Executive Council Meeting

October 31, 2015
Muncie IN

President's Report

Executive Vice President's Report
Chief Financial Officer's Report
Executive Director's Report

NAA Report
Committee Reports
Old Business

Note: District V Vice President Kris Dixon was not in attendance

1. Opening Business 

a. Introductions: President Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; Executive Vice President Gary Fitch, Franklinville, NY; Chief Financial Officer Keith Sessions, Burlington, KY; District Vice Presidents: I-Andy Argenio, Smithfield, RI; II-Eric Williams, Schenectady, NY; III-Mark Radcliff, St. Marys, WV; IV-Jay Marsh, High Point, NC; VI-Randy Cameron, Springfield, MO; VII-Tim Jesky, Monroe, MI; VIII-Mark Johnston, Albuquerque, NM; IX-Jim Tiller, Custer, SD; X-Lawrence Tougas, Fairfield, CA; XI-Chuck Bower, Langley, WA; NAA President Johnathan Gaffney; Executive Director Dave Mathewson and AMA Legal Counsel Felix Gora, Rendigs Fry Kiely and Dennis.

Attending HQ staff included Jeff Nance, Rich Hanson, Vicki Barkdull, Rob Kurek, Shawn Grubbs, Ilona Maine, Michael Smith, Bill Pritchett, Archie Stafford, Tony Stillman, and Mandee Mikulski. Others in attendance: Reid Condon, AVP Dist. II; Randy Adams, AVP Dist. III; Rusty Kennedy, AVP Dist. IV; Donald Way, AVP Dist. VI; Rick McCaskill, AVP Dist. IX, and Paul Bretsen, Harry A Koch Co.
b. Additions to the agenda: Education Dept. sUAS for STEM, sUAS in Colorado.

c. Final Flight recognition (Appendix I): District II member Ted Strater was added to the list. A moment of silence was observed.
2. Consent Agenda:
It was moved,
seconded, and approved by acclamation to approve the Minutes of the July 18, 2015 Executive Council meeting. The October 7, 2015 approved mail vote re: Distinguished Service Award for Rusty Kennedy was read into the minutes.

3. President’s Report
The President attended Oshkosh and worked the different venues where AMA was represented. He thanked Headquarters for their efforts in connection with the event and Mark Radcliff for overseeing the radio control flying that took place each night following the show. He also thanked Hobbico for supplying product and display models.

Continued dialogue with Bruno DeLor from the French Aero Club and representative of the FAI sUAS Committee. At present, the AMA suggestion was to wait at least one year to allow stabilization of the FPV rules.

Met with Flite Test leadership in Muncie; attended IRCHA, and the Wise, VA Flying Circus. The Wise Virginia area was very progressive and is embracing the sUAS activity. Met in Muncie with individuals from Horizon; expect to see cooperative efforts in the future.

Attended the NEAT Fair in NY and participated in the Fellow Award presentation for Tom Hunt. Attended the Ready Made RC FPV Fest in Willard, Ohio. Met at the Helicopter Association International (HAI) headquarters in Virginia. Participated in a photo-op with its President Matthew Zuccaro and AUVSI President Brian Wynne; the HAI has joined the Know Before You Fly program.

Met with Model Aeronautic Association of Canada (MAAC) officers including President Roger Williams, Kevin McGrath, Linda Patrick, Williams Rollins, and Peter Schaffer. A renewed Mutual Agreement of Understanding was signed. The President was involved in calls pertaining to the AMA budget process as well as multiple FAI discussions involving the World Air Games in Dubai.

2016 Executive Council Meeting dates:
Following a brief discussion the dates for the 2016 Executive Council meetings were established. The President requested two days each for the April and July meetings; Council members should plan accordingly.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by majority that the 2016 Executive Council meetings will be: January 11, 2016 (Monday following the AMA Expo in Ontario, CA); April 16-17, 2016 in Muncie, IN; July 16-17, 2016 in Muncie, IN; and November 12, 2016 in Muncie, IN. The AMA Official General Membership Meeting will be held in Ontario during the Expo; there may also be AMA membership meetings held at other events.

