity automobile insurance program to AMA members.
• Will not pursue property coverage for club equipment.
• Alternative insurance mechanisms, primarily different forms of captives. A committee member will work with broker and gather educational materials on the state of the captive markets today.

b. Finance

R. Miller reported that the budget reflects the committee’s assumption of a 1.5% decrease in membership. He thanked J. Cherry, C. Schroeder and D. Mathewson; and reviewed seven items the committee feels should be reviewed by Council for possible action. The ED reported that the salary of the proposed Grant Writer/Estate Planner would be approximately 50k. (This is not a current line item in the budget.)

MOTION V: Moved by B. Brown (III) and seconded by A. Argenio (I) to add $10,000 to the total VP budget.
MOTION passed unanimously

MOTION VI: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to approve the 2009 Operating Budget as amended.
MOTION passed unanimously

The President thanked Russ Miller for stepping up and chairing this committee.

At this time J. Giffin, via telephone, expressed his displeasure with not being able to vote on items during this meeting; AMA’s legal counsel will speak with him personally following this meeting.

c. Nationals

The proposed schedule/dates for 2009 were sent via e-mail to Council last week. It was reported that the use of 2.4 is on the rise during the Nationals.

MOTION VII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Nelson (XI) to approve the 2009 Nationals as a 5A event. Dates: Indoor-May 27-31, 2009 Johnson City, TN; Outdoor-June 29-August 2, 2009, Muncie, IN.
MOTION passed unanimously

There was a brief discussion on whether it is possible to schedule events on the Muncie site during ‘holes’ in the Nationals schedule.

MOTION VIII: Moved by B. Brown (III) and seconded by B. Nelson (XI) that the Site Use Committee may schedule activities at the International Aeromodeling Center (Muncie) during the Nationals as long as the event does not conflict with the Nationals event being flown during the scheduled time frame.
MOTION passed: 11-Y; 1-N (VIII)

d. Publications

a. Campaign Statements accompanied with photo
After much discussion/research the committee unanimously agreed not to proceed with this item.

b. AMA History Subcommittee

• Dan Kane (Ohio) has been added to the subcommittee.
• History on all AMA Presidents is complete.
• Thanks to the museum staff for the assistance given to N. Rosenstock.
• It is hoped to have a draft of some of the work by the January meeting.
• It was suggested for historical purposes, that a photo be taken of every sitting Executive Council (each time members change); Oberdieck will investigate this with N. Rosenstock.

e. Marketing

• Marketing Meetings - HobbyLobby; Hammock Inc. and Spin Master.
• Partnership with Spin Master - As this proposal matures the committee will pass it by C. Schroeder and AMA legal counsel.
• JWalcher – Spread in Columbus (OH) Dispatch; ESPN clip; story on OK area clubs in newspaper magazine; local TV station covered an event in Nashville; Southwest Airlines magazine blurb re JR Festival (no mention of AMA); Tucson Open (Shootout) got article in paper, live interview with A. Jesky and three TV stations did live segments from the Open.
• AMA Brand – The Marketing Committee and HQ staff will develop a policy on how AMA handles its’ brand/logo (one definitive logo) for the January 2009 meeting; Council to approve this policy. The logo should bring attention to ‘Academy of Model Aeronautics’.
• 90-day transition plan – Nance reviewed the goals he set for his staff when they review projects/plans; two key things when looking at a plan are fiscal responsibility and maximizing opportunities. He reviewed his ideas for the AST, PPP, Scholarships, club fundraising and building relationships with hobby manufacturers.

f. Safety – Appendix V 

• AMA EXPERIMENTAL RADIO CONTROL AIRCRAFT PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND INSPECTOR INFORMATION – The committee reviewed a statement in the document (item 3.6.4) that describes insurance coverage afforded an inspector. The Safety Committee sent this to the Insurance Committee for review. Both committees agree with the proposed change.