4. Executive Vice President's Report

The EVP sent information on the Know Before You Fly program to a number of entities, including Flite Test and Dave Mathewson met with a representative of Jeti USA regarding the program; still waiting for their response. Charles Edy of Fly Safe and Cliff Whitney of Atlanta Hobby have both become supporting partners. A request to join the program was offered to GetFPV.com and we are waiting for their response.

He traveled to many events and had the chance to talk to members about AMA and their concerns; a general concern was uninformed individuals that fly drones and pending legislation.

Participated in the meeting with Horizon Hobby in Muncie. The EVP outlined the partnership that would allow AMA members to purchase a particular product at a discounted price and a portion of the sale would be donated to the AMA Foundation. Also discussed the possibility of Horizon participating in the same type of email campaign that AMA had with Hobbico. Horizon expressed interest in working with the AMA to offer discounted product overstock to the benefit of everyone.

Attended the Budget Committee conference call; with some minor changes the committee approved the budget that will be presented today. Participated in a Marketing Dept. call concerning offering bulk AMA memberships to on-line drone retailers. Also participated in the EC conference call concerning DOT/FAA drone registration and took part in a Drone Radio Live Launch broadcast using Skype, with Bob Brown, Dave Mathewson, and hosted by Bart Cocchiola to discuss the DOT/FAA registration.

On Thursday there was a Marketing Committee meeting; a report will be presented later today.

5. Chief Financial Officer's Report 

The CFO advised Council that donations for lobbying efforts are not tax deductible. AMA has been notified they are under an IRS audit for the year 2013; this is not unexpected since we are a large non-profit and have been in the news lately. The EVP noted that a number of years ago the IRS made a pointed statement that they would be looking at 501c3 organizations. Council members/officers need to submit an updated list of assets purchased that cost $500/over to HQ; these items need to be depreciated against income that is not related to the non-profit side of the business.

The budget was sent out to everyone; the CFO thanked Vicki Barkdull, Dave Mathewson and the rest of staff for their work in creating the budget. A balanced budget is being presented for approval. Included in the budget was funding for an updated phone system and work stations.

Comments included: the line item for EC government travel should be included in Hanson’s budget, keeping all government relations budgets in one place. As a result of discussion at the last EC meeting concerning VPs attendance at various large events, $62,065 was added to the VP accounts for 2016. (That was based on the adjusted formula the CFO created and the additional 2k across the board for each VP. The EC meeting budget was increased by 20k.) Rob Kurek reported long-term, we should expect print advertising to go down as the industry trend is moving toward digital advertising.

In a discussion revolving around the district budget increase for VPs and EC meetings, it was suggested that Council should have a presence at the Joe Nall since it is such a large event. Discussion at the July meeting revealed there was interest in 2 or 3 VPs attending each of the large events (Toledo, WRAM, Flite Fest, Nall, etc.); not all EC members would attend all the events. The President appointed an ad hoc committee to come up with a plan that would allow for some EC presence at the larger events. Funding for the VPs attendance will come from the District VPs budget. Ad hoc Committee on EC attendance at major events: Chairman – Randy Cameron; members Tim Jesky, Mark Johnston, Eric Williams and Keith Sessions. A report will be presented at the January 2016 meeting.

MOTION I: Moved by G. Fitch (EVP) and seconded by R. Cameron (VI) to approve the 2016 Budgets as presented by the Finance Committee.
MOTION passed unanimously.

6. Executive Director’s Report

AMA is now the plans fulfillment center for the National Free Flight Society. The plans department is growing exponentially and this translates into additional non-dues plans revenue for AMA.

AMA Air launched last month. As of 10/26/2015 there were just shy of 11,000 views of the October issue. To put it into perspective, we usually get about 800 views when a new video is launched, so this is a 1,000%-plus improvement. The next issue goes out tomorrow; the ED sent copy to all Council members.

Goldberg Award: The award allows for up to five individuals to receive the award each year, with only one award per district being allowed. Only five nominations were received for 2015 and HQ asked Council to waive the one per district policy for 2015 only.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation to approve the Goldberg Award candidates as presented. For 2015 only, the requirement that only one candidate per district can receive the award was waived.

AMA Expo: Dave Mathewson will work with Lora Knowlton to determine where the EC meeting will be held. The official general membership meeting will be at 9 a.m. Saturday January 9 in the ballroom at the convention center. A combined District X/XI meeting will again be held; time/place TBD. Anyone needing a hotel room at the Doubletree should contact Lora Knowlton directly.

A club resolution was received from District IV concerning remotely-powered aircraft. Mathewson stated it was nice to see clubs getting engaged and offer AMA some feedback.

HQ offered a lock-in option for membership renewal this year; the Safety Member Benefit Department and Club Department would like to do something similar for charter renewals for 2016. The concept would be to send a push email to all clubs that are currently chartered and those that haven’t re-chartered for 2015 yet and offer the renewal rates of $30/charter renewal and $60/insurance certificate if done by December 31, 2015. Starting January 1, 2016 the charter renewal fee is $40 and the insurance certificate fee is $80.

MOTION II: Moved by C. Bower (XI) and seconded by M. Johnston (VIII) to offer clubs the opportunity to renew at the current rates ($30 club renewal; $60 insurance certificate) if done by December 31, 2015.
MOTION passed unanimously.

Tony Stillman and his department were asked to develop a program to encourage communities to create drone zones/flying sites within their communities to keep them from flying in unapproved places. He has created a draft concept of a program which includes a video. One portion of the project will include connecting with the League of Cities through email and directing them to the web site why.modelaircraft.org/drones. Stillman was asked to investigate whether a link to the District VP can be added to the site in the event a city official wanted to contact a district representative directly. The District VPs will be kept in the loop concerning inquiries within their districts.

The Competition Regulations (rule book) has been redesigned and should be available on the website soon; Stillman thanked all those involved in creating it. There will be a nominal fee for a printed copy mailed from HQ, but can be downloaded from the website for free.

Stillman was asked to check on FCC requirements for FPV operation. If the video transmitter on the model has an FCC ID sticker on it that means it meets Part 15 compliance and no license is required for its operation. If you buy a video downlink transmitter and it does not have the FCC ID sticker, it does not meet Part 15 compliance and it requires an FCC technician’s class, or higher license to operate. Maximum operation is 1 watt, even if operating under the FCC technician’s license. There are a few video transmitters that meet the Part 15 compliance; these are typically less than 25 milliwatts. Document 590 in the Document section of the web site addresses FCC requirements for model aircraft operation; there will also be an article in the November issue of the magazine.

Foundation Report:
Dan Bott Foundation Board member (Appendix)
The Foundation Board has had a number of meetings over the past year and a half. Since it is a new organization, they don’t have a lot of resources but they have a tremendous opportunity for outreach.

Dan Bott reported that 33% of AMA’s existing member base is over 60 years of age; a significant portion of those members will pass on their estate to beneficiaries. In order to attract these assets we must educate the membership of their options and we must ask for the donation. When doing so we must create a feeling of trust and appreciation for their gift. We must create the opportunities to meet and spend time with potential donors. With minimal expense and the current resources the Foundation has, they recommend a media campaign targeting members who fit the donor demographics and provide education as to their options. This has already started through work with Mandee Mikulski and the Publications Dept. They would also like to hold seminars and social events to meet and discuss their programs. They are in the process of creating a seminar on planned giving to be held during the Expo. He then addressed what the Foundation could do if they had more resources. These included a dedicated development program of reaching out to as many donor as possible at every possible event and gathering of members and holding special high level events and status programs for larger donors. Programs available for capital funding include charitable giving, bequests, charitable trusts, government and corporate grants and endowments.

He reported the potential long-term payback on one of the gifting programs. To achieve such results requires time, personnel and capital resources. It can vary based on how aggressive, wide spread and how much follow up with donors AMA and the Foundation are prepared to put in place; and how much will be done initially in house versus doing some outsourcing with consultants or professional fundraisers, etc.