MOTION IX: Moved by C. Bauer (VI) and seconded by B. Teague (IV) to amend item 3.6.4 in the AMA EXPERIMENTAL RADIO CONTROL AIRCRAFT PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND INSPECTOR INFORMATION to read: AMA’s member insurance coverage applies to a certified Experimental Inspector for alleged negligence resulting in a bodily injury or property damage claim or suit arising out of the inspection of an airplane for the purpose of qualifying it for experimental flight approval.
MOTION passed unanimously

• FPV – The committee received a document re an amateur model FPV flying safety code; the document was compiled from discussions on RC Universe. Currently Item 10 in the Safety Code does not allow for FPV operation at a chartered club field, by an AMA member. The Safety Committee (with input from R. Hanson) established guidelines for FPV operations and recommends modifying the Safety Code to allow FPV operation. The President feels this would be an opportunity for AMA to work with people, possibly do some testing, using FPV under restricted terms. Following discussion document item 1. now reads “An FPV equipped model must be flown by two AMA members utilizing a buddy box system. The pilot in command must be on the primary transmitter, maintain visual contact and be prepared to assume control in the event of a problem.” Item 2. was amended to read “The operational range of the model is limited to the pilot in commands visual line of sight as defined in the Official AMA Safety Code (see RC item 10).

MOTION X: Moved by J. Rice (VIII) and seconded by B. Brown (III) to approve the document titled FIRST PERSON VIEW (FPV) OPERATIONS – AMA MEMBERS AND AMA CHARTERED CLUB SITES as amended; and add it to the Supplemental section of the Safety Code and the PDF file listing.
MOTION passed unanimously (Dist. VII VP out of room for vote)

• Update – The Safety Committee has a subcommittee working on updates to the Experimental Aircraft document and expect to present it to Council at the January 2009 meeting. The cost for printing the large version of the Safety Code for clubs is approximately 8-9k. Further discussion re increase weight in experimental aircraft was tabled until completion of the ARC process and printing of the large versions of the S.C. should also be held off until completion of the ARC process.

g. Education – TAG Program

• The problems encountered last year had nothing to do with the program itself, but had to do with when it was released and the application deadline.
• Release for the 2009 program will be November 15, 2008; application deadline postmark is February 1, 2009.
• Advertising will be done via the web, push email to clubs and leader members, the President’s and ED’s column, and a print ad in ‘In the Air’.

The ED reported that a calendar of all the deadlines of all the AMA application programs will be distributed to Council members in the near future.

8. Old Business

a. FAA ARC Process Update

• Hanson presented the modification report he gave to the ARC. They are at the point where the workgroups are making their recommendations to the full ARC; the full ARC will take the recommendations and meld into single document which will become the ARC recommendation to the FAA for language for special federal air regulations (SFAR).
• Throughout the process, Hanson has tried to hammer in the issue that model aircraft are distinctly different from commercial and public use UAS.
• Council viewed the results that were gleaned from the testing done in August.
• Another ARC meeting in December; AMA (Mathewson, Hanson) has requested a face to face meeting with the FAA managers for mid-November.

Executive Session

b. Emergency Assistant Program

• The agenda contains a summary of the actual benefits of travel coverage; if more specific interpretation of the policy is wanted, the individual should call the 800 number provided.
• G. Hahn and I. Maine will develop an AMA policy that addresses specifically who will be covered (e.g. U.S. jury members and judges; CIAM delegates; team members; etc.) and specifically when that coverage begins/ends. This policy should be presented at the January 2009 EC meeting.


• Hahn was directed by Council in April to investigate a membership program involving IMPBA.
• During the investigation it was uncovered that there are other boating organizations that need to be considered.
• The consensus was to table the issue indefinitely

d. AVP and CFO Job Descriptions

• The Leader Members ratified the motions pursuant to the AMA Bylaws; the Council must now adopt them and set implementation dates.

MOTION XI: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by J. Rice (VIII) to adopt and implement as of January 1, 2009 the Bylaw amendments (Motion III and IV) dealing with insurance for club officers that were accepted by the EC at the April 18, 2008 meeting and ratified by LM vote sent June 6, 2008.
MOTION passed unanimously

MOTION XII: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by G. Fitch (II) to adopt and implement as of January 1, 2009 the Bylaw amendments (Motion V thru XI) dealing with changes in the role of the EVP that were accepted by the EC at the April 18, 2008 meeting and ratified by LM vote sent June 6, 2008.
MOTION passed unanimously

MOTION XIII: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by C. Bauer (VI) to adopt and implement as of January 1, 2009 the Bylaw amendments (Motion V thru XI) dealing with the new Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer position that were accepted by the EC at the April 18, 2008 meeting and ratified by LM vote sent June 6, 2008.
MOTION passed unanimously

• The following votes are for the Position Descriptions that were established; these are Standing Rules.

MOTION XIV: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by C. Bauer (VI) to approve the Executive Vice President Position Description Revision 2 of the Bylaw Committee for implementation on January 1, 2009.
MOTION passed unanimously

MOTION XV: Moved by A. Argenio (I) and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to approve the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer Position Description Revision 2 of the Bylaw Committee for implementation on January 1, 2009.
MOTION passed unanimously

e. AVP Appreciation Weekend

• Of the roughly 109 AVPs, approximately 65 reported an interest in attending.
• Approximate costs for airfare were investigated; this could prove substantial. Consider doing in three segments to curtail the costs.
• Oberdieck expects a full report to be presented at the January EC meeting.

f. AMA Expo Update

• L. Knowlton reported the dates to be January 9, 10 and 11, 2009.
• The name was changed to ‘Expo’ as it better describes the event and in an effort to increase attendance.
• Reviewed past efforts and streamlined the process, looking for efficiency and what is most cost effective; also created a master planning timeline.
• Exhibitors for 2009 are on track with last year's.
• Advance ticket sales will start in the Nov. issue of Model Aviation.
• Knowlton will do a site visit shortly to meet with the convention center, DoubleTree hotel, and the decorator.
• Knowlton to investigate the option to purchase tickets through the AMA Web store. 

9. New Business

a. Contest Board Procedures – Appendix VI

• Rewrote the procedures manual in an effort to make the process more streamlined.
• Most of the changes addressed getting the rules proposals on line as much as possible; this has been mandated and work is ongoing.
• Condensed the discussion/voting/implementation time only to one year, however things still on a two-year cycle.

MOTION XVI: Moved by G. Fitch (II) and seconded by T. Stillman (V) to adopt the changes to the AMA Contest Board Procedures document as submitted October 25, 2008.
MOTION passed unanimously

b. Eliminate recommendation to impound 2.4 GHz transmitters

• A VP was approached requesting AMA issue a recommendation that 2.4 transmitters do not need to be impounded. Currently the CD of an event makes this decision.
• With the advent of additional 2.4 systems on the market members of the Electronic Technology Committee are of the opinion more testing should be conducted before making a recommendation.
• The ETC was charged with further review of the issue.

c. Air Show Team Report – Appendix VII

• All objectives set for 2008 were achieved; there are now 5 teams and they performed at 50 air shows.
• Processed over 50k people through the simulators and achieved over 4k qualified leads (those that expressed an interest in the hobby).
• The budget for 2009 is just about $12,600; this encompasses the 2009 season; attendance at the 2009 ICAS convention membership, booth space, travel to/from convention; running the web site and some handout material.
• It is expected there will be 7 air show teams up and running for 2009 and will perform at 65 air shows.
• It was requested that Council receive a list of where they perform; Hanson will talk specifically with someone re attendance at the Cleveland (OH) Air Show. (At the request of B. Brown)

MOTION XVII: Moved by G. Fitch (II) and seconded by J. Rice (VIII) to accept the report of the Air Show Team and funding of $12,535 for 2009.
MOTION passed unanimously

10. Awards

The meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Sunday October 26, 2008

J. Gaffney (NAA Rep.) was not in attendance.

Council identified their choices as priority issues relative to the Total Resource Program presented by the ED on Saturday October 25, 2008. Priority was set as follows:

Non dues revenue

• Staff to actively seek and recommend new affinity programs to the EC
• Develop AMA building sponsorship program
• Develop AMA event sponsorship plan
• Develop AMA publications sponsorships (Nats News, Insider, Membership Manual, etc.)
• Develop AMA Museum display sponsorship plan
• Research potential of non-modeling advertising in AMA print publications

Web site (content and mechanics)

• Model aviation-related advertising (Banner Ads)
• Research potential of non-modeling advertising on the AMA Web site