Bott is looking for an indication of interest from Council that they want to move in this direction. He will come back with a cost proposal for the Foundation to build a business plan for the next 3-5 years that will outline different options, levels of commitment and what capital will be required to execute until enough resources come in that it can fund itself. It was suggested the Foundation create three plans…slow, moderate and progressive. Each plan will have an amount of “seed money” attached to it to execute the plan. Bott indicated there will be costs involved in creating these plans and he needs to find out what it will cost to create the proposals. He will come back to Council with what it will cost to create the proposal. Eric Williams would like to see some demographics of other organizations that have built and executed similar plans to see their results. It was thought Phil Purcell could provide this, but he should not be the only source we gather information from. Look at EAA and AOPA as well.

When charitable donations are received at HQ the funds go to the Foundation General Endowment Fund unless the donor identified a specific fund they want it to go to. Lawrence Tougas would like to see the historical data on charitable giving to the AMA prior to the establishment of the Foundation. He stated the true measure of success of a foundation is the additional money it can raise, not the money AMA gets as a charitable organization on its own. He would like to identify what portion of our membership we think are most likely to give and have the most funds. Mandee Mikulski to provide Council a spreadsheet showing donations from 2008 to the present.

The $141,000 the Foundation has was a result of a Council motion to loan the funds as seed money to begin Foundation operations; the intent was the Foundation would return that money to the AMA.

The Foundation is asking that the Bates gift of $300,000 and the Garfinkle gift of $425,846 be moved to the Foundation, to begin the work it was established to do. The ED reported the Bates gift is in a temporarily restricted account awaiting Council direction. The only money right now that can be used by the Foundation for operational expenses are those funds that are donated unrestricted.

It was suggested that there be a liaison between the AMA Executive Council and the Foundation Board; Tim Jesky was appointed that liaison. He will sit in on Foundation Board meetings and make routine reports to the Executive Council.

Education Committee Report:

Certificates of Recognition were presented to Council for their continued support of AMA and education through aviation.

Archie Stafford reported on the UAS4STEM program, for which he is the director. The rules are well designed and offer enough challenges that the participants can identify which areas they are most proficient. Stafford would like to see competitions in each of the districts. The regional winners will be encouraged to raise funds to attend the national competition. Council members requested they be informed when there is a competition in their district.

There are 28 kits still available. There are between 4 and 8 students on each team and all teams start with the same thing. The teams must complete ground school before they are given the kits; this year’s challenge is a search and rescue. Stafford reported their hopes for next year would be for returning teams to build on to this year’s vehicle with additional challenges.

Tim Jesky reported the Green Bay Model Airplane club received a Take Off and Grow grant and rather than do a one-and-done event they offered to do flight training every Tuesday night. They advertised extensively using social media; the net result was them bringing in 74 new AMA members between May 1st and September 1st. Jim Tiller reported on an educational program in Colorado called Dream Big. It was initiated by a business in Colorado with the rural school district. The goals was to expose rural school children to things that are not that common for them. About 400 children from 12 schools participated. The program included six presentations, one of which was the UAS4STEM program. Six teams registered for the UAS4STEM program; their costs for the program were all covered. They had a huge list of sponsors, most of them business oriented. The prime mover was the Colorado Business Development Commission. In Colorado there is a business coalition that gathers charitable donations and grants and reallocates them as they see fit. When asked why they do this, one of the answers was they are looking for future employees and that’s what they are investing in.

  Jonathan Gaffney reported all is well at the NAA, they are wrapping up their year.

8. Committee Reports
Randy Cameron reported PADCOM would like Council to release funds that have been set aside for improvements and development to the IAC. Next year they would like to seed and landscape Site 4 (cost about $7,600) as well as put in a well and pump (about $6,500). For now the runway will remain where it is; it can’t be moved much farther to the east because there is a significant dropoff. In future development, PADCOM was asked to consider manipulation of the runway to allow events to start earlier in the day.

Council discussed a noise issue pertaining to a particular group and the time they start flying. The President reported HQ has a policy regarding start times that was instituted when the property was first purchased; HQ should review this policy for possible revision.

MOTION III: Moved by R. Cameron (VI) and seconded by J. Marsh (IV) to release funds set aside for site development in the amount of $16,000 for development/improvements to Site 4. This includes seeding, landscaping, installation of a well and pump. MOTION passed unanimously. (NAA rep was out of room at time of vote.)

There have been several complaints regarding the increased camping fees. Randy Cameron and Keith Sessions have discussed this and found that the proposed change is not impactful to the budget.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation to accept the camping rate fee structure as proposed. AMA members will be offered the fee structure prior to the 2015 increase; non-AMA members will pay the established 2015 increased rate.

Cameron has been in talks with EB Paving; they were out Thursday to look at Site 3 specifically where we have been having issues with pavement cracking, etc. We spend between $5,000-$15,000/year on maintaining the pavement. They have offered to do some core samples at no cost to the AMA and will make suggestions for repairs; Cameron was instructed to move forward with this.

b. Museum Steering (Appendix)
Eric Williams showed Council a project management reporting tool the committee is utilizing which is helpful in tracking the progress of committee work. He felt it would be beneficial for all committees.

The National Aeromodeling Heritage Award can be issued to organizations and sites. The committee received applications to recognize the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome and the Mid-Hudson Radio Control Society; Williams reported the significance of each.

MOTION IV: Moved by M. Radcliff (III) and seconded by A. Argenio (I) to approve the Museum Steering Committee report, and award the National Aeromodeling Heritage award to the Mid-Hudson Radio Control Society as an organization, and the National Aeromodeling Heritage award to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome as a site.
MOTION passed unanimously.

Eric Williams uncovered a website called Way Back Machine; its mission is to save every website that ever existed. At certain intervals of time they capture a website and put it on a server. He showed Council various AMA websites he was able to uncover from many years ago. The committee is of the opinion that all of AMA’s websites need to be captured and saved. Council should consider how frequently we should be capturing slices of time to save. The committee will do some research to help in making a decision.

c. Marketing (Appendix)
A meeting was held Thursday in Muncie. HQ will continue with the email renewal process; last year this generated over 6,000 responses and renewals. Will also continue with Google advertising, cost of acquisition per member was $6.39/each.

The Marketing and Public Relations departments created three videos (featuring Brad Lang, Hoot Gibson, and Jeff Dunham) promoting safe drone flying. Council got a chance to view each short video. The videos were sent to Tom Costello at NBC news as he has done quite a bit of reporting about drones in America. Nance and CLS will be looking at other networks as well. The first video will be launched on AMA Air November 1; the media and industry launch to Know Before You Fly and supporters will be November 2. Future videos are planned with additional well known individuals.

Hobby shops don’t participate in the Hobby Shop Program for the incentives; they participate to support AMA and the local clubs. The committee has asked the Membership and IT departments to develop a mobile-friendly experience to allow dealers and clubs to sign new members at the hobby shop or club fields. In 2015 there were 236 hobby shops participating in the program and they signed up 209 new members.

Discussed with S. Grubbs the feasibility of AMA numbers being included on the receipt when new members sign up on line or at hobby shops; he will discuss with the IT department.

The committee agreed Hobbico and Horizon should be treated the same as the hobby shops in the proposed Hobby Shop Program, pertaining to email pushes they do to their customers recommending AMA membership.

The Horizon Hobby B-17 program where for each plane sold, the AMA Foundation would receive $10, resulted in about $5,000 to date going to the Foundation. A second email on this will be going out November 2.

Discussed FPV racing at the AMA Expo. The location has been decided and we are waiting on C. Thomas to submit a plan and budget.

Finished 2015 with the highest member level ever, 188,666. Current membership numbers with an expiration date of Sept. 2016 or greater is 128,934.

Nance would like to talk with Rick Larsen and Sean Elliott of EAA concerning an Affinity program EAA has with Ford and John Deere. Will investigate the possibility of partnering with EAA to negotiate and obtain a better program for both organizations and offer discounts to our members.

The committee would like Council to approve the following recommendations:

1. Develop a Mobile Friendly Experience to allow new members, renewing members, hobby shop owners, SIGs, etc. a quick and user friendly path to AMA membership. A receipt will be provided electronically which will provide the name, address, and AMA number to the new member. Deadline January 2.
2. Increase the new membership reimbursement which matches other incentive rates. (This would be for hobby shops, distributor partners) Open from $8.00 to $25.00; Senior from $6.00 to $21.00; Park Pilot from $4.00 to $12.00 and 3 month trial $6.00. (This helps to pay for their time in the acquisition.)
3. Provide retailers the ability, through a coupon code, to offer 2- or 3-month trial to the digital version of Model Aviation when their customers purchase a model aircraft product. The customers will have to provide us with an email address which is what we are after.

Tougas felt distributors have not supported AMA in the amount of effort and financial expenditure we have made on their behalf. Should we be asking them to market on our behalf without compensating them? AMA does a lot of work which benefits them directly and they should be contributing [financially] to help us. Some felt the reimbursement rates were high for the distributor partners; Fitch sees this as an incentive for them to do more for AMA. Mathewson stated Tougas is not wrong in his opinion that the industry is not stepping up and supporting this organization in the work that we have done for the entire aeromodeling community. He suggested AMA go to them more forcefully and tell them we need their support and financial support in helping to advocate for everyone, including them because they have a vested interest in this entire issue.

MOTION V: Moved by T. Jesky (VII) and seconded by R. Cameron (VI) to approve the recommendations submitted in the Marketing Committee report of October 31, 2015.
MOTION passed: 9-Y; 2-N (III, X); 1-Abstain (NAA)

At this time the President presented Rusty Kennedy with the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his service as the Leader Member Committee chairman.

Executive Session

The President appointed an ad hoc committee on Legal Assistance Fund for Clubs. They were charged to develop criteria to justify legal expenses on a clubs behalf. Chairman Jim Tiller, Chuck Bower, and Mark Johnston. Report to be presented at the January 2016 meeting.

d. Advanced Flight System (Appendix)
Argenio would like guidance from Council on whether to use the term “model aircraft” (MA) or “small Unmanned Aerial Systems” sUAS/MA in documents 550/560. L. Tougas would like everything we do to be referred to as “modeling;” we need to differentiate ourselves from the people that are causing all the trouble and one way to do that is referring to ourselves as modelers. The majority of Council agreed with using sUAS/MA.

At the last meeting there was discussion relative to the excessive number of weight classes. The chairman felt only two classifications by weight of model aircraft flown outdoors were necessary. Those mUAS/drones weighing 4.4lbs or less (whether fixed wing, multirotor or park flyer) would observe 10 ft. from pilots/helpers, 25 ft. from spectators, and 50 ft. from vehicles or structures. Model aircraft sUAS/drones over 4.4lbs would observe current AMA rules of 25 ft. from pilots/helpers, 60 ft. from spectators, and 80 ft. from vehicles or structures. There was no opposition to using just two classifications by weight.

Council was in agreement that the altitude restriction should remain at 400 ft. above ground level.

Supplemental documents for new autopilot functionalities (“watch me” and “follow me”) and low altitude <100 ft. flying, are being worked on for future review and publication. This should be a conditional document, which allows this at sanctioned events and facilities over which we have control. Council agreed the committee should move forward with these.

e. Special Interest Group (Appendix)
Cameron reported an application for SIG status was received by MultiGP for FPV racing. The SIG information provided in the Council's agenda booklet was not up to date. A copy of their bylaws was not received in sufficient time for Council to review prior to the meeting and the application stated not all of their members were AMA members. There was discussion relative to them being a sub-group under the Association of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (AsUAS) SIG. Argenio would like the opportunity to talk with C. Thomas and define what each group is doing and see if they could work together.

A motion was made to approve MultiGP as an AMA recognized SIG. There was no second to the motion.

f. 2016 Nats Dates
Radcliff reported that a meeting was held at AMA HQ with the SIGs to establish the dates.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation to approve the 2016 Nats schedule.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation to approve the 2016 Nats as a 5A event. Dates Outdoor June 24-August 4 Muncie, IN; Indoor TBA.

g. Bylaws (Appendix)
Argenio presented the Bylaw revisions to Article III, Article IX and Article XI, as they would be sent to Leader Members for ratification; the mailing will include a purpose statement for the changes and an instruction letter. Of the 15 articles in the Bylaws, nine have been revised. Article XV has already been ratified by the Leader Members. G. Fitch thanked Argenio and all those involved for their efforts in the revision of the Bylaws; it has been a long process.

As far as electronic mailing of ballots Argenio reported only 1/3 of those responding were willing to receive them electronically, the rest would like a physical ballot. Those who elected to receive the Bylaws changes electronically will receive them that way; they will be allowed to vote electronically as well. The mailing will be going out soon.

h. National Model Aviation Day (NMAD) Update
Jesky thanked M. Mikulski for her hard work in putting this event together. The total number of clubs registered this year was 231; this is a 20% increase over last year. Wounded Warrior donations collected to date are $76,000; another $13,000 was raised by clubs and bequeathed to other charities. Some clubs have scheduled events later in the year and Mikulski will continue to reach out to those clubs for their donations.

Based on Mikulski’s recommendation and talks Jesky has had with other Council members, he would like to target WWP as the charity for 2016 NMAD. Eventually he would like to cut the tether from that charity but it is still relevant and draws people in.

MOTION VI: Moved by T. Jesky (VII) and seconded by R. Cameron (VI) to target the Wounded Warrior Project® as the benefitting charity for the 2016 National Model Aviation Day (NMAD).
MOTION passed unanimously.

 9. Old Business

a. FAA Update
The reauthorization bill with possible revisions to 336 is going forward; AMA has submitted our recommendations. There is a lot of talk that Congress, regulators, administrators, etc. are concerned about reported sightings of uas in inappropriate places and they feel they must do something. The one thing they came up with is registration. The Secretary of Transportation under the direction of the White House has put out an edict that a Task Force look at and put together some recommendation for registration of uas. There was a press conference the week before last and AMA was invited to participate. AMA’s position has been that registration of uas on some level makes sense but the real question is where to set the threshold. We believe the threshold should be at the point where it would not affect AMA members. We have a community of safe and responsible users that do a form of registration through joining AMA and agreeing to put their AMA numbers on their equipment as a means of identification. This has worked well for decades. In terms of the larger community of users we believe the threshold to look at is when the aircraft has the ability to self-navigate and go someplace outside the visual line of sight of the operator. Other parameters will be looked at in terms of size and weight. Hanson expects to see proposals of the 1-2 kilogram weight class as far as the cut-off. He expects the registration to be some type of web portal where people will go to register; they want to have this up and running before the “gift giving” season. To do this, it must be simple and streamlined.

Another recommendation we will look at putting forward if they are going to create or are looking for a web portal to start registration, is that we strongly believe the Know Before You Fly site is perfectly built for that. The biggest advantage of taking them to the KBYF site is the chance to provide the education.

Hanson noted that going into this process AMA is in a much better position in terms of having allies around the table; we have made good contacts from networking with people over the years. This Task Force will not make the final decision, they will be making a recommendation or series of recommendations. It is Hanson’s understanding that the document will be written by an individual in the DOT.

J. Gaffney feels the FAA wants no part of this registration process; they can’t handle it and don’t have the resources.

M. Radcliff stated AMA needs to reiterate to its’ members the Safety Code requirement that the pilots name and/or AMA number must be in or on their aircraft. We may want to include some AMA ID labels in the membership packet with a note saying be sure to ID your model. Williams noted Council just approved a motion for a coupon code that would give a trial subscription to digital Model Aviation; we should also include a link to Know Before You Fly.

AMA has professed that when people join the AMA they affirm they will follow the safety rules and are educated on the safety rules. This is voluntary compliance through agreement to the terms and conditions to membership. We need to get the message out that if AMA members don’t comply with the Safety Code their membership is in jeopardy.

Distinguished Service – Doug “Chief” Powell (M. Johnston Dist. VIII) The above award was approved by Council.

Next Meeting: Monday January 11, 2016 – Ontario, CA

Meeting adjourned at 5:14 p.m